World Journal of Engineering 
 Issue  Vol.7  No. 4  2010

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World Journal of Engineering, sponsored by Hebei University of Engineering, Department of Mining and Geological Engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Loughborough University, Kharkov State Technical University of construction and Architecture, is a academic journal about Civil Engineering, Material Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Geotechnical and Mining Engineering, and other engineering.

Current Issue

Vol.7 No.4 2010


Stress transfer and crack propagation of FRP-to-concrete bonded joints with end anchorage      P163-171

H.Yuan and T. Sun


The influence of thermal field on the mechanical properties of getinacks in the case of uniaxial static tensile    P1172-173

V. S. Shant


Increase of rabi oscillations and excited state decay under resonant condition         P174-179

M. Menšík, K. Králb


Submerged arc welding for jioning dual phase steels                                     P180-182

M. Muniraju, N.L. Swamy, S.B. Boppana and K.V. Sharma


Computational technique for weight reduction of aero-engine rotor            P183-185

K. Kumar, A. Prasad and K. Ramachandra


A composite wing structure with morphing leading edge and FLAP           P186-193        

R. Morishima, S.Guo, N. Di Matteo and S. Ahmed


Novel technique for the production of mullite glasses from kaolin            P194-197

R.J. Hernández, R.P. Ramírez, D.C. Guillermo, T. Munive, A.L.L. Cruz and E.C. Galdo


Effect of matrix plasticisation on the characterisation of polypropylene/clay nanocomposites       P198-201

Y. Dong and D. Bhattacharyya


Preparation and characterization of kaolinite intercalated nanocomposites               P202-204

J.P. Cosp, M.B. Guerrero, F. Corpas, R. Artiaga and A.R. del Valle


Investigating the performance of a new nanocomposite biosensor fabricated by Pt nanoparticles and glucose oxidase

M. Rajaratnam and V.C. Diep                                                                       P205-209


Characterization of NiFe2O4/SiO2 xerogel and aerogel nanocomposites obtained by sol-gel process       P210-215

N.D.S. Mohallem and J.B. da Silva


Fabrication and characterization of Ag/TiO2 nanocomposite thin films tailored by temperature      P216-219

M.M. Viana, D.R. Miquita, K. Balzuweit and N.D.S. Mohallem


Development of nanostructured solid oxide fuel cell electrodes                     P220-229

G. Schiller, A. Ansar and D. Soysal


A new type epoxy-resin thermoelastic composite with dispersed PZT particlelayers in piezo-control

 forced vibrations                                                                                        P230-238

J.C. Lin                                                                                                                                                                        


Designing space compressor for system on chip testing                         P239-249

S.N. Biswas, S.R. Das and A. Hossain


Convective heat transfer analysis of a aero gas turbine blade using ansys        P250-254

S. Gowreesh


The diamond and diamond lovers                                                   P255-268

S.L. Ngoc and N.L. Bao


Analytical and experimental determination of the buckling load in corrugated boards            P269-271 

E. Mahajerin and G. Burgess


Experimental determination of compressive properties and fracture characteristics of syntactic foam          P272-281

M.A. Wahab and V. Raghuram


Statistical optimization of carbon nanotubes production by DS-CVD and its application in protein purification    P282-289

F. Yusof, N.M. Mubarak, M.F. Alkhatib, M.A. Al Saadi and M. Khalid


Band gap of photo-catalyst slab system based on invo4 with water molecules adsorbed on the surface      P290-292

M. Oshikiri and M. Boero


Application of electro-discharge machining on Al2O3 particle reinforced aluminium composite             P293-298

M. Nanimina, M.A.M. Abdul-Rani, F Ahmad, A. Zainuddin and S.H. Jason Lo


Effect of Si addition on the glass forming ability and thermal stability of Al83Ni10Ce7 alloy               P299-301

S.H. Wang and G.M. Wang


Nucleation and growth of the second stage crystallization in Al83Ni10Ce7 glass                             P302-304

G.M. Wang and S.H. Wang


Diamonds as superior materials                                                                                      P305-308

L.N. Son and L.N. Bao


Effects of high temperature and long term stress on the material behavior of high performance fibers for composites

A. Younes, A. Seidel, T. Engler and C. Cherif                                                                P309-315


Rheological behaviour of core-shell emulsion/amine crosslinking process               P316-320

J. Lu, A.J. Easteal, C.J. Bolt and N.R. Edmonds




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