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 Issue  Supplement  2010

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World Journal of Engineering, sponsored by Hebei University of Engineering, Department of Mining and Geological Engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Loughborough University, Kharkov State Technical University of construction and Architecture, is a academic journal about Civil Engineering, Material Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Geotechnical and Mining Engineering, and other engineering.

Current Issue

Supplement 2,  2010




Updated Wednesday June 24, 2010

Technical University of Liberec

Faculty of Textile Engineering

July 4-10, 2010

Anchorage, Alaska, USA






Ecofriendly Sandwich Panels Using Recyclable/Biodegradable Materials                           P121

Sanjeev Rao, Debes BHATTACHARYYA


Nanocatalysis on Graphene and Metal-Graphene Nanocomposites                                   P122

M. Samy El-SHALL


Crystalline Growths And Orientations Of Double-Layred Oxide Thin Films By Ibs, And Oxygn Plasma Effects On Low-Temperature Depositions

Tamio ENDO, Tatsuya Yoshii, Kenichi Uehara, Xiang Guo, Miyoshi Yokura, Kazuhiro Endo  P123


Nano- Composites for Energy Applications Prepared by Solution Routes                 P124



Thermodynamically Driven Approach Toward Engineering Nanomanufacture of Single-Sized Colloidal Semiconductor Quantum Dot Nanocrystal Ensembles                                                                 

Michael Z. HU                                           P125


Composite Mechanics in the Last Five Decades                                                     P126

Tarun KANT Wed


Frontiers in Nanostructured Materials and their Composites                                      P127   

Jay Narayan


Thermoelectric Materials for Power Generation and Refrigeration --- Low Thermal Conductivity In Reduced TiO2         P128

Jinke TANG, Corin D. Chepko, Wendong Wang, Guang-Lin Zhao


Low-Cost Metal Oxide Quantum Rods and Dots-Based Structures and Devices                           P129

Lionel VAYSSIERES Mon-Tues


Nanomechanics of Graphene and Its Chemical Derivatives                                              P130



Infrastructure Composites Funding Trends                                            P131



Biofunctionalization of Graphene for Biosensing and Imaging                                              P132

Yuehe LIN


Therapeutic Affinity Nanofiltration ”V A New Approach to Treating Viral Infections and Cancer          P133

Richard H. TULLISMon-Tues


Cell-Penetrating Peptides, Electroporation, and Drug Delivery               P134                         



Flexural Behaviour of Bio and Synthetic Fiber Reinforced PU Sandwich Structures            P135

Krishna Vinayak SHARMA, Sripathy Malaiah, M. Krishna


Preparation of Biodegradable Nanocellulose Composite by Electrospinning                 P136

Dongyan Liu, Xiaowen YUAN, Allan Easteal, Debes Bhattacharyya Mon-tues


Ti and TiO2 Coatings for Implants by Gas Flow Sputtering                                      P137

U. Lembke, A. Koertge, H.G. Neumann, K. Ortner , R. Lange, U. BECK


Preparation of Biologically Derived HA/TCP Composites                                      P138

Dong Seok SEO, Kyu Hong Hwang, Hwan Kim, Jong Kook Lee


Formation of Nanocrystalline Hydroxyapatite Thin Film by Room Temperature Spray         P139

Jong Kook LEE, Dong Seok Seo, Kyu Hong Hwang


Detection of Acoustic Emission During Dental Composite Restoration        P140

Ja-Uk GU, Nak-Sam Choi, Kazuo Arakawa


Dephasing Time of Plasmonic Au Nanoparticles                                    P141

Jasmine AUSTIN, Joya Anthony, Maria Veronica Rigo, Jaetae Seo, Bagher Tabibi, SungSoo Jung, Wan-Joong Kim


Limit of Drug Detection With Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy For Cardiovascular Treatment       P142

Maria Veronica RIGO, Jaetae Seo, Bagher Tabib I, SungSoo Jung, Wan-Joong Kim


Spontaneous Emission From Cdse In Vicinity Of Plasmons                                P143

Jaetae SEO, Maria Veronica Rigo, Wan-Joong Kim, Hyoyeong Cho , SungSoo Jung


Micro-Ct Imaging of Bioactive Acrylic Bone Cement Composite             P144

Mervi PUSKA, Niko Moritz, Allan Aho, Pekka Vallittu


Effect of Ag Nanocrystals Embedded in Potato Starch Matrix on Growth of Escherichia Coli And Staphylococus Aureus  Marek OSTAFIN, Gohar Khachatryan, Karen Khachatryan, Maciej Fiedorowicz          P145


Formation and Properties of ZnS and Cds Nanocrystals in Potato Starch Gel     P146         

Karen KHACHTRYAN, Maciej Fiedorowicz, Gohar Khachatryan, Lidia Krzeminska”VFiedorowicz


Implication of Nanometals Formation in Potato Starch Gel on Structure of Polysaccharide Chains   P147

Maciej FIEDOROWICZ, Karen Khachtryan, Gohar Khachatryan, Lidia Krzeminska”V



Core/Shell Microspheres Via Coaxial Electrohydrodynamic Atomization for Sustained Release of Drugs     P148

Chi-Hwa WANG, Hemin Nie


Using Mechanical Forces to Study Nano-Bio Materials Properties           P149

Ching-Hwa KIANG, Wuen-Shiu Chen  


Detection of Acoustic Emission During Dental Composite Restoration           P150

Ja-Uk Gu, Nak-Sam CHOI, Kazuo Arakawa


Effect of Macro to Nanostructure and Porosity on Regeneration of Dogs' Segmental Large Bone Defect       P151

Masanori KIKUCHI, Yoshihisa Koyama, Kazuya Edamura, Kazuo Takakuda, Shigeo Tanaka


Chitosan/ Poly (£H-Caprolactone) Composite Hydrogel for Tissue Engineering Applications        P152

Chengdong JI, Xia Zhong, TsunTing Lo, Fariba Dehghani


Structure and Mechanical Properties of Biodegradable Triblock Thermoplastic Elastomers Based On L-Lactide end £H-Caprolactone

Vitali T. LIPIK, Subramanian S. Venkatraman , Marc J.M. Abadie       P153            


Nature-Inspired Hierarchical Architecture for Advanced Nano- Composites    P154

Sharmila M. MUKHOPADHYAY. Ian Barney, Anil K. Karumuri


Structure and Properties of Ultrafine Grained Titanium for Dental Implants    P155

Miroslav GREGER, Milena Widomska, Jan Macecek


A Highly Elastic Adhesive Based on Photo-Crosslinked Gelatin       P156

Christopher M. Elvin, Tony Vuocol , Lillian Sando, Alan G. Brownlee, Mickey G. Huson, Nancy E. Liyou, Russell Lyons, Misook Kim, Glenn A. Edwards , John A.M. RAMSHAW, Jerome A. Werkmeister


Nanodiamond Reinforced Smart Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering              P157

Qingwei Zhang, Vadym Mochalin, Ioannis Neitzel, Isabel Knoke, Yury Gogotsi, Jack Zhou,



Strength Performance and Delamination Behaviour of Multi Laminar Bio-Composite Board at Different Hot Pressing Times and Layer Orientations                                                        P158

Shahril Anuar BAHARI, Wan Nor Raihan Wan Jaafar


Raman Spectroscopic Studies of Load Transfer in Nano-Cellulose-Filled Poly(Lactic Acid) Composites      P159

William T.Y. TZE, Jin Yao, Melissa Taylor, John Simonsen


Bone Regeneration Model (a New Phenomenon in Bone Grafting)                P160

Festus I. Arunaye , Christopher OGUNSALU


Synthesis and Characterizations of Nanosized Fe3O4 for Biomedical Applications        P161      



Enzymatic Logic Gates with Noise-Reducing Sigmoid Response         P162        

Valber Pedrosa, Dmitriy Melnikov, Marcos Pita, Jan Halámek, Vladimir PRIVMAN, Aleksandr Simonian, Evgeny Katz


Preparation of Mtb Oligonucleotide and Albumin Microarray Platforms with Soft Lithography and their Applications  P163

Kadriye O. Nazlı, Omur C. Bicak, Bekir Salih, Erhan PISKIN


Biomimetic Citric-Acid Based Nanocomposites for Orthopaedic Tissue Engineering       P164

Eunji CHUNG, Guillermo A. Ameer


Bioethanol and Biodiesel Production from Fruit Biomass and Waste Oil as an Environmental Recycling Technology  P165

A.B.M. Sharif Hossain, M. Mazen, H. Imdadul, M. Mekhled, N Boyce


Electric Field Directed Fabrication of Multilayer BioNanoparticle Based Composites     P166

Michael HELLER, Alex P. Haiso Mon-Tues


Application of Nanofibres for Biological Treatment of Industrial Wastewaters          P167

Tomas LEDERER, Lucie Kriklavova


A Comparative Study of High-Performance Natural Fibre Reinforced Biocomposites- PP, PLA, and PA 6.10 as a Composite Matrix      

A.K. Bledzki, Adam JASZKIEWICZ, M. Feldmann, V.E. SPERBER                   P168


Bioelectronic Systems Logically Controlled by Biochemical Signals: Towards Biologically Regulated Electronics

Evgeny KATZ                                                     P169


Studies of the Composite Aperiodic Nanostructure of Natural Vegetable Fibers    P170



Session on Celluous Materials

(Thursday only) developed by Tao Wang and Abhijit.Biswas


Preparation and Properties Cellulose/Carbon Nanotube Composite        p171

Masanori IMAI , Kousuke Akiyama, Eiichi Sano


Cellulose Smart Material: Its Principle and Applications

Jaehwan KIM, Mohammad Maniruzaman, Sungryul Yun, Sang Yeol Yang     p172


Narrow Spectral Features of Cellulose Nanocomposites Characterized by a Frequency Domain Terahertz Spectroscopy

Lei LIU, T. Wang, A. Biswas, Z. Cai, F. Watanabe, A.S. Biris, M. Lieberman, G.H. Bernstein, H. Xing, P. Fay  P173


The Electronic Structure of InVO4 Photo-Catalysts With Water Molecule Adsorbed on the Surface  p174



Influence of Polar Additives on the Hole Mobility in Poly[(Phenylene)Vinylene] Composites    p175

Petr TOMAN, Stanislav Nespurek, Wojciech Bartkowiak


Influence of Dipolar Additives on Polaron Binding Energy in Polysilane Composites    p176

Stanislav NESPUREK, Juraj Nožár, Jakub Sebera, Anna Kochalska


Effect of Particle Size and Concentration of Mica on Properties of Polyester Thermoplastic Elastomer Composites p177

R.S.N. SAHAI, V.R. Gaval, P.A. Mahanwar


Structural and Optical Properties of Precursor Concentration on ZnO Nanorods Arrays by Wet Chemical Method   p178

Soo-Jeong JO, MiJin Jin, Jeong-Hwan Lee, Sung-jin Kim, ByungHo Chol, Soon Wook Jeong


Thermal Properties of Polyurethane (Pur) Based Materials         p179

D. FOJTU, Lubomir Lapcik, Jr., M. Vítek, A. Minarík, A. Blaha


Chemical Modification of Hyaluronic Acid: Alkylation          p180

Lubomir LAPCIK, Jr., L. Lapcik


Preparation and Characterization of Novel Polybenzoxazine-Polyester Composite p181

Amit Balsing RAJPUT, Narendra Nath Ghosh


Development of a Simple Chemical Route for Preparation of Silver Nanoparticle Incorporated Mesoporous -Alumina Nanocomposites                                                      p182

Narendra N. GHOSH, Bhanudas Naik


Neodymium Dioxide Carbonate ”V Promising Candidate for Chemoresistive CO2 Sensing   p183

Igor DJERDJ, Alexander Haensch, Dorota Koziej, Nicolae Barsan, Udo Weimar, Markus Niederberger


Mechanoluminescence Studies of Zinc Selenide Doped with Cu Phosphors            p184

Prakash K. DUBEY, Ajay Singh, V. Dubey, V.S. Dohare


Study of Effect of Plastic Material on Health and Hygiene                            p185

Vandana DUBEY, P. Dubey, Ajay Singh, Abha Tiwari, J.M. Keller, G. Verma


Development of Iridium Structural Materials for Extreme Conditions p186

Bernd FISCHER, Jürgen Merker, David F. Lupton


Modeling of Non-adiabatic Photoinduced Dynamics and Energy Transfer in Organic Molecules     p187

Sebastian Fernandez-Alberti, Valeria D. Kleiman, Adrian E. Roitberg, Sergei TRETIAK


Nanoclay Filler Dislocation and Compatibilization Effect in Heterogeneous Polymer Blends   p188

Hans-Joachim RADUSCH, Hai Hong Le, Zulfiqar Ali, Sybill Ilisch Wed-Fri


Reaction Dynamics of Fluoroelastomer Coated Aluminum Particles in a Multicomponent Droplet as a Function of Particle Size and Concentration                                                                       p189

Sanjana DATTA 


Nanolime for Conservative Surfaces Treatments: Methods of Synthesis and Characterisation   p190

Valeria DANIELE, Giuliana Taglieri, Amedeo Gregori, Roberto Volpe POSTER




Super-Activated Nanoporous Carbon Containing Substitutional Boron for H2 Storage      p191

Youmi Jeong, T.C. Mike CHUNG


Optical Properties and Dynamic Behaviour on Mammalian Erythrocytes Subjected to Mechanical Stress p192

Ana M. KOROL, M. D”¦Arrigo, O.A. Rosso


Thermogravimetric Investigations on Polystyrene-TiO2 Nanocomposites     p193

Hailan Xu, Yun Zhai, Rafael Villegas, Hongyan Ding, David Hui, Karen Lozano, Mircea Chipara


MgH2-Aerogel Composite for Solid-State Hydrogen Storage     p194

Yanjla ZUO, Yi He, Chunwei Wu, Sam S. Mao, Taofang Zeng POSTER GENERAL APPLICATIONS, Fabrication


Exploring the Application of Long Persistence Luminescent Materials In Street Furniture Design   P195

Hong Yang SONG, Xu Chen, Liang Yu, Kin Wai Michael Siu


Assessment of Fatigue Life for Small Composite Wind Turbine Blades     p196

Jia-Hroung WU


Microwave Heating of Carbon Based Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Nanocomposites  p197

John F. HARPER, M.Y. Razali, J. Clarke Wed-Thurs


Aniline and N,N-Dimethylformamide Assisted Processing Route for Graphene Nanoplates     p198

Chellachamy Anbalagan AMARNATH, Nam Hoon Kim, Kin-Tak Lau, Joong Hee Lee


Investigation of a Hybrid Metal-To- Composite Joint Concept          p199


Synthesis and Characterization of Processable Graphene Nanosheets        p200

Tapas KUILA, Partha Khanra, Nam Hoon Kim, Bae Seon-Hyeong, Joong Hee Lee


Sinergistic Effect of Fillers In Composites Based on Phenolformaldehide Resin  p201

J.N. ANELI, O.V. Mukbaniani, E.G. Markarashvili, L.D. Gventsadze


Preparation and Characterization of Lanthanum Zirconate Tbc Powders for Diesel Engine Application    p202

K.M. PURUSHOTHAMA, Shivarudraiah, P. Martin Jebaraj  


Effects of Filler Geometry on Physical Properties of Poly (Butylen Therephthalate)/Clay Nanocomposites  p203

Domenico ACIERNO, Pietro Russo, Paola Scarfato


Characterization of Nickel-based Iron-Zinc Composites Sheet Formed by Electroforming  p204

Yong CHOI, Nam-Ig Baik


Thermal and Mechanical Behaviour of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Phenolic Matrix Composites         p205

Akindele G. ODESHI


Knowledge-Based Sequence Planning of Shearing Operations in Progressive Dies      p206

Alan C. LIN


Mechanical Properties of Hot Pressed Al2O3-hBN Ceramic Composite          p207

Gabriela GORNY, Ludosław Sobierski ,Roman Pampuch, Paweł Rutkowski


Non-Destructive Inspection to Evaluate Welding Case Study          p208

M.F. Salah El-FEKI, A.A. Elhafeez, M.M. Salem


Suppression of Wing Flutter Via Diagonal Piezoelectric Rod Controller    p209

Ramadan A.H. OTIEFY, Hani M. Negm 


Gearbox Crack Propagation Life Determination                      p210

Mohamed S. El-MORSY, Shawki A. Abouel-seoud, El-Adl Rabeih


Gearbox Damage Diagnosis Using Wavelet Transform Technique        p211

El-Adl RABEIH, Shawki A. Abouel-seoud, Mohamed S. El-Morsy


Synthesis and Properties of CNT composites               p212

David S. LASHMORE, Edward Silverman, Eric Towle, Chelsea Brennan, Meghann White, Brian White, Mark Schauer, Cory Timoney


Microwave Absorption Properties of Carbon Nanotubes/Epoxy Composites             p213

Z. Ye, Z. Li, J.A. Roberts, Guanglin ZHAO


Flexible Nanocomposite Thermal Interface Materials   p214

Javed MAPKAR, Mark Juds, Xin Zhou, Alaa Elmoursi


Fabrication of Nanospheres From Supramolecular Assembly of End-Functionalized Polymer Mixture  p215

June HUH, Cheolmin Park, Won Ho Jo


Polishing of Surfaces by Laser               p216

Aitzol LAMIKIZ, E. Ukar, L.N. Lopez de Lacalle, F. Liebana


Coatings for CFRP Milling                 p217

L. Norberto LOPEZ de Lacalle, A. Lamikiz, J. Fernandez de Larrinoa


A Feasibility Study on Microwave Fabrication of PP/CNT Composite       p218

X. CHEN, C.T. Wong, C.P. Tsui, C.Y. Tang


Aqueous Synthesis of CdPbS Quantum Dots Capable of NIR Emission    p219

Yu-Chieh LU, Kan-Sen Chou


Space Compaction In VLSI Using Conditional Fault Detection Compatibility    P220

Sunil R. DAS, Alexander R. Applegate


Fabrication and Crushing Behavior of Highly Vented Honeycomb Structures   p221



Complex Composite Engineering Architectures for Nuclear and High-Radiation Environments  p222

Rajendra U. Vaidya, Drew E. KORNREICH, Curtt N. Ammerman


A Feasibility Study on Microwave Fabrication of PP/CNT Composite              p223

Chen XU, C.Y. Tang


Fabrication of (Al2O3np-Al3Zr)/Al Nanocomposite Material by the In-Situ Reaction Using MA Processed Al/ZrO2 Nano and Micro Sized Composite Powders                            p224

Hyun Bom LEE, Hiroyasu Tezuka, Equo Kobayashi, Tatsuo Sato, Kee Do Woo


Experimental Study To Improve the Stability of District Heating Pipe      P225

Sang-youn LEE, Jooyong Kim, Hyun-Il Ko, Chongdu Cho


Evaluation of In-Plane Shear Failure in Composite Laminate with High Percentage of 90o Plies     p226

Sepideh VALI-Shariatpanahi, S. Noroozi, J. Vinney  


Textural and Adsorption Properties of a Carbon- Silica Composite Adsorbent for Air Filtration     p227

Ebenezer TWUMASI, Mikael Forslund, Peter Norberg, Christer Sjostrom


Flame Retardant Effects of Aerogel and Nanosilica on Engineered Polymer Composites     p228

Martha WILLIAMS, Trent Smith, Luke Roberson, Feng Yang, Gordon L. Nelson


A Method for Jet Stability and Fiber Alignment During Electrospinning Processes            p229

Brent B. Collins, Jorge L. Jimenez-Rios, Sankha Bhowmick, Alex J. FOWLER


Synthesis and Structural Studies of Lanthanum Doped Barium Titanate for Microwave Applications    p230

M.M. Sutar, Shrikant R. KOKARE, P. B. Joshi


Multi-layered Organic Field-effect Transistor and the Related Charge Injection Mechanisms      p231

Harry L. KWOK Thurs-Fri


The Fabrication of Fibrous Nanocomposites by Dry Particle Bonding Technique    p232



Formation of TiO2 /Polydiacetylene Nanocomposite by Photosensitized Solid-State Polymerization    p233

Jayant Kumar, Yanping Wang, Lian LI, Fadong Yan, Lynne A. Samuelson


Properties of Blocked Polyurethane/Phenolic Interpenetrating Polymer Network Composites    p234

Chin-Hsing CHEN, Yun-Yun Sun


Behavior of Void Creation and Growth In Composites Made by Vartm Process    p235

Yun hae KIM, Young dae Jo, Hee beom An , Il guy Na, Young gu Kang, Chang won Bae, Joong won Han, Yang jun Jin


Safety Checking of a Newly Designed Passenger Car Doors by Finite Element Analysis  p236

Saied M. DARWISH, A. Al-Ghamdi, A.M.Gemeal  


Diamond-MAX Bonding Phase Composites with the Nanometric TiCN Addition for Application In Cutting Tools    p237

Lucyna JAWORSKA, Jerzy Morgiel, Marcin Rozmus, Ludosław Stobierski, Bogna Krolicka Andrzej Kalinka,


Micro and Macro Scale Mechanical Defects on Paints          p238  

Stefano ROSSI, Erica Scrinzi, Flavio Deflorian


Development of Nanostructured UV Curable Acrylic Coatings for Corrosion Protection of Steel  p239

Michele FEDEL, Flavio Deflorian, Roberta Bongiovanni, Lorenzo Vescovo, Sandra Dirr, Valeria Tagliazuccca


Nano-Enhanced Drilling Fluids: Capable Solution for Reducing High Torque and Drag in Drilling Operation      P240  

Jamil ABDO, Mehmood Tahat, M. Danish Haneef


Femtosecond Laser Production of Nanoparticles and Their Subsequent Layered Aggregate Growth Using a Line Focused Beam                                                                       p241

Craig ZHULKE, Dennis R. Alexander, John Bruce III


A Design Method of the Composites Part Mould Based on the Part Deformation During The Manufacture Process  p242

Guidong LI, Laishui Zhou, Luling An, Chanbai Tan, Xiaojing Chen


The Investigation of Cooling of a Massive Casting of Ductile Cast-Iron                    p243

Frantisek Kavicka, Jana Dobrovska, Karel Stransky, Bohumil Sekanina, Josef Stetina


Effect of Cooling Rate on Solidification Behaviour of in 738LC Nickel Based Superalloy       p244

Jana DOBROVSKA, Frantisek Kavicka, Simona Zla


Fabrication of Ordered Silicon Nanorod-Array and Solar Cell Application            p245

Shu-Fen HU, Ching-Yang Wu


Simulation of Ultrafast Photoswitching Materials and Theoretical Principles of Their Design     p246

Artëm E. MASUNOV, Ivan A. Mikhailov


Properties of Rubber Granulate-Polyurethane Composites Obtained from Waste Materials      p247

Wiesław W. SUŁKOWSKI, Gabriela Bartecka, Anna Sułkowska, Jerzy Borek, Sławomir Maślanka, Adam Danch, Kalina Chyzak, Marek Moczyński


Metroxylon Sago Fiber Reinforced Composite Processed by Vacuum        p248

Hairul ABRAL, Eko Kasmianto, Mastariyanto Perdana


Preparation and Application of a Novel Nitric Oxide Sensor by Chemically Nano-Modified Technology p249

Dongyun Zheng, Chengguo Hu, Shengshui HU


Complex Composite Engineering Architectures for Nuclear and High-Radiation Environments         p250

Rajendra VAIDYA


Integrated Thermal Management Solutions in Composite Missile Skins     p251

J. Keith ROBERTS, A. Taylor Owens


Application of MWCNTs integrated in composite structures for EMI shielding           p252

Kristin A. SPENCER, J. Keith Roberts


Optimized Threaded Fastening of Composite Structures with Dual Flow of Preload     p253

Christoph FRIEDRICH, T. Gerhard, G. Dinger


Replacing Glass Fibers for Vegetal Fibers in Short-Fiber Reinforced Composites           p254

Marco-Aurelio DePAOLI


Integrating Nano Science and Technology Into Non-STEM Courses to Recruit STEM Majors   p255



Nano-Immobilization of Oleandomycin Glycosyltransferase for Preparation of Glycoflavonoids   p256

Eun Yeol LEE, Sung Hee Choi, Hee Sook Kim


Piezoelectric Evaluation of MEMS Energy Harvester With Interdigitated Electrodes           p257

Todor TODOROV, G. Todorov, Nikolay Nikolov, Raycho Yosifov


Bond Enhanced Sandwich Shells for Arctic Offshore Structures                  p258

Peter W. MARSHALL; A.C. Palmer, T Wang, K.W.T. Ma


Fabrication, Characterization and Application of Fast Photoconductive Switches   p259

Thanh-Trung PHAM, Bayer Daniela


Cold Spray Consolidation of Nanostructured AA5083 Aluminum Powder          p260

Victor K. Champagne, Matthew TREXLER, Dennis Helfritch, Yongho Sohn , George E. Kim


Properties of Olive Waste Ash Mortar Composites           p261

Nabil Al-AKHRAS, Mohanad Abdulwahid


Self-Healing Polymers: Microcapsules Filled With Monomers     p262

Dorina Magdalena CHIPARA, Karen Lozano, David Hui, Mircea Chipara


Session on ӤNatural Fiber Compositesӯ developed by Karen Cheung


Thermal Destruction of a Glass/Phenolic Composite                p263

Michael HOBBS, James T. Nakos, Patrick D. Brady Organized by Huy K. Tran




Enhancement of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Masonry Walls Using Ferrocement Sandwich Structure    p264

Medhat HAROUN, M. Abdel-Mooty, M. Saleh, E. Fahmy, M. Abou-Zeid


Effects of the Interphase on the Properties of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Composites   P265

A.S.M. Kamal, M. BOULFIZA, S. Panigrahi


Alkali”VSilica Reaction Between the Cement Matrix and Accelerating Admixtures   p266

Bo-Ra CHOI, Su-Jin Lee, Byung-Tak Hong, Jae-Wan Lee, Jong-Pil Won, Wan-Young Kim


Tensile Behavior of Nano-GFRP Bars                               p267

Yi-Na YOON, Su-Jin Lee, Byung-Tak Hong, Tei-Joon Choi, Jong-Pil Won, Wan-Young Kim


Viscoelastic Analysis of FRP Strengthened Concrete Beams                 p268

Jialai WANG, Chao Zhang


Effects of a Hydrogel on the Self-Curing Properties of Mortars      p269

Kung-Chung HSU, Jing-Siang Jhuang, Chao-Wei Tang


Evaluation of Fibre Anchors for Bonded CFRP Sheets         p270


Shape Optimization of Two Phase Composites With a Hole      p271



Overall Properties of FRC Composites From Recycled Material: Randomly Distributed   p272


Jan Vodicka, Petr P. Procházka, Alena Kohoutkova


Design of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Structural Elements        p273


Thermo Oxidative Degradation Kinetics of GFR Polymers      p274

Fahad S. Al-MUBADDEL, Fahad Al-Habdan


Numerical Simulation of Composite Safety Barrier Under Vehicle Impact       p275

Kap-Eui Hong, Huu-Tai THAI, Seung-Eock Kim


Repair Systems for RC Beam-to-Column Joints with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer under Cyclic Loadings

Uksun KIM, Pinaki R. Chakrabarti, Hector Delgado, Chsung Lam  p276


Dynamic Load Factors for a Short Span Composite Bridge   p277

Marc J. ROBINSON, John B. Kosmatka


Composite Bridging for Military and Emergency Applications    p278

John B. KOSMATKA, M.J. Robinson


The Flexural Behavior of Beams Strengthened with FRP grid and ECC   p279

Yi DING, Xiaobing Chen, Wenyong Chen


Material Characterization of Porous Concrete Using Nano Indentation      p280

Young-Sang CHO, Seong Uk Hong, Je-Hyeok Lee, Hyun Seok Jang, Xi Chen  


The Riddle of Premature Failures in Plated RC Beams           P281

Sara ALIAMIRI, Mohammed Raoof


Modeling of Steel and Concrete Composite Columns         p282

Nabil MAHMOUD, Ahmed Badr, Mohamed Ghannam


Measurement and Prediction of Thermal Expansion Coefficient of CFRP Composites at Low Temperature p283

Wonoh LEE, Sang-Bok Lee, Moon-Kwang Um


Properties of Concrete Containing Glass Fiber Manufacturing Waste    p284



Influence of Metakaolin on Resistivity of Cement Mortar to Magnesium Chloride Solution    p285



Modelling Heat and Mass Transfer During Hot Pressing of Nano-Wood Composites   p286

Arun GUPTA, K.V. Sharma, Rosli. Bin. Mohd. Yunus, Z. Hassan


Modified Polyurethanes for Construction Industry           p287

Malik ABDIKARIMOV, Raushan Turgumbayeva, Bolat Zhubanov


CFRP Plates As Negative Moment Reinforcing In Strengthening Of Rc Beams     p288

Salah Abdel Gawad Aly


Short Pulse Nd:Yag Laser Cutting of CFRP Sheet       p289

Isabella DeIORIO, C. Leone, V. Lopresto, N. Pagano  


Experimental Analysis of the Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Recycled PET Fiber Reinforced Concrete    P290

Fernando FRATERNALI, V. Ciancia, G. Rizzano, Luciano Feo, David Hui   


Hybrid Systems With Engineered Cementitious Composites And Fiber Reinforced Polymers  p291

Amir MIRMIRAN, Pedram Zohrevand  


Fibrous Brucite and Polypropylene Hybrid Fibers Reinforced Concrete   p292


Behavior of Concrete Columns Confined with Circular Imbedded Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tubes   p293

Sherif M. Elzeiny, Mohamed S. ISSA 


Shrinkage of Steel and Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced High Performance Concrete    p294

Branko Bandelj, Jakob Sustersic, Joze Lopatic, Franc Saje, Drago Saje


Pozzolana Plasters Protection of Loaded RC Columns Against Elevated Temperature    p295

Salah Abdel Gawad ALY, Alaa M. Rashad


Analytical Evaluation on Tall Buildings using Hybrid BRB                p296

Do-Hyun Kim, Young K. JU, Myoung-Ho Oh, Myeong-Han Kim


Repair of Corrosion-Damaged Concrete Using FRP Composite Wraps              p297

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Newly Development on Sustainable Building Materials                    p299

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David Hui


Pressure Bagging for Repairing Corroding Piles Frp                          p301

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Material and Geometric Nonlinearity to Analyze Composite Retrofit for Blast Resistance   p302

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Active Confinement of Concrete Columns Using Externally Fiber Reinforce Polymer Shells Combined with Expansive Cement

Zihan YAN, Chris Pantelides, Jeffrey Duffin                  p303


Deep Level Transition Spectroscopy (DLTS) and Annealing Studies of Gamma (£^) ray irradiated Bipolar Junction Transistors

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Nanocrystalline Diamond Films Prepared By Unique Plasma Enhanced Linear Antennas Microwave Cvd System    p305

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Raman Spectra and Morphology of Carbon Nanotubes in Dependence on Temperature of Deposition by Capacitively Coupled RF Plasma Process                                                    p306     

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Epoxy Nanocomposites Containing Ceramic Fillers for Electrical Applications           p307

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Electrodeposited Fe3O4 Films and Nanowires: Magnetic, Electrical and Magnetotransport Investigations    p308

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Nano-Coatings for Improved Product Performance        p309

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A Monte Carlo Model Employed for Wc Thin Films Mechanical Properties Simualtions      p311

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Magnetic Properties Monte Carlo Simulation of La1-X CaxMnO3 Ferromagnetic-Antiferromagnetic Bilayer Using a Composed Interface Approximation                                      p312

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Histeresis Phenomena on Ferromagnetic Nanotubes using Monte Carlo Simulation    p313

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Energy-Band Structures of III-Nitride Semiconductor Superlattice          p316

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Spin-Polarized Electron Transport Through Nanoscale Devices      p317

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Preparation of Fe-Co Metallic Fibers Reinforced Composites and their Electromagnetic Properties    p318

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Application of FEM Simulation and Abductive Network During Nanoindentation Process of the Thin Film on Bulk Metal

Tung-Sheng Yang, Y.Y. Chang, S.Y. Chang, B.Y. Lee           p319                   


Synthesis of Conducting Polypyrrole-Titania Nanocomposites by the Radiolysis Method     p320

Mohammad Rezaul KARIM


Hydrothermal Synthesized Aluminum-Doped Zinc Oxide on Plastic Substrate    p321

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Composites of PbSe Quantum Dots and Vertically Aligned TiO2 Nanorods for Next Generation Solar Cells      p322  

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The Role of the Non Universal Static Dielectric Constant in the Scaling of AC Conductivity Results      p324     

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A Novel Model for Non-Debye Dielectric Relaxation                      p325

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The First Step in Studying the Influence of Gamma Radiation on Magnetic Properties of CoFe2O4 Nano-Particles    p326

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Polymer-Based Composite Materials in the Shape of Colloids, Fibers, and Thin Films     p327

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Electromagnetic Functionalized Polypyrrole Nanocomposites Containing Magnetic Nanofillers of High Aspect Ratios

Hong-Mei Xiao, Wei-Dong Zhang, Mei-Xiang Wan, Shao-Yun FU                        p328


Electrical and Ion Transport Study of Cellulose- Glycolic Acid Biopolymer Electrolytes      p329

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Assembly and Characterisation of PVDF Nanofibrous Materials with Magnetic Properties      p330

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Ultra-Fine Structure Generated on Metallic Thin Film Using Interfering Femtosecond Laser     p331

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Barium Ferrite Magentic Composites for Microwave Applications         p332

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Epoxy Bonded Magnetostrictive Composite with High VolumeFraction of Terfenol-D Powder  p333

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Preparation of MTB Oligonucletide and Albumine Microarray Platforms with Soft Lithography and Their Applications

Kadriye O. NAZLI, Omur C. Bicak, Bekir Salih, Erhan Piskin       p334


Ultrasonic Disruption of Composite Lipid-Coated Microbubbles    p335

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Plasma Mechanism of Synthesis and Tailoring Properties of Carbon Nanostructures   p336

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Nanocomposite Metallic Thin Films for MEMS and NEMS Applications     p337

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Bonded Intermetallic Powders for the Application in Magnetic Refrigeration.        p338

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Superconducting and Transport Properties of FeF2 Added YBa2Cu3O7-£_ -Superconductor     p339

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Effect of Magnetite Content on Microwave Absorbing Property of Magnetite-Thermoplastic Natural Rubber Nanocomposites

Ing KONG, Sahrim Hj. Ahmad, Mustaffa Hj. Abdullah , David Hui, Ahmad Nazlim Yusoff          p340


Experimental Study of Dynamic Cracking of PVB Laminated Glass by High-Speed Photography   p341

Yueting SUN, Mengyi Zhu, Bohan Liu, Jun Xu, Xuefeng Yao. Yibing Li


Dynamic Stability of Carbon Nanotubes Using Nonlocal Euler -Bernoulli Model   P342



Hygrothermal Analysis of Rotating Composite Beams            p343

Nithi Sivaneri and Sandeep Vennam


External Cloaking in Elliptical Configurations      p344

Shang-Ru Yu and Tungyang Chen


Deposition of Silver Nanoparticles on Dendrimer Functionalized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes: Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity                                          p345

Aderemi OKI, Gururaj M. Neelgund, Milton Jackson, Leah Mitchell


A State-of-the Art Computational Framework: Hybrid Meshless/Finite Element Technology for Contact/Impact of Brittle Type /Composite Systems                                                       p346

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Estimation of Macroscopic properties of Particulate Composite with Crosslinked Polymer Matrix     p347

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Isotropic and Kinematic Hardening for Cold Expanded Al7050 and Mild Steel by Finite Element Analysis    p348

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Optimal Isolation Control Strategy of a Tuberculosis Model       p349

Schehrazad SELMANE


Piecewise Lognormal Approximation to Lognormal Sum of Leakage Current in Nano-scale CMOS   p350



Exploration of a New DNA Sequencing Methods Via Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube      p351

Zhenhai LI, Wei Yang


Analysis of Large Systems Using Lanczos Vectors       p352

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Use the Crack3D Code with Ansys Software to Solve the Composite Cylinder with Crack Torsion Problem  353

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Design Optimization of Hybrid Composite Laminate Using SCF        p354

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The Mechanics of the DCB Test for the Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Composite Materials    p355

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Numerical Simulation of Composite Safety Barrier Under Vehicle Impact      p356

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Damage Prediction of the Composite Pipes         p357

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Damage Detection of Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polymer Via Carbon Nanotube Fillers and External Circuitry   p358

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Photoelastic Properties of Four Hexagonal Silicon Carbide Single Crystal        p359

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Shape Optimization of Fiber Cross Sections in Unidirectional Composites          p360

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Microindentation into a Viscoelastic Material Versus its Long-Term Mechanical Properties     p361

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A Self-Healing Syntactic Foam Under Multiple Impacts         p362

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Application of Composite Sandwich Panels in Heavy Vehicle Systems        p363

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Elasticity and Strength of Nano-Fibre Reinforced Composites from First Principles    p364

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The Role of Iridium on the Catalytic Stability of au Supported on Rutile      p365

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In-plane Fracture Analysis of an Embedded Central Crack in Functionally Graded Strip Bonded by Two Homogeneous Half Planes                                               p366

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3D Confined Programming and Free Shape Recovery of a SMP Based Syntactic Foam    p367

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Impact Response and Damage Prediction of Composite plates      p368

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Characterization and Modification of Mechanical Properties of Hyperelastic Rubber    p369

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Study of Material Composition Effects on Noise and Vibration Damping    p370

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Dynamic Analysis of an Orthotropic Shallow Spherical Shell on Pasternak Foundation      p371

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Static Structural Analysis of Parked Composite Wind Turbine Blades      p372

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Interaction of Between Two Iron Metals with a P-Conjugated Bridges as a Molecular Wires   p373

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Conceptual Mathematical Basis for GIS Visualization of Damage in Composite Laminates   p374

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Visualization of Damage in Laminated Composite Structures Using GIS         p375

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Stress and Temperature Distribution in an Auxetic versus Non Auxetic Plates   p376

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Dielectric Modeling of E-Glass Epoxy Composite System      p377


Buckling Analysis of Tapered Curved Laminates Using ANSYS       p378

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Monte Carlo Simulation of Colloidal Epitexy on Squsre Pattern      p379

Atsushi MORI


Interfacial Evaluation and Self-Sensing of Single-Carbon Fiber/ Carbon Nanotube (CNT)-Phenol Gradient Nanocomposites Using Electro-Micromechanical and Wettability Tests                    p380

Joung-Man PARK, Zuo-Jia Wang, Joel GnidaKouong, Dong-Joon Kwon, Woo-Il Lee, Jong-Kyoo Park, K. Lawrence DeVries


Air-Coupled Ultrasound for the NDE of Composites       P381  

Vinay DAYAL, David K. Hsu


Enhancement in the Wear Resistance of a Nickel-Based Alloy Via Surface Severe Plastic  p382


Leon L. SHAW, Misael Manjarres


Creep of Carbon Reinforced Epoxy Laminates             p383

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A Numerical Homogenization Approach for Elastic and Piezoelectric Composites with Rhombic Fiber Arrangements

Harald BERGER, Mathias Wuerkner, Ulrich Gabbert , Reinaldo Rodriguez-Ramos   p384 

Mixed-Mode Interfacial Fatigue Characteristics of Composite/Metal Interface of Bimaterials    p385

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Math ematical Modeling and Experimental Processing of Steel Plate by Accumulative Surface Forming   p386

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A Novel Method for Preparation of Graphene and Study of its Mechanism     p387

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Acoustic and Mechanical Properties of PVC/GTR Composites                          P388

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Experimental Analysis of Composite Structures Debonding Under Cyclic Loading               P389

Ahmed ABBADI, Laurent Michel and Bruno Castanie


Stress Concentration Around a Circular Hole in a FG Plate Under Biaxial Loading    P390

Mohsen MOHAMMADI, John Dryden


Application of Taguchi Method in Parametric Study of Injection Molding    P391

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Grain Size Refinement and Surface Modification of Bulk Polycrystalline Y2O3    P392

J.F. Al-Sharab, Bernie H. KEAR, S. Deutsch, S.D. Tse


Design and Fabrication of a Composite Mechanical Hand        P393

Muhammad ALI


Experimental Investigation of BRB Frames                 P394

Young K. Ju, Do-Hyun Kim, Young-Ju KIM, In-Yong Jung, Sang-Dae Kim


Decoupling Optimization of Flexure Hinge and Lever Magnifying Mechanism for An XY Compliant Micromanipulator

Xiaohui XIAO, Lizhi Pan, Xuemei Tong                        P395


Preparation and Characterization of Shell-Functionalized Microcapsule        P396

Honglin HU, Rongguo Wang, Chengqin Dai, Wenbo Liu, Haiyan Li, Qiong Guo


Cohesive Zone Modelling of Mode I and Mode Ii Interlaminar Crack Propagation in Laminated Composite  P397

H. GHASEMNEJAD, A. Aboutorabi


The Effect of Crystallinity in Hemp/Polylactide Composites on Fracture Toughness   P398

K.L. PICKERING, M.A. Sawpan, J. Jayaraman, A. Fernyhough


Composite Bolted Joints Analysis by Means of the Complex Potential Method    P399

J. Kratochvil, Wilfried BECKER


Strength Characteristics of CFRP Composites with Impact Damage       P400

Minsung KANG, J.H. Choi , J.M. Koo, C. S. Seok


Strength of Stiffened Composite Plates with Cutout Under Axial and Out-of-Plane Load         P401

P. Alagusundaramoorthy, S. Rahima Shabeen


Seeing Damage of Composites by Mechanoluminescence          P402

Chao-Nan XU


Influence of Mass Fraction of SiC and Undercooling on Grain Density Function During Heterogeneous Nucleation Primary Phase in the AZ91/SiC Composite                                       P403

Janusz LELITO, Paweł Zak, Jozef Suchy, Witold Krajewski, Halina Krawiec, Lindsay Greer, Amir Shirzadi, Pawel Darlak


Alternative Method for Adhesive Characterization                   P404

Waruna SENEVIRATNE, John Tomblin, Curtis Davies


Non-Contact Measurement of Delaminating Cracks..And Delete Dynamic Stability Aspects for Hybrid Structural Elements...

Yosif GOLFMAN                                                         P405


Limited Sampling Strategies for Sirolimus after Pediatric Renal Transplantation       P406

Abeer YASIN, N. Forbes, A.D. Schachter, A. Sharma, G. Filler


Photo Stress Analysis of Pre-Stressed Holes for Optimum Fatigue Performance      P407

N. SHANMUKHA, M.S. Vinod, C.S. Chandrashekara, Murthy


Super-strong nanotube cables                 P408

Nicola M. Pugno, Markus Klettner


Interfaces and Creep Behavior in Magnesium Hybrid Composites          P409

Vaclav SKLENICKA,Kveta Kucharova, Milan Svoboda, Ivan Saxl


Stress and Temperature Distribution in an Auxetic versus Non-Auxetic Plates      P410

S.K. Bhullar, J.L. Wegner, Andrew MIODUCHOWSKI


Fluctuation Theorems and the Foundations of Statistical Mechanics            P411

Denis J. EVANS, Debra J. Searles, James C. Reid, Stephen R. Williams


Investigation on Ballistic Performance of Nano-Structural GMA Deposits of Armor Units   P412

Andrzej KLIMPEL, Krzysztof Luksa


Sessions on Impact Dynamics  


3D Simulations of the Carbon Nanotube Fibers Reinforced Composites Subjected to a Projectile Impact     P413

Andrzej MORKA


On the Numerical Methods and Physics of Perforation in the High-Velocity Impact Mechanics    P414

Tadeusz NIEZGODA, Andrzej Morka


An Experimental Study of Tensile and Fracture Response of PETI-5 and IM7/PETI-5 Graphite/ Epoxy Composites Subjected to Quasi-Static and Dynamic Loading                        P415       

D. Lee, Hareesh TIPPUR, P.B. Bogert


Cellular Amorphous Metal Composites for Energy Absorption       P416

Robert D. CONNER, J.P. Schramm, A. Cunha, A. Wheeler, M. Demetriou, W.L. Johnson


Big Mother or Small Baby, Which Predicts Hypertension              P417

Guido FILLER, Abeer Yasin, Priya Kesarwani, Amit Garg, Robert Lindsay, Ajay Sharma Session on CAMSS, Smart Materials


Effect of Dispersed XD-Cnts on the Thermal Properties of EPON 862-W Resin   P418

Ronnie Bolick, Ajit D. KELKAR, Travis Jordan


Molecular Dynamics Simulations of an Epoxy ”V Defective SWCNT Composite System    P419

Elvis Fefey, Ram MOHAN, Ajit Kelkar


Reaction Dynamics of Aluminum-Viton-Acetone Droplets      P420

Sanjana DATTA, Michelle L. Pantoya


Hot Corrosion and Thermal Oxidation Studies of EB-PVD and APS Themal Barrier Coatings    P421

Ravinder M. DIWAN, Naresh Polasa, Patrick F. Mensah and Douglas E. Wolfe


In-Situ Characterization of Lattice Structure Evolution During Phase Transformation of Zr-2.5nb   P422

K. YAN, D.G. Carr, S. Kabra, M. Reid, A. Studer, R.P. Harrison, R. Dippenaar U. Wollongong, K.-D. Liss


Fabrication of Stainless Steel and TiCxNy Composite for PEMFC Bipolar Plate       P423

SungBum PARK, TaeHo Ban, Soo-Hoon Nam, SeonHye Hwang, Heung-Sik Woo, Nojin Park, Sungjin Kim


Characteristics of a Interconnector Prepared from Composite of Titanium and TiCxNy for SOFC    P424

TaeHo BAN, SungBum Park, Daeseong Yang, Farkhod Turaev, Soon Wook Jeong, Sungjin Kim


Preparation and Properties of Nanocrystalline Nickel-based Soft Magnetic Materials Strip via a Novel Powder Metallurgy Route                                        P425

S.K. Vajpai, Ravi K. DUBE


Effect of Vanadium Addition on Mechanical Properties of Ti-8Al-1Mo Alloy      P426

J.H. Chern LIN, S.J. Lin, C.C. Chung, C.W. Lin, C.P. Ju (Nat. Cheng Kung U., Tainan)


Effect of Graphitization Sequence on Mechanical and Tribological Behavior of Fast-Carbonized Pan-Phenolic Resin-Based Carbon-Carbon Composite                                              P427

C.P. JU, C.Y. Chu, H.Y. Lin, K.J. Lee, J.H. Chern Lin


Mechanical Response of Metal Matrix Nanocomposites Using Dicrete Dislocation Approach   P428

Ser Tong QUEK, Elliot Law, Sze Dai Pang


Corrosion Evaluation Using a New Electrochemical Impedance Measurement Technique    P429



Report on High Volume Fraction MMC Via Centrifugal Casting     P430

David Weiss


Preparation and Characterization of Al/Pb Layered CompositeMaterials     P431

Shenggang ZHOU, Peixian Zhu, Yong Sun


Pressure-Less Infiltration of Metal Matrix Nanocomposites                P432

B.F. Schultz, P.K. ROHATGI


Residual Strains and Fatigue Performance in High-Strength Cu/25%Ag Metal Matrix Composites      P433

Heinz NAKOTTE, K. Maed, G. Garcia, E. Rede, B. Clausen, M.A.M. Bourke, K. Han


Densification of SiC Matrix in SiCF/SiC Composites for Fusion Application    P434

Aljaz IVEKOVIC, Marko Jagodic, Sasa Novak 1, Goran Drazic


Synthesis of Silver Nanostructures: Reaction Parameters and Product Characteristics    P435

O.A. Fouad, E.S. Ahmed, I.A. IBRAHIM


Residual Stress Analysis of Retrogression and REAGED Al-Zn-Mg (7075) Alloy     P436

C.N. CHANDRAPPA, M.K. Muralidhara, G.M. Madhu


PMMA Modified Cellulose Acetate Nanofibers for Heavy Metal Ions Adsorption in Water      P437

Ye Tian, Ruigang Liu, Min Wu, Yong HUANG


Thermo-Mechanical Processing in a Synchrotron Beam -from Simple Metals to Multiphase Alloys and Intermetallics

Klaus-Dieter LISS                                    P438 

Electrokinetic Flow and Heat Transfer in Microchannel              P439



Polymer Stabilized Luminescent Magnetic Nanoparticles        P440

Kaushik Mallick, Andre Strydom


Fabrication of a Composite of Conducting Polymers, Nanoparticles, and an Enzyme for Bio-Electrocatalysis of Oxygen and Hydrogen Peroxide Reduction                  P441

James A. COX, Andrzej Z. Ernst, Kamila M. Wiaderek , Pawel J. Kulesza


Oxidation of Nb-Cr-Si Alloys at Temperatures Above 1000¢J           P442

S.K. VARMA, Ben Portillo, David Alvarez, Alma Vasquez


Comparison of Wear Between Intermetallic-Bonded Diamond, WC and PDC     P443

Dale E. WITTMER, Peter Filip


Determination of Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nano-Particles Reinforced Aluminium Composite Using Finite Element Method                                       P444

Sudhakar C. JAMBAGI, Sibi Chacko, Prashant Kumar Soori


SiOC Coating on STS316 by Soft Solution Method With Polyphenylcarbosilane, and its Anti- Corrosion Properties 

Soo-Ryong KIM, Young-Hee Kim, Jong Il Kim, Jung-Il Kim, Chang Hyun Woo           P445


Corrosion Behavior of Copper-bearing Intrauterine Devices in the Presence of Proteins in Vitro   P446

Bianmei CAO, Yudong Zheng,Tingfei Xi, David Hui



In-Situ Preparation and Characterization Of Polypyrrole/Graphene Nanocomposites        P447

Saswata BOSE, M.D. Elias Uddin, Ji Sun Choi, Chang No Lee, Yinan Yan, Joong Hee Lee


Effect of Surface Treatment With Isopthalic Acid on the Dispersion Stability of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Ok-Kyung PARK, Jin Sun Lee, Joong Hee Lee, Junkyung Kim, Sung Ho Lee, Bon-Cheol Ku     P448


Dispersion of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes in Bath and Tip Sonication     P449

Uwagbae EGHOBAMIEN, Pasakorn Traisawatwong, Jianren Zhou, Carson Laura, E. Gloria C. Regisford


Composite Biomimetic Nanomaterials          P450      

N. BRIGHT, K. Foster, P.A. Sermon


Nanoengineered Zeolite/Carbon Composites for Selective Adsorbents for CO2                    P451

P.A. Sermon, S.H. Jones


Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene Nanoengineering by Soft Materials Self-Assembly      P452

Sang Ouk KIM, Duck Hyun Lee, Sun Hwa Lee, Tae Hee Han


Micro- and Nano-Fabrication of COC Polymer Microfluidic Devices        P453

Chee Yoon YUE, Rajeeb Kumar JENA and Yee Cheong LAM


Electrospun PET Nanofibers and Their Application in Nanocomposites            P454

Aditya KULKARNI, P.A. Mahanwar


Effect of Electrospun Nanofibers on Mechanical Properties of Epon 862/w Resin  P456

Sachin SHENDOKAR, Anand Kelkar, Ron Bolick


Comparative Studies of Silver Oxide and Unusually High Thermally Stable Silver Chloride Nanoparticles   P457

Syed Farooq Adil, Abdulrahman Al-WARTHAN, Mohammad E. Assal, M. Rafiq H.SIDDIQUI


Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Oxide Nanoparticles and Silver Chloride Nanoparticles, With High Thermal Stabilty

S.F. Adil, M. E. Assal, I. Warad, A. Al-WARTHAN, M. Rafiq H. Siddiqui        P458


The Effect of CNT on Mechanicla Properties of Carbon/Carbon Composites        P459

Huang-Suo SU, Wei-Jen Chen, Ming-Yuam Shen, Ming-Chuen Yip


Morphological, Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Thermally Stable CNT/Carbon Nano Fibril Composite Structures

Ashraf A. ALI , Awad Kh. Al-Asmari          P460            


Microstructure and Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Composites With Nano and Micro Fillers    P461

Kazuaki SANADA, Motoki Kurachi, Yasuhide Shindo


From Nanofibrils to Single Polymer Nanocomposites       P462

Stoyko FAKIROV, Debes Bhattacharyya


A Two-Step Process Growth for Silicon Nanoparticles Using Atomic Layer Epitaxy        P463

Christos G. Takoudis, Deepthi Gopireddy, Dan Gamota, Jie Zhang


Phase Transformations in Single Crystal Si (100) Induced by Nanoindentations and Holding Force    P464

Tei-Chen CHEN


Nano-Encapsulation of Coordination Polymers, Step 1: Mastering the Building Blocks    P465

Susana S. BRAGA, Ana I. Ramos, Patrícia Silva, José A. Fernandes, Paulo Ribeiro-Claro, Filipe A. Almeida Paz


Thermal Stability and Processing of Diamond Based Nanocomposites         P466



Positions Effect in a CVD Reactor on the Growth of Aligned Carbon Nanotubes                  P467

Vesselin SHANOV, Ge Li, Supriya Chakrabarti, Mark Schulz


Plasma Surface Functionalized Nanoparticles for Use in Synthesis of Inorganic/Organic Nanocomposites   P468

Richard B. TIMMONS, Narayan Mukherjee, Dattatray Wavhal


State of Art in Micro- and Nano-Scale Mechanical Characterization of Materials      P469

Maria F Pantano and Leonardo PAGNOTTA


Preparation and Growth Mechanism of Nanohelical Structures       P470

Hemiao Pang, Xian Jian, Zuowan ZHOU


CuO/LDHs and Ag/LDHs as Nanostructured Assemblies with Antimicrobial Properties     P471

Gabriela CARJA, Akira Nakajima, Cristian Dranca, Kiyoshi Okada


Effects of Carbon Nanotube on Kaolinite: Basic Geotechnical Behavior     P472

Mohd Raihan TAHA, Ting Ying


Morphology and Properties of Polypropylene/Exfoliated Graphite Nanocomposites      P473

Yeh WANG, Huai-B. Tsai


Manufacturing and Characteristics Analysis of PU/MWNT Film for Electrostatic Dissipation    P474

Seungjin KIM, Kyungsoon Park, Jeonghyun Kim, Junhyeong Park


Preparation and Characterisation of Maghemite”VCm-Dextran Nanocomposites         P478

Miha DROFENIK, Gregor Ferk, Irena Ban, Darko Makovec


Nanowire Based Highly Effiecient Quatum Dot Sensitized Solar Cell            P479

Kijung YONG


Preparation and Thermal Properties of Grafted CNTs Composites         P480

Jifen WANG, Huaqing Xie, Zhong Xin


Validation of Turbulent Flow Heat Transfer Data of Water Based Nanofluids     P481

Korada Viswanatha SHARMA, P.K. Sarma, W.H. Azmi, M.M. Noor, K. Kadirgama, Rizalman Mamat


Effect of Reaction Driving Force on Copper Nanoparticle Preparation by Aqueous Solution Reduction Method

Qingming LIU, Debi Zhou, Kazuaki Nishio; Ryoichi Ichino; Masazumi Okido    P482


Boron Carbide (B4C) Nanopowders using Thermal Plasma              P483

Muralidharan Ramachandran, Ramana G. REDDY


Effect of Fumed Silica on the Glass Transition of an Epoxy            P484

Ramon ARTIAGA, Javier Tarrío-Saavedra, Jorge Lopez Beceiro, Salvador Naya, Carlos Gracia


Metal-Organic Layered Silicate Intercalation Nanocomposites:A Route for the Preparation of Ceramic Nanoparticles

Jose PASCUAL-Cosp, Ramon Artiaga, Antonio J. Ramírez del Valle    P485


Reinforcement of Carbon Fiber Fabric/Phenolic Resin Composites by CNT or CNF Addition    P486

Shinn-Shyong TZENG, Yu-Hon Lin


Preparing Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposite Via Selective Dispersion of PS-Tethered SiO2 Particles in Polystyrene-Block-Polymethylmethacrylate Copolymer               P487

Chia-Hong Liu, Li-Ko Chiu, Je-Yuan Yeh, Raymond Chien-Chao TSIANG


Nanomechanical Properties of Differently Oriented YBCO Thin Films       P488



Novel Resin Bound MnO2 Nanocomposite for the Degradation of Crystal Violet Dye in Aqueous Medium

Suma Pattapu, Sandip Saha, Subhra Jana, Anjali PAL       P489


Surfactant Mediated Reductive Pathways for High yield Synthesis of 1D Rh Nanostructures from MW Heating and their Shape Transformation                          P490

Mukul Pradhan, Sougata Sarkar, Arun Kumar Sinha, Mrinmoyee Basu, Tarasankar PAL  


Design and Fabrication of a Nanocomposite Mold             P491   

M. Khairul ALAM, P. Klein, D. Garg


Phase Formation Study of BSCCO-2223 with nano-Al2O3 Addition at Low Sintering Time    P492

S.Y. YAHYA, M.M. Jusoh, Azhan Hashim, R. Abd-Shukor


Analysis of Structure of Natural Nano Clay During Clay/Polymer Nanocomposite Manufacturing Steps       P493         

Refat A. El-SHEIKHY, Mosleh Al-Shamarani


A Versatile Route to Controlling Gold Nanostructures and their Applications on Biosensing, Cytotoxicity, and Cellular Uptake Studies                                  P494

Ru-Shi LIU


Spatial and Temporal Temperature Distributions in Carbon Nanotubes Exposed to Red and Near-Infrared Laser Radiation

Dorin BOLDOR, A.S. Biris, W.T. Monroe     P495           


Submicron Polypropylene Fibers from the Melt          P496

S.B. WARNER, J. Jenne, Alex Fowler


Preparation of PSAN/FMMT Nanocomposites by in Situ Intercalative Polymerization in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Qingzhi DONG, Jing Wang                              P497


Surfactant Mediated Reductive Pathway for High Yield Synthesis of 1D Rh Nanostructures from MW Heating and their Shape Transformation                                       P498

Mukul Pradhan, Sougata Sarkar, Arun Kumar Sinha, Mrinmoyee Basu, Tarasankar PAL


Scaling Beyond Lithographic Limits ”V Polymer Self-Assembly Mediated Sub-20 nm FET devices      P499

Michael A. MORRIS, Richard A. Farrell, Justin D. Holmes


Exploring Plasma Mechanism of Synthesis and Tailoring Properties of Carbon Nanostructures        P500       

Michael KEIDAR


Morphology Evolution of Polyaniline Microstructures in Toluene and their Surface Properties       P501

Tao Wen, Jia-Hua Shi, Minrui Zhang, Chorng-Haur Sow, Hardy Sze on CHAN


Antioxidant PLGA Nanoparticles: Particles with Entrapped Alpha-Tocopherol Versus Particles Synthesized with Alpha-Tocopherol-Derivative Surfactant                       P502   

Cristina M. SABLIOV, Carlos E. Astete, Debra D. Doliver


Spatial and Temporal Temperature Distributions in Carbon Nanotubes Exposed to Red and Near- Infrared Laser Radiation

Dorin BOLDOR, A.S. Biris, W.T. Monroe                              P503


Experimental Study of Surface Modified Nanoparticles Based on Zero-Valent Iron        P504



Creep, Superplasticity, and Fracture Toughness in Nanoceramic Composites      P505

Amiya K. MUKHERJEE, Dongtao Jiang


The Relation between Nanoparticles and Dislocation Density Network in the Microstructure of Several Technical Systems

Jaroslav PURMENSKY, Vaclav Foldyna                P506


Properties of Nanoengineered Materials Made of Magnetic Particles        P507



Effect of Surface Tension and Residual Stress on Micro/Nano Elastic Beams     P508



Effect of Carbon Nanotube Diameter, Length, and Concentration on the Electrical Conductivity of Polymer Fibers

Rahul JAIN, Young Ho Choi, Yaodong Liu, Marilyn Minus, Han Gi Chae, Satish Kumar   P509


Interfacial Polymer Crystallization in Polymer/Carbon Nanotube Composites     P510

Marilyn L. MINUS, Satish Kumar


Microstructures of Subgrain and Grain Boundaries in Nanomaterials     P512

Ivan SAXL, V. Sklenicka , L. Ilucova, M. Svoboda , P. Kra l and J. Dvorak


Nanoimprinting Material for Liquid Crystal Alignment        P513

Dong-Ho Kim, Jin Hyuk Kwon, Jin Seog Gwag


Carbon Nanotubes in Hydrogen Sulfide Adsorption       P514

Xiaochu WU, W.J. Zhang, Eric Zhan


The Effect of CNT Type, Length, and Concentration on the Electrical Conductivity of Composite Fibers

Jain PTD, RAHUL                            P515                          


Session on Nanoparticle Assembly for Device Applications



Mechanism of Sonoluminescing Bubbles                             P516



Properties of Lithium-Aluminum-Cobalt-Manganese Oxide Nanocomposites Formed By Chemical Coprecipitation

Chen-Feng KAO, Kao-Heng Liu                          P517


Structural Anisotropy of Silica Hydrogels Prepared Under Magnetic Field                  P518

Ryosuke TOMITA, Atsushi Mori, Masafumi Yamato , Hidemitsu Furukawa, Kohki Takahashi


Tight Bonding Between Glass and Oxygen-Plasma Treated Polyester Film         P519

Miyoshi YOKURA, Takuro Hayashi, Hisashi Katsumata, Guo Xiang, Tatsuya Yoshii, Masahito Matsui, Tamio Endo


Mechanisms of Direct Bonding between PET and PVF Induced by Plasma Irradiation              P520

Takuro HAYASHI, Masashi Kato, Miyoshi Yokura, Kennichi Uehara, Xiang Guo, Yuichi Nakamura, Tamio Endo


Advanced Growth Method Of High-Quality Oxide Films With Perovskite-Related Structure For Future Electronics     P521

Kazuhiro ENDO, Petre Badica, Hiroshi Kezuka, Shunichi Arisawa, Tamio Endo


Vanadium Oxide Nanostructures for Lithium Battery Applications       P522

Lin Xu, Liqiang Mai, Chunhua Han, Xu Xu, Yanzhu Luo


Effect of Temperature on the Physical Properties of Ultra-Thin Films of SnO2      P523

SHIKHA, Subhash C. Kashyap, D. K. Pandya, S. Chaudhary


Preparation and Characterizations of Shocked Bi-Surperconducting Crystal Grain by Annealing Effects      P524

Hiroshi KEZUKA, Yuta Nakagawa, Yuta Kikuchi, Go Kennei, Kazuhiro Endo, Hiroyuki Fujita, Mineo Itoh, Hitoshi Matsumoto, Hiroaki Kishimura, Tamio Endo, Syunnichi Arisawa


Prediction of the Band Offset at the ZnO/Cu2O Interface Based on the First-Principle Calculation    P525



Layer-by-Layer Assembly of {Nanoclay-(Sol-Gel Oxide)}n and {Nanoclay-(Oxide Nanoparticle)}N Multilayers      P526

Jian LUO, Hao Chen, Guoping Zhang


Controlling Band Alignments by Engineering Interface Dipoles at Oxide Heterointerfaces     P527

Takeaki YAJIMA, Yasuyuki Hikita, Christopher Bell, Harold Y. Hwang


Magnetoresistance and Electronic Transport of Magnetite Nanocrystals - Indium Tin Oxide Nanocomposite    P528

Koichi OKADA, Shigemi Kohiki, Masao Arai, Masanori Mitome, Hidekazu Tanaka


Photo-Enhanced VOC Sensing Properties of the Pn Junction Diode composed of Wide-gap Oxide Semiconductors  P529

Yoshinobu NAKAMURA, Yui Ishikura, Yusuke Morita , Hidenori Takagi, Satoru Fujitsu


Ferromagnetism in Crystalline and Amorphous Thin Films of Oxides Containing Divalent Europium    P530

Katsuhisa TANAKA, Koji Fujita, Shunsuke Murai


Analyses of Defects in Zinc Oxide Bipods Particles     P531

Zorica C. OREL, Marko Bitenc, Goran Drazic


Optimization of CeO2 Buffers for High-Quality YbCo Films    P532

Katherine DEVELOS-Bagarinao, Vyacheslav F. Solovyov, Hirofumi Yamasaki


Employment of Flourine Doped Gallium Tin Oxide Coated Stainless Steel Bipolar Plate for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell                                 P533

Joong Kee LEE, JiHun Park, Dongjin Byun


Thermal Growth and Visible-Light Photocatalysis of TiO2 Nanowires        P534

Hoon-Hoe Huh, Nguyen Thi Quynh Hoa, Lam Van Nang, Eui-Tae KIM


Superplastically Foaming Method to Make Closed Pores Inclusive Alumina Based Ceramics    P535

Akira KISHIMOTO, Miyo Wakiyama, Hidetaka Hayashi


Novel Phenylacetylene-Terminated Poly (Silylene-Acetylene): Synthesis and Thermal and Oxidative Properties

Quan ZHOU, ZiAng Wang, Bo Yuan, Lizhong Ni                  P536


Characterization of Aluminum Doped Zinc Oxide Thin Film for Transparent Electrode      P537

Young Wook Song, Deuk Yong Lee, Nam-Ihn CHO


Effects of Ta Buffer Layers on Structure of TiO2 Thin Films Prepared By Sputter Deposition     P538

Jae-Geun HA, Jung-Woo Koo, Ryo Suenaga, Kentaro Kyuno, Kazuaki Aotani, Masao Kamiko


Hydrothermal Synthesis of Radicals-containing Vanadium Oxides that Exhibited Room-Temperature Ferromagnetic Semiconductor                                                          P539

Kuan-Jiuh LIN, Hung-Duen Yang


Size-Dependent Optical Properties of P-Type Semiconducting Transparent Copper Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles for Transparent Electronic Applications             P540

Arghya N. BANERJEE, Kalyan K. Chattopadhyay, Shizhi Qian, Sang W. Joo


Textile composites or nano Fibers Preparation of Superhydrophobic Polyester Fabric by Treating with Nano-silica Particles

Byung Gil MIN, Geun Yeol Bae                 P541


Prediction of Fiber Orientation In Polypropylene Staple Yarn From Acoustic and Initial Modulus        P542         

Dana KREMENAKOVA, Jirí Militky, Dagmar Pivoňkova


Basalt Fibers Degradation In Liquid Alkalis                      P543

Jiri MILITKY, Dana Kremenakova


Factorial Study of Nanofibrous Cellulose Acetate Web Production using the Electrospinning Technique   P544         

Behrouz GHORANI, S.J. Russell


Folding Analysis of Ultra-Thin Shell Composite Reflectors           P545

Sukru KARAKAYA, Omer Soykasap, Durmus Turkmen


3D Finite Element Analysis of Plain Woven Single-Ply E-Glass/Epoxy          P546

Omer SOYKASAP, Sukru Karakaya


Effect of Manufacturing Method on the Bearing Strength of Pinned Joints for Woven Composites           P547

Ercan SEVKAT, Malek Brahimi, Sidi Berri


Tests of Pi Nanofibres Filtration Properties               P548

Jakub Hruza, Filip Sanetrník, Michal Komárek, Jiri MARYSKA, Petr Sidlof, Josef Novak


Theoretical Study of Electrical Charge Influence on Aggregation Rate of Nanoparticles of Zero Valent Iron    P549

Dana Rosicka, Jan SEMBERA, Jiri Maryska


Modelling of RTM Mold Fill Operation with Preform Permeability Properties for Multilayer Interlocked Fabric Preforms

R. ALAGIRUSAMY, Naveen V Padaki, B.L. Deopura, R. Fangueiro             P550


Non-Crimped Fabrics: Production, Tendency of Development and their Potentials for Aircraft Structures

Frank Felix KRUSE, Thomas Gries                        P551


Fabrication of PU”VPVDF Core-Sheath Nanofibers by Coaxial Electrospinning       P552

Kriangsak Ketpang, Au thi Hang, Nguyen thi Thu Thuy, Jun Seo PARK


A Bi-component Nonwoven Fabric of Mostly Cotton Content for certain Non-Apparel End-USES     P553

Paul SAWHNEY, Michael Reynolds, Brian Condon, Ryan Slopek, Hiram Allen , David Hui


Interlayer Strength Improvement with CNT Dispersion in Woven CFRP Laminates       P554

Sunil C. JOSHI


Fracture Toughness of 3-D Braided Composites and Z-directional Microfiber              P555


Yong K. KIM, Jia Ren, John Rice


Evaluation of Residual Strength of Hole-Notched Plain Woven CFRP Composite under Fatigue Load    P556   

S.Y. KIM, Minsung Kang, J. M. Koo, C. S. Seok


Stitching Technologies for Composite Preforming and their Influence on the Mechanical Properties of Sewed Composite-Structures                                        P557

Christoph GREB


Preparing Antibacterial Textiles by Sonochemical Methods          P558



Fire Retardant Effictiveness of Intumescent System With Nanosilica          P559

Dorota WESOLEK, Maria Wladyka-Przybylak, Kozłowski R.


The Modified Influence the Composite PBT Melt Blowing Nonwoven for the Leucocytes Filtration     P560  

Da-Guang YU, Chia-Lin Chin


Morphological, Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Thermally Stable CNT/Carbon Nano Fibril Composite Structures Ashraf A. Ali  and Awad Kh. Al-Asmari                                                         P561


Strength performance and delamination behaviour of multi laminar bio-composite board at different hot pressing times and layer orientations                                                                                 P562

Shahril Anuar Bahari and Wan Nor Raihan Wan Jaafar


Improved Arc Discharge Setup for Synthesis of Single and Multi walled Carbon Nanotubes                 P563

Jamil Abdo, M. Danish Haneef, Syed Sami Ullah, S.M Hasan Waqar,Fayaz Hussain and Ashraf Ali


Physico-mechanical properties and fracture characteristics of composite lumber from bamboo strips and oil palm trunk veneers

Shahril Anuar Bahari and Wan Nor Raihan Wan Jaafar                                            P564


Finite element global buckling analysis of tapered curved laminates            P565

S. Akhlaque-E-Rasul1 and R. Ganesan 


Structural performance of concrete columns confined with circular imbedded GFRP tubes or rings      P566

S. M. Elzeiny and M. S. Issa


Spherical indentation of an auxetic versus non-auxetic layered half -space                        P567 S.K. Bhullar, J. L. Wegner   and A. Mioduchowski





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