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 Issue  Vol.7  No. 2  2010

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World Journal of Engineering, sponsored by Hebei University of Engineering, Department of Mining and Geological Engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Loughborough University, Kharkov State Technical University of construction and Architecture, is a academic journal about Civil Engineering, Material Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Geotechnical and Mining Engineering, and other engineering.

Current Issue

Vol.7  No.2   2010

Ballistic performance of plasma treated Kevlar fabrics                                 P163-169
.M. Sun, X.G.


The Role of Stitch Architecture on the Environmental Durability of Multiaxial Warp Knit Fabric Polymer Composites

K. Hazra  and J. F. Harper                                                                        P170-179


Properties of nonwoven fabrics made with UltraClean™ cotton                         P180-184
B. Condon, L. Gary, P. Sawhney, M. Reynolds, R.P. Slopek, C. Delhom and D. Hui


Evaluation of equivalent properties and Poisson¡¦s ratio of textiles from mesoscopic models            P185-192
J.F. Ganghoffer


Modeling of structure and mechanics of fibrous assemblies used for composites          P193-208             

B. Neckar


Compression of a Porous Materials- ¡§A Stunt Man¡¦s Hypothesis¡¨                P209-210

B. Neckář


Lightweight flexible hybrid composite material for projectile-proof clothing                  P211-228  

E.V. Chepelyuk, V.V. Choogin, D.Hui and Hazizan


Effect of electron beam irradiation on kenaf fiber reinforced thermoplastic natural rubber (TPNR) composites   P229-231
K. Ing, S.H. Ahmad and C.E. Voon

Recycling of carbon reinforcement: analysis of fibres and possibilities of Re-utilization
B. Tomkova, J. Militky


Recycled carbon multifilaments-structural analysis and basic properties of carbon fibres        P235-241
B. Tomkova, J. Militky, V. Kovacic, Z. Forstova


Thermal expansion of E-glass/epoxy and carbon/epoxy woven composites                  P242-247
Ş. Karakaya and Ö. Soykasap


Thermo-mechanical behavior of a few ply woven composites                                   P248-250

O. Soykasap, Ş. Karakaya, and M. Çolakoğlu


Multiscale modeling of graphite plain-weave composites with a SWNT-reinforced epoxy matrix          P251-255
G.M. Odegard and E.C. Aifantis

Finite element simulation and characterization of nanostructured textiles                                 P256-258
S.K. Georgantzinos, G.I. Giannopoulos, D.E. Katsareas, P.A. Kakavas and N.K. Anifantis

Finite element modeling of an interweaved carbon nanotube structure                                  
S.K. Georgantzinosa, G.I. Giannopoulosa, D.E. Katsareasa, P.A. Kakavasb, N.K. Anifantisa


Large-area smart textiles                                                                                                     P266-271
C. Lauterbach, A. Steinhage, A. Techmer, M. M. Jakob, C. Steinig-Nowakowski, W. Pessenhoferc

Accounting for weave bridging in the fracture characterisation of textile composites              
S. Giannis and R. Martin

Study of natural fibre reinforced composite plates for humanitarian demining operations
L. Gilson, L. Rabet, M. Pirlot, E. Delcourt and I. Verpoest

Nanocomposites for packaging technology                                                                            
. Samyn1, M. Deconinck, G. Schoukens, P. Kiekens, H. Van den Abbeele

Analysis of effluent filtrate in the hydro-entanglement process for producing cotton nonwovens: a progress report
B. Condon, M. Reynolds, A.P. S. Sawhney, L. Gary, R. Slopek, C. Grimm and D
. Hui                   P292-295   

Properties of pultruded jute and kenaf fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester composites             P296-298 
.M. Akil, A.A. Bakar, Z.A.M. Ishak, A.A.M.
Mazuki, S. Safiee, N. Nosbi

ynamic mechanical properties of pultruded kenaf reinforced unsaturated polyester resin using various frequencies

 A.A.M. Mazuki, H.M. Akil, S. Safiee, M.F. Omar, Z.A.M. Ishak, A.A. Bakar                           P299-304


Effect of water absoption on the dynamic mechanical properties of pultruded jute fibre reinforced polyester composites

H.M. Akil, A.A. Bakar, Z.A.M. Ishak, A.A.M. Mazuki and S. Safiee                                    P305-307      


Nano-Size Precipitates in Al-Mg-Si Casting Alloys After Additional Alloying         P308-313

K.Mykhalenkov, N.Korzhova, V.Boyko, T.Link and T.Legkaya


High-Temperature Strength of Directionally Solidified B4C-ZrB2 Composite         P314-320

I. Bogomol, T. Nishimura, O. Vasylkiv, Y. Sakka and P. Loboda





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