World Journal of Engineering 
 Issue  Vol.7  No. 3  2010

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World Journal of Engineering, sponsored by Hebei University of Engineering, Department of Mining and Geological Engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Loughborough University, Kharkov State Technical University of construction and Architecture, is a academic journal about Civil Engineering, Material Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Geotechnical and Mining Engineering, and other engineering.

Current Issue

Vol.7 No.3 2010



Ultrasonic enhancement of drug release from microspheres                                      P1-6                                  

M.M. Mohamed, M.A. El belbese, M. A. Kotb, N. M. Fikry and H.S. Ramadan


The amazing strength and structure of woodpecker¡¦s tongue                               P7-9

P. Zhou, X.Q. Kong, C.W. Wu and Z. Chen


A statistical analysis of interaction between crystallinity and elongation in plasticized biopolymer            P10-12

D. Chaudhary and Y. Dong


Experimental study of the columnar-to-equiaxed transition during directional solidification of Zinc-Aluminum Alloys and composites                                                                                                               P13-29

A.E. Ares and C.E. Schvezov


Material characterization of phenolic impregnated carbon ablator for stardust sample return capsule heat shield    P30-35

H.K. Tran


Analysis of diffusion of water vapour into polymer copmosites containing polysaccharides        P36-42

S. Ludwiczak and M. Mucha


Simulation and experimental analysis of photopolymer media in holographic memory              P43-48

N. Yoshida, S. Yoshida, A. Goto,  M. Yamamoto, T. Mizuta, H. Miyake, K. Fukaya and K. Koseki


Swelling of ionic and non-ionic                                                                           P49-53                                              

I.J. Suarez and F.B. Antonio


Surface cleaning and surface modifications through the development of a novel technology of electrolytic plasma process (EPP)                                                                                                              P54-61

J.D. Liang, M.A. Wahab and S.M. Guo


Nb/Ta thin film coated micro-porous alumina membranes for hydrogen separation from wgs reaction products     P62-66

N.V. Seetala, U. Siriwardane, R.A.M. Jayasingha and J. Bass


The effect of particle design on the performance of rechargeable batteries         P67-72

C.C. Huang


Characterization of the optical line width in individual quantum dots             P73-78

K. Kral


Novel 3-D composite components from cellulose materials                          P79-81

M.Z. Fan


Influence of concrete matrix creep and shrinkage on performance of steel-concrete composite prestressed structural members subjected to long-term loads                                                     P82-85

G. Sossou


Sandwich T-joint structures with and without cutout under shear and in-plane bending loads             P86-92

R. Morishima, S.Guo and P. Wei


Group invariant solutions of evolution equations for composites        P93-97

F.I. Arunaye and B.S. Bhatt


The non-linear damping coefficient in the contact model of discrete element method       P98-101

G.M. Hu, W.F. Zhang, B. Jian and L.P. Liu


Some considerations on the parameters selection of DEM simulation for tumbling ball mills        P102-105

G.M. Hu, Y. Liu, M.Q. Liu and H. Wan


Dynamic analysis of substructures when tested in isolation using finite element method         P106-115

R. Amid, D. Metzger, K. Behdinan and H. Ghaemi


Stacking sequence optimization of FRP composites for maximization of failure strength based on tsai ¡V wu criterion using genetic algorithm                                                                                                       P116-124

N.S. Kumar   


Virtual filler effect on thermal stability observed by TGA                                     P125-127

R. Artiaga, J.T. Saavedra, S. Naya and J.L. Beceiro


Hypothesis test on paramemeters of thermal degradation models of materials                P128-130  

S. Naya, R. Cao, R. Artiaga, J. Tarrío and J. López


Structural analysis of aero-engine rotor                                                               P131-137

K. Kumar, S.L. AjitPrasad, K. Ramachandra


Matrix creep influence on structural performance of steel-concrete composite members subjected to long-term loads            

G. Sossou                                                                                                             P138-1145


Full-scale test on bonded steel-concrete composite beam         P146-153   

A. Li, L. Bouazaoui, G. Perrenot and Y. Delmas


Analytical approach for progressive failure crushing modes of woven FRP composite box structures     P154-162

A. Aboutorabi, H. Ghasemnejad and H. Hadavinia




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