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 Issue Vol.4 No. 4 2007

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World Journal of Engineering, sponsored by Hebei University of Engineering, Department of Mining and Geological Engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Loughborough University, Kharkov State Technical University of construction and Architecture, is a academic journal about Civil Engineering, Material Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Geotechnical and Mining Engineering, and other engineering.

Current Issue

Determination of centrifugal pump characteristics in solid liquid mixture                                                  P1-6
Benretem, D. Khalfa and M. Benidir              Abstract  Doc File    Pdf File    Full text

Influence of V substiution for Nb on polarization properties of mixed bismuth layer-structured   Bi7Ti4375Nb0.25W0.375O21ceramics                                                                                                               P7-14
 A. Yokoi and J.Sugishita                          Abstract  Doc File    Pdf File   Full text

Magnetohydronamic stability of natural convection flows in Czochralski crystal growth                                 P15-22
F.Mebarek-Oudina and R.Bessaih                                       
Abstract  Doc File    Pdf File   Full text

Simulation Research on the stability problem of hydroelectric station penstock under external pressure      P23-28
W.H.Dong.Z.H.Deng and D.H.Liu                              Abstract   Doc File    Pdf File  Full text  

Lubricating properties of plant-viscous fluid in abelmoschus manihot                                                           P29-34
 H. Ito,A.Yokoi and J.Sugishita                      Abstract   Doc File  Pdf File  Full text  

Polarization properties of and phase transition of Sr0.5Bi2.25Na1.25Nb3O12 ceramic by high -temperature X-ray powder diffraction                                                                                                                                               P35-41

  K.Hanamura,A.Yokio and J.Sugishita         Abstract   Doc File   Pdf File   Full text

Comparison studies on micro-polluted sourcewater treatment by ozone combined processes following bio-pretreatment                                                                                                                                            P42-51
S. M.Li and Y.P.Li                Abstract   Doc File    Pdf File   Full text

Experimental study on bubble entrainment by a burgers vortex                                                                    P52-81
X. Yang, C. D. Rielly, L. Li and X. Huang           Abstract   Doc File    Pdf File  Full text 

Study of stiffened coupled shear walls supported on rigid foundations, under wind action                               P82-92

 A. Lahmar, T. Benmansour and L. Bensmail    Abstract   Doc File    Pdf File  Full text

Application of organic gray neural network model in river water quality prediction                                          P93-98

 C. J. Zhu, J. L. Zhang,  E.H. Jiang, P. Zhang, J.H. Zhou and X.J. Zhao    Abstract   Doc File    Pdf File  Full text

Cadmium as environmental pollutant Study of Evolution of cadmiun, its effects on beans (Phaseolus Vulgaris) and its interaction with zinc                                                                                                                                 P99-103    

   M. Benabid, M. F. Ghorab, A. Djebaili                    Doc File    Pdf File  Full text




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