World Journal of Engineering 
 Issue Vol.7   No. 1   2010

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World Journal of Engineering, sponsored by Hebei University of Engineering, Department of Mining and Geological Engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Loughborough University, Kharkov State Technical University of construction and Architecture, is a academic journal about Civil Engineering, Material Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Geotechnical and Mining Engineering, and other engineering.

Current Issue

Vol.7 No.1 2010


Scope of nanotechnology in modern textiles                                                      P1-4

P.S. Sawhney, K.V. Singh, B. Condon, N.D. Sachinvala and D. Hui

Characterisation and modelling friction at the tool-ply interface for thermoplastic woven composites      
P. Harrison, R
.T. Thije, R. Akkerman and A.C. Long

3D woven composites for automotive applications: structure parameters/impact energy relationships    
.F.M. Seyam, D. Taylor, M. Mohamed, N.
Powell and J. Meng


Optimized dispersion and orientation studies of CNTs in polymer matrixes: a new perspective for advanced nanocomposite textiles                                                                                                                                           P30-33
.A. Voyiatzis, A.S. Beobide, A. Manikas, S.F. Nitodas, T.K. Karachalios, P.A. Kakavas, C. Boutris, and S.


Meso-scale modelling of forming textile reinforcements                                      P34-41
.Vidal-Salle, Pierre Badel , E. Maire  and P.


From macro to meso-scale modelling of forming textile reinforcements             P42-52

E.V. Sallé, P. Badel, N. Hamila, E. Maire and P. Boisse


Recent advances in textile composite for impact protection                            P53-66
F. Boussu, F. Veyet and M. Lefebvre

Technologies for series production of near-net-shape textile preforms            
. Gries, T. Grundmann, C. Greb, F. Kruse and J.


Braiding and processing characteristics of thermoplastic composites                P75-80
.J. Wang, R. Alagirusamy and J.


Integration of smart textile functions into 3D textile structures combinations and examples with future prospect
A. Buesgen                                                                                                   


Construction of 2D/3D textiles for ballistic protection                                        P89-96
X.G. Chen and D.M. Sun


Nano cellulose textile composites: development of Nano cellulose fibres               P97-102
M.Z. Fan, D.S. Dai, A.H. Yang and P. Collins


Prediction of failure of 3D woven composite structures using embedded fiber optic sensors         P103-112
T.M. Hamouda, A.F.M. Seyam and M.M. Saad


Plasma treatment and surface nanocoating in textiles                                                    P113-114
V. Teixeiraa, A. Portinhab, J. Heribertoa,b, J. Nevesb, J. Carneirob


Surface photografting modification of textile                                                               P115-116
W.T. Yang and L.Y. Liu

3D textiles for composite reinforcements                                                                  P117-119

R. Fangueiro, Z. Mingxing, H.Hong, F. Soutinho, P. Gonçalves and M. de Araújo


A hyperelasticity approach for modelling of woven composites                                     P120-122
G. Schubert1, Z. Guo1, P. Harrison

Textile Composite Forming Simulations at Meso and Macro Scale                                P123-129

N. Hamila, M.A. Khan, S. Gatouillat, E. De Luycker, E. Vidal-Salle, T. Mabrouki and P.Boisse


Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Polymer Matrix Woven Composites                          P130-135

Ö. Soykasap, Ş. Karakaya and M. Çolakoğlu


The Influence of Fiber Diameter in Processing and Properties of Nonwoven Fabric Composite Materials Made With 50% Natural Fibers                                                                                                            P136-140

S. Greer and W.L. Bradley


Progress in biotechnological modification and functionalisation of bast fibers for advanced applications     P141-146

V.A. Nierstrasz, L. Van Langenhove and P. Kiekens


Natural Fiber Treatments to Enhance Performances for Advanced Applications                   P147-149

V.A. Nierstrasz, L. Van Langenhove and P. Kiekens


An Efficient Process for Producing Economical and Eco-friendly Cotton based Textile Composites for Mobile Industry

A.P. S. Sawhney, M. Reynolds, B. Condon, R. Slopek and D. Hui                                      P150-153


A comprehensive methodology for characterization of dry fabrics                                     P154-162
S. D. Rajan and B. Mobasher






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