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 Issue  Supplement  2010

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World Journal of Engineering, sponsored by Hebei University of Engineering, Department of Mining and Geological Engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Loughborough University, Kharkov State Technical University of construction and Architecture, is a academic journal about Civil Engineering, Material Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Geotechnical and Mining Engineering, and other engineering.


Current Issue

Supplement 3,  2010



ICCE-19 Shanghai proceedings excellent

Supplement 3, 2010


Potential -Dependent Band Gap of Polypyrrole Composite                                                      P1

Mahnaz M.Abdi, Luqman Chuah Abdullah , H.N.M. Ekramul Mahmud, Anuar Kassim, Mohamad Zaki A. Rahman


Storage Stability and Physical Properties of Asphalt Modified with Nanoclay and Warm Asphalt Additives       P3

Mohd Ezree Abdullah, Kemas Ahmad Zamhari, Nafarizal Nayan, Mohd Rosli Hainin, Madi Hermadi


Effects of Electro-Discharge Machining Parameters on Surface Integrity of Aluminium Composite           P5

A.M. Abdul-Rani, A. Mouangue Nanimina


Tensile Strength of Pandanus Odoratissimus Fibers Reinforced Unsaturated Polyester Composite   P7

Hairul Abral, Heri Andriyanto, Ilhamdi


Buckling and Postbuckling Behavior of Laminated Stringer Stiffened Composite Cylindrical Panels  P9

Haim Abramovich


Effect of Finger Joint Size and Orientation on The Tension Strength of Eucalyptus Regnans/Delegatensis  P11

C Y Adam and B M Ahmed


Reinforcement of Biodegradable Sago Starch/Natural Rubber Latex (B-Ssnrl) Composites by Ultrafine Calcium Carbonate P13

M.M Afiq and AR Azura


Reinforcement of Starch-Based Biocomposite Film by Microcrystalline Cellulose from Corn Husk      P15

Melissa B. Agustin, Rohit C. Tilwani, Eriel May T. Bandong, Joel R. Salazar and Weerachai



High Molecular Weight Soft Segment Based Polyethylene Shape Memory Polymers    P17

M. Ahmad, B. Xu, H. Purnawali, P.J. King, P. Chalker, Y.Q. Fu, W.M. Huang M. Miraftaband J.K. Luo


Green Tea Mediated Biosynthesis of D-Fe2O3 Nano-/Micro-Particles and Their Characterization     P19

Bashir Ahmmad, Junichi Kurawaki, Takahiro Ohkubo and Yasushige Kuroda


A Study on The Fixed Amount of CO2 and The Estimation of Production of CaCO3 on Waste Concrete Powder by Wet Carbonation                                                         P21

Ahn Heesung, Lee Hanseung


Effect of Surface Modification of Kevlar Stitch Threads on Interfacial Hydrothermal Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Stitched Composites                             P23

AI Tao, wangrumin, Deng Jie


Energy Harvester Device for Charging Applications      P25

A.R. Akande, A. Nechibvute and P.V.C Luhanga


Mechanical Properties of Spark Plasma Sintered Al2O3-ZrO2-TiO2 Composites     P27 

Ipek Akin, Filiz Sahin, Onuralp Yucel, Gultekin Goller


Nanodiamonds from Pulsed Plasma Generated in Water              P29

Akkoziev I.A., Sulaymankulova S.K., Mametova A.S., Zhasnakunov J.K.


Human Bone as ¡§Composite Material¡¨               P31

M.E. Aksoy, I. Kutbay, M. Usta, C. Bindal, A. Gul, A. H. Ucisik


Polyoxometalates - Carbon Nanotubes Composites for Electrochemical Capacitors       P33  

Tahmina Akter, Gurvinder Bajwa, and Keryn Lian


Computation And Stereographic Visualization of Temperature and Heat Flux in A Thermal Barrier Coating of A Turbine Blade
S. Akwaboa, S. Kodiyalam, A. Jana, P. Mensah, R. Diwan           P35


Wet Electrospun Cunp/Carbon Ultra Fine Coils for Super Air Core Inductors      P37

Awad Kh. Al-Asmari1 and Ashraf A. Ali


Preparation and Characterisation of Conductingbiopolymer-Carbon Nanotube Composite Materials        P39

Ali Aldalbahi and Marc in het Panhuis


Hereditary Type Model for Mechanical Behavior of Viscous Polymers        P41

Sofia Alexeeva,Alexander Mosin


Wet Electrospun Cunp/Carbon Nano Fibril Composites: Potential Application for Micro Surface Mounted Components   P43

Ashraf A. Ali  and Awad Kh. Al-Asmari


Promising Materials Made of Bio-Hybrid Polyurethane          P45

Ernie Suzana Ali, Sahrim Hj Ahmad & Syazana Ahmad Zubir


Pp-Clay Nanocomposites: Degradation and Stabilisation      P477  

S. Al-Malaika and H H Sheena


Effective Properties of Multilayered Composites in Spherical Coordinates  P49

Alejandro Alonso Fúster, David Guinovart Sanjuán, Raúl Guinovart Díaz,  Julián Bravo Castillero, Reinaldo Rodríguez Ramos


Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Carbon Fiber Sheets Bonded with Cement-Based Mortars   P51

Abdullah Hilal Al-Saidy


Design and Simulation of The Ultrasonic Spot Metal Welding Horn Used to Improve Welding Performance  P53

Ziad Al-Sarraf


Numerical Study for Cfrp Strengthening of Rc Columns for Blast Resistance   P55

Saleh Alsayed, Husain Abba and Yousef Al-Salloum


 Tensile and Fracture Behaviour of Die-Drawn Polypropylene-Clay Nanocomposites   P57

A Alshehri, J Sweeney, P Caton-Rose, P D Coates  


Compression Fatigue after Impact Testing of Thermosetting Composites    P59

Volker Altstädt, Manuel Kempf, Sebastian Schwägele and Andreas Ferencz


Mechanical Properties of Injection Moulded Polylactic Acid ¡V Kenaf Fibre Biocomposites   P61

H. Anuar, A. Zuraida


Contacts in Ceramic-Carbon Nanocomposites   P63

P. Arató


Structure And Thermomechanical Properties of Amorphous/Nano-Crystalline Composites of Shape Memory Ti2NicCu

P. Ari-Gur, Y. Yang, S. Belyaev, V. Koledov, D.Kuchin, W. Gao, N.Resnina, V. Shavrov, A.     P65

Shelyakov, N. Sitnikov, N. Tabachkova


Temperature Modulation in Pressure Dsc: A New Tool to Investigate The Pressure Effect on The Curing   P67

Ramón Artiaga, Carlos Gracia, Jorge López-Beceiro, Silvia Gómez-Barreiro, Javier Tarrío-Saavedra, Salvador Naya


Extraction, Fabrication and Evaluation of Sansevieria Roxburghiana Fiber  P69

M. Kanimozhi Arun & Dr.N. Vasugi Raaja


On The Shear Forces Distribution in Double Lap Bolted Frp Joints:Numerical and Experimental Investigations  P71

Francesco Ascione and  Luciano Feo


Optical Properties of Silica Opal Templates in The Visible and Infrared   P73

Mark Auslender and Shlomo Hava



An Experimental Investigation On Internal Hydrophobation Of Cement Based Materials   P75

Mohammad Hajmohammadian Baghban, Per Jostein Hovde and Stefan Jacobsen


Preparation of Nanocellulosic Powder from Jute Fibres by Ball Milling Process  P77

Vijay Baheti, Miroslava Maršálková, Jiři Militký


Processing and Characterisation of A Polyamide 12-Carbon Nanotube Composite by Laser Sintering  P79

Jiaming Bai, Ruth Goodridge, Richard Hague, Mo Song


Finite Element Analysis for Interface Crack in Piezoelectric Composite Under Impact Loading   P81

Rui-Xiang Bai, Liang Wang, Ye-Jin Shi


 The Frictional Effects in Harmonic Circuit   P83

Carmen BAL, Carmen Ioana Iuhos and Nicolae BAL


The Blind Hole Influence in The Residual Stresses Determination  P85

Nicolae BAL, Carmen Ioana Iuhos and Carmen BAL


Behaviour of Core Shell Nanoparticle Atalysts in The Pemfc Environment   P87

Sarah Ball


Effect of Low-Aspect Ratio on The Enhanced Field-Emission Properties of Densely-Packed Ni-Nanowire Arrays Electrochemically Grown Through Porous Alumina Membrane       P89

Arghya Narayan Banerjee and Sang Woo Joo


Simulation for Exogenous Microbial Depolymerization of Polyethylene Glycol   P91

Hongmei Bao and Masaji Watanabe


Synthesis and Electron Field Emission Studies of Nanocrystalline Diamond Films    P93

P. K. Barhai  Rishi Sharma, Vijay Chatterjee, N. Woehrl and Volker Buck


Modelling of Effective Elastic Properties and Crack Bridging in Metal-Ceramic Interpenetrating Phase Composites   P95

Michał Basista and Zuzanna Poniżnik


Microwave Absorption Properties of Ferrite¡VAcrylated Epoxy Polymer Nanocomposites  P97

Harun Bayrakdar


Noise Corrected Imaging Plate Scanner ¡V An Ideal Electron Detector for Transmission Electron Microscopy  P99

Petra Bele


Beyond Cmos: Materials and Engineering   P101

Arezki Benfdila,


Size Effect on Tensile Stress of Dry Unidirectional Carbon Fibers Sheets  P103

Omrane Benjeddou, Oualid Limam and Mongi Ben Ouezdoua


Pyroelectric Nano-Composite Thin Films  P105

S. Berger and M. Nitzani


Pyroelectric Nano-Composite Thin Films  P107

S. Berger and M. Nitzani


Nanostructured Dlc Coatings for Self-Assembly Applications   P109

E.Bertran, V.M. Freire#, E.J. Cabrera, C. Corbella, S. Portal, E. Pascual and J.L. Andújar


Development of A Correlation Speed Measurement for Automotive Applications    P111

Christian Betz, Vladimir V. Rastorguev and Otto Strobel,


Effect of Refining Pretreatment on Preparation Ofcellulose Nanofibrils by Mechanical Process  P113

A. K. Bharimalla, V. S. Karande, S. T. Mhaske, N. Vigneshwaran B.


Prediction of Sound Attenuation Characteristics of Mufflers   P115

Chandrashekhar bhat, S.S.Sharma,  Jagannath K,  N S Mohan , Sathisha S G


Design and Analysis of A Expansion Chamber Mufflers   P117

Chandrashekhar Bhat, S.S.Sharma, Jagannath K, N S Mohan, Sathisha S G


Rubber Toughening of Polylactic Acid  P119

M. Bijarimi, A. Sahrim, R. Rasid, H. Zulkafli


Fe-Based Soft Magnetic Bulk Metallic Glass   With Flat Hysteresis Curves   P121

Teruo Bitoh and Shogo Izumi


Effect of The Microstructure on The Properties of Ceramic¡VElastomer Composites with 3d Connectivity of Phases P123

Anna Boczkowska


Simulation of Wrinkling During  Textile Composite Reinforcement Forming  P125

Philippe Boisse, Nahiene Hamila, Peng Wang 


Effect of The Activation Atmosphere on The Gold-Support Interaction in Au/Rutile Catalysts   P127

Xim Bokhimi, Rodolfo Zanella, Antonio Morales, Viridiana Maturanoand Carlos Angeles


Precipitation in Alloys: A Kinetic Monte Carlo and Class Model Study    P129

David Bombac, Goran Kugler


Oxidation of MoSi2/SiOC/SiCComposite   P131

Sung-June Bong, Min-Jung Kim, Sang-Hwan Bak, and Dong-Bok Lee


Rubber Toughened Polyester Nanocomposite ¡V Mechanical and Morphological Properties P133

Bonnia N.N, Ahmad S., Surip S., Syed Yahya.,S.Y., & Mahat.M


Use of Ultradisperse Modifiers for Production of Wear Resistant Powder Coatings and Materials  P135

Borisova M.Z., Vinokurov G. G., Struchkov N.F., Vasileva M. I.


Magnetism and Electronic Transport in (Cu,Ni)2mnsn Heusler Alloys under Ambient and Elevated Pressures P137

S.K. Bose, St. Catharines,  Canada J. Kudrnovský and V. Drchal


Magnetism of Quaternary Heusler Alloys: (Cu,Ni)2mnsn as A Case Study P139

Shyamal K. Bose, St. Catharines,  Canada J. Kudrnovský and V. Drchal


Underground Structure Sanalysis in Jointed Rock Environment    P141                                             

Jiří Boštík and Kamila Weiglová


Influence of The V/Iii Ratio on The Growth of Group Iii Nitride Quantum Dots Deposited on Silicon Substrate By Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition         P143

Zakaria Bouchkour, Pascal Tristant, Christelle Dublanche-Tixier, Cédric Jaoul, Xavier Landreau, Elsa Thune, René Guinebretière


Using Microwave Transmission to Detect Decay in Wood   P145

Graham Brodie, Berhan Ahmed Melbourne School of Land and Environment, University of Melbourne, Australia and Mohan V. Jacob


Structural Health Monitoring of Lattice Girder Railway Bridges   P147

H.A.D.S. Buddika, P.B.R. Dissanayake


Comparative Study on Modeling of Cellular Materials under Large Deformation  P149

HSU Butt, P Xue


Lateral and Restrained Distortional Buckling of Doubly-Symmetric  Steel I-Beams P151

Alper Büyükkaragöz, Ilker Kalkan


Effect of Various Surface Treatments  for Jute Fiber Reinforced Composites P153

Jeong-myeong Byeon, Jin-woo Kim, Gi-beop Nam, and Jung-il Song


Nanostructured Mg Thin Films on Cu Substrates For Photocathode Applications P155

Carmen Ristoscu, Ion N. Mihailescu


Issues About Strength of Nanofiber Reinforced Composites  P157

Quanfang Chen


Microstructure And Mechanical Properties of Cermic-Metal Composites Obtained By Pressure Infiltration     P159
Paulina Chabera, Anna Boczkowska, Artur Oziębło, Zbigniew Pakieła, Krzysztof J. Kurzydłowski


On Particle Impact Induced Bond Breaking of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes   P161

Puroorava Chakravarthy and Gang Li


Evaluation of Stress Field For An Elliptical Inhomogeneity With Imperfect Interface In Anisotropic Media  P163

C.K. Chan, Z.Q. Huang, G.H. Nie


Effect of Debonding Damage on the Mechanical Properties of a Particulate Reinforced Dental Composite  P165

CHAN Yiu Pong, TANG Chak Yin, and TSUI Chi Pong


Characterization of Fluid Dynamic Properties of Schwarz¡¦s Primitive Cellular Materials P167

Che-Cheng Chang, Shewei Zhou, Yuhang Chen and Qing Li


Using Taguchi Method To Improve Composite Materials Learning¡VMsu Example  P169

Guanghsu A. Chang, Minnesota State University-Mankato


Ingan-Based Msm Photodetectors With Transparent Ga-Doped Zno Electrodes P171

P. C. Chang, A. N. Tu, K. H. Lee , C. L. Yu, S. J. Chang


Core-Shell Structure And Mechanical Behavior of a New Type of Iron-Containing Titanium/Hydroxyapatite Composites P173

Q. Chang, D.L. Chen, H.Q. Ru, X.Y. Yue, L. Yu and C.P. Zhang


Atomic Mobility, Freezing, And Superconductivity In Arrays of Metallic Particles Within Nanoporous Matrices P175

E.V. Charnaya, Cheng Tien, M.K. Lee , D. Y. Xing , B.F. Borisov , and Yu. A. Kumzerov


Glass Fiber Reinforced Vinyl Ester Containing Nano-Al2O3 Composites For Pultrusion: Process Feasibility And Kinetic Analysis       P177

Chin-Hsing Chen, Yun-Yun Sun, and Yih-Chern Juang


Fabrication of a Microencapsulated N-Octadecane Material For Thermal Energy Storage  P179

D. Z. Chen, C. P. Tsui, C.Y. Tang, H. Zhu, Y.Z. Chen, G. C. Yang, Y. Chen, L. Chen


Compressive Behavior of Filament Wound Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composite Tubes With Different Winding Angles  P181

Gang Chen, Gang Li, Jinming Zhu, Feng Wen, Yunhua Yu, Xiaolong Jia, Xiaoping Yang


Applications of Nanotechnology In High Voltage Power Equipment - Nanodielectrics  P183

George Chen


Effects of Diameter And Stone-Wales Defect on The Functionalization of Single-Wall- Carbon Nanotubes By Amine Group

Jun Chen, Bessem Ben Doudou, Alexandre Vivet, Gérard Nouet, M¡¦hamed Ayachi  P185


Synthesis And Photocatalytic Activity of Carbon Nanomaterials Based Cdse Composites P187

Mingliang Chen, Zeda Meng, Lei Zhu and Wonchun Oh


Searching For The Optimum Conditions of Nlc-Sunscreen Formulae By Using Taguchi¡¦s Method   P189

Pao-Chi Chen, H. C. Chen, J. W. Huang, J. Pang


Carbon Nanotube Fiber For Photovoltaic Application  P191

Tao Chen, Zhibin Yang, Huisheng Peng


Nanoscale Mechanical And Mechanically-Induced Electrical Behaviors Of Silicon Nanowires   P193

Tei-Chen Chen , Yen-Hung Lin, Yuh J. Chao, Xiaodong Li


Creep-Buckling Failure of Open-Cell Foams Under Uniaxial Compression   P195

Ting-Jung Chen, Jong-Shin Huang


Construction of Surface Piezoelectricity Using State-Space Formalism   P197

Weiqiu Chen


Numerical Study of Scale Effects on The Delamination of Laminates Under Low-Velocity Impact   P199

Yajun Chen, Zhefeng Yu and Hai Wang


Thermomagnetoelastic Behavior of a Rotating Functionally Graded Hollow Cylinder  P201

Zengtao Chen, A. Hamid Akbarzadeh


Fabrication of 2D Silicon Nano-Mold Based on Sidewall Pattern Technique P203

E Cheng, Helin Zou and Chong Liu


Research On Concrete Mixing Sequence At The Time Of Feeding  P205

Cheng Fangmeng, LI Yancang and Wang Lei


Carbon Nano Coil Synthesized on Zero-Dimensional Silica     P207

Huy-Zu Cheng, Chang-Cheng Su, Tin-You Chen, Guo-Ju Chen and Kuo-Jung Lee


Formation of Inas Nanowire By Solid Source Reaction: a Promising Material As The High Mobility Channel For   P209


Yu-Lun Chuch, Alexandra C. Ford and Ali Javey


Rc Columns With High Cross-Sectional Aspect Ratio Wrapped With Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sheets  P211

Sing-Ping Chiew and Yi Yu


Estimation of Nominal Moment of Reinforced Concrete Members Strengthened With Frp  P213

Baik-Soon Cho, Young-Soo Chung, Yeon-Wook Kim, Eunsoo Choi, and

Sangsoo Jeon


A Study on The CO2 Balance Evaluation of Building And Civil Engineering Structures    P215

Cho HyeongKyu, Song Hun and Lee HanSeung


Bayesian Belief Network Model For The Deterioration of a Suspension Bridge  P217

 Taejun Cho


Reinforcement of Plain Concrete Piers of Railroad Bridges Using Composite of Frp-Steel Plates  P219

Eunsoo Choi, Young-Soo Chung, Joonam Park and Baik-Soon Cho


Effect of CdSe nanoparticle in P3HT:PCBM organic solar cell          P221

Mijung Choi, Honghong FU, Weiling Luan, and Yong-Sang Kim


Growth of Catalyst-Free Sic And Sic/Sio2 Nanowires Using The Precursor of Methyltrichlorosilane   P223

Yoo Youl Choi and Doo Jin Choi


Response of Beam Due To Impact Load        P225

Chee Siang Chong,  Kameswara Rao N.S.V.


Kenaf Composition Boards With Termite Resistance     P227

P. Chow, F.S. Nakayama, T.A. Coffelt and S.H. Vinyard


Matrix Analysis of Structural Composite Laminates     P229

Mahiuddin Chowdhury


In-Plane Dynamic Displacement Measurement Using a Pointwise Fiber Bragg Grating Sensing System    P231

Kuo-Chih Chuang and Chien-Ching Ma


Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Nanofiber With Inorganic Nanoparticle    P233

Wen-Ju Chuang ; Wen-Yen Chiu


Resin Flowing Analysis In Sandwich Laminates Under Vartm Process   P235

Cheng-Hsien Chung, Yu-Ti Jhan, Ya-Jung Lee and Yu-Chieh Wang


Li1.6[Mnm]1.6o4 (m=3D Transition Metal) Spinel Type Manganese Oxides Prepared By Hydrothermal Method  P237

Kang-Sup Chung, Wonjin Moon, Kyoungshin Lee, Byungkyu Park, Sujin Pang,Soon-Ki Jeong, Hyejin Seo, Daehee Won and Yangsoo Kim


Improved Mechanical Properties of Aluminium/Epoxy Composites Through Silane Functionalization Of Aluminium Powder      

Jorge Ivan Cifuentes  and Jason Marroquin    P239   


Design Of Experiments For Improving The Tensile Strength of Rapid Prototyping Polymer Materials   P241

James Clements and Rafiq Noorani


Ballistic Properties of Polymer Matrix Composites And Ceramic Plates Used In Armor Design   P243

Mehmet Colakoglu and Omer Soykasap


Nanowires: Your Laboratory And Theoretical Book To Understand Surface Phenomena   P245

Albert Cornet, J. Daniel Prades, Albert Cirera


Nanotechnology:  Trends For Oilwell Production               P247

O. Corona, A. Balza, J. Brito, A. Colina


Synthesis And Characterization of Nanocatalysts For The Direct Electrooxidation of NaBh4 In a Solid Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cell                             P249

C. Coutanceau, M. Simoes, S. Baranton


Optimal Vibration Control of Smart Fibre Reinforced Polymer Spherical Shells      P251
Debabrata Chakraborty and Tarapada Roy


Nano Technology Modification of Natural Fibres For Bio-Composites   P253

Dasong Dai and Mizi Fan


Nonlinear  Modeling  And Optimization  of  Parameters  For Viscoelastic  Composites  And Nanocomposites    P255



Two-Input Or/Nor Cascade In Space Compression In Vlsi            P257

Sunil R. Das, Satyendra N. Biswas, Altaf Hossain, and Mansour H. Assaf


Surface Roughness Evaluation of Experimental Dental Nanocomposite After Bleaching   P259

Dasmawati Mohamad, Zuryati Ab Ghani, Ooi Qian Qian and Zaid Hameed Mohammed Ali


Centrifugally Compacted Nanosilica ¡V Talc/Calcium Carbonate Polyacrylate Composites   P261

 Norlinda Daud, Robert A. Shanks and Ing Kong


Impact-Echo Technique For Detecting The Cracks Propagation In Concrete Plates   P263   

N. Dawood, and H. Marzouk


Design And Testing of Road Side Guardrail Using Composite Materials    P265

A. S. Debaiky


Control of Structure And Properties of Welded Connections of Medium Alloy Steels By Application Highly Concentrated Pulse Energy Actions               P267

Demyanchenko A.A., Saraev Yu.N.


Mechanical Properties Study of Advanced Pultrusion Epoxy Composites     P269

Deng Leiming, Qi Junwei, Xiao Jun and Dou Chong


Micro/Nanoengineered Thermal Ground Plane           P271

Tao Deng, Shakti Chauhan, Chris Eastman, Peter De Bock, Pramod Chamarthy, Stan Weaver


Well-Alingned And Conductive Carbon-Nanotube/TiO2 Film For Flexible Photoelectrode  P273

Jiangtao Di and Qingwen Li


The Study on a Numerical Controlled Multi-Pins Inserting System For z-Pinned Composite Laminates Preparation  P275

Liping.Ding, Junwei.Qi, Biao.Yan, Jun.Xiao, Liwei.Wen


Nano-Electrocatalysts Based on Carbon Nitride Supports For The Orr And For In Pem Fuel Cells   P277

Vito Di Noto and Enrico Negro


Study of Cooling Rate Effect on Back-Diffusion During Solidification of Continuously Cast Steel Billet  P279

Jana Dobrovska, Frantisek Kavicka, Hana Francová, Věra Dobrovská


Factors Affecting The Tearing Resistance of Textile Structures    P281

Patricia Dolez, Ennouri Triki and Toan Vu-Khanh


Processing of Carbon-Carbon Composites For Aircraft Brake Applications    P283

Jarlen Don and Tsuchin Philip Chu


Water Permeation In Polylactide And Polylactide/Montmorillonite Composites   P285

An Du, Donghun Koo, Mary Ziegler and Richard A. Cairncross


The Antibacterial Activities of Ag Doped t-Zno  P287

Xing Duan, Xiaoling Xu, Zuowan Zhou


Use of Acetylated Starches In Biodegradable Plastics And Composites With Montmorillonite   P289

Petr Duchek and Jan Schubert


Advanced Continuous Nanofibers And Structural Supernanocomposites: Status And Prospects  P291

Yuris Dzenis


Vortex-Induced Assembly of Protein Nanofibrils: Towards New Scaffold Materials   P293

Wojciech Dzwolak


Comparing The Effect of Nano-CaCO3 and Nano-ZnO on Rheological Properties of Polypropylene Using Several Models

Hassan Ebadi-Dehaghani             P295


A Simulation Study on The Effects of Nanotube Anisotropy and Non-Straightness on The Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotube/Polymer Composites

A. E. Eken , E. J. Tozzi , D. J. Klingenberg , W. Bauhofer       P297



A Study on Curing Processes and Environmental Effects for Rapid Composite Repair     P299     

Faruk Elaldia, and Pelin Elaldib


Design of A Polyamide Composite for High Speed Sliding Conditions          P301

A.M. Eleiche, M.O.A. Mokhtar, E.S. Nasr and G.M.A. Kamel


Mechanical Reliability of Bio-Composites from Bovine Teeth     P303

Yehia M.S. El-Shazly; Mariana A. Moussa


Investigation of Powder Metallurgy Application for Uncooled Turbines    P305

HERNY Emilie, WU Xinhua, RIDEAU Jean-François


Status in The Growth of Anisotropic Oxide Thin Films and Heterostructures for Future Electronics   P307

Kazuhiro Endo, Petre Badica, Hiroshi Kezuka, Shunichi Arisawa, Tamio Endo


In-Plane Crystalline Orientations of Lsmo/Zno Double Layers    P309

Tamio Endo1, Kenichi Uehara, Miyoshi Yokura1,, Katsuhiko Inaba, Tomohiko Nakajima, Tetsuo Tsuchiya, Hiroshi Kezuka, Kazuhiro Endo


Effect of Si Content on The Pitting Corrosion of Al-Si-Mg Alloys  in 0.1m NaCl    P311

R. Escalera-Lozano, M. I. Pech-Canul, M. Montoya-Dávila, M. A. Pech-Canul, D. Hui


Thermal Fatigue Behavior and Cracking Characteristics of Indefinite Chill Iron Roll Speter  Fajfar, Milan Tercelj, Matevz Fazarinc1 and Borut Zuzek       P313


Mixing Solid Particles in Fluidized Beds       P315

Fan Haihong, Xu Delong, Min Yong, Li Hui, Chen Yanxin, Fan Jinhe


High Strength Natural Fibre Composites for Construction  P317

Prof. Dr. Mizi Fan


The Distributions of The Interfacial Shear Stress for A Single Cord/Rubber Composite in Pulling out Process under Thermal Conditions

Qinghong Fang , Taimin Cheng, Huibin Wang, Baozong Huang¡A David Hui     P319


Biodegradation of Selected Pollutans from Hazardous Waste Dump Pozdatky    P321

P. Fecko, R. Kucerova, B. Lyckova, M. Hlavata, L. Koval, L. Kovalova, L. Guo


Flexural, Shear and Compressive Properties of Bioresorbable Pla-Pbg Fibre Reinforced Composite Intramedullary Rods

R. M. Felfel,  I. Ahmed,1 A. J. Parsons,  G.S. Walker and C. D. Rudd    P323


Selective Encapsulation of Dye Molecules in Dendrimer/Polymer Multilayer Microcapsules by Dna Hybridization  P325

Chuan-Liang Feng, Qinglei Liu, Wang Zhang, Jiajun Gu, Shenmin Zhu and Di Zhang


A Prototype of Functional Nanowires-Based 3d Biosensor Arrays    P327

Peter X. Feng


Internal Resonance of Composite Sandwich Panels with Transversely Compressible Core  P329

yizhe feng, zhanming qin, guiping zhao


Are NHANES Reference Data Applicable to the Taller Canadian Children?    P331

Abeer Yasin, PhD, Guido Filler, MD, PhD, FRCPC


Further Development of Oxide Dispersion Hardened Platinum Alloys with Improved Strength at High Temperatures  P333

Bernd Fischer, Uwe Jantsch, Michael Koch


Carbon Composites in Light Weight Design of Next Generation,Benefits of Mechanical Fastening and Ways to Increased Economy

C. Friedrich, T. Gerhard               P335


Bioactive Glass Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering    P337

Qiang Fu, Eduardo Saiz, Antoni P. Tomsia


Observation of Local Electrochemical Phase Change in Resistive Switching Devices   P339

Kohei Fujiwara, Yosuke Konno,Yoshinobu Nakamura,Marcelo J. Rozenberg,and Hidenori Takagi


Step Velocity on The {110} Faces of Tetragonal Lysozyme Crystals under High Pressure   P341

Takahisa Fujiwara, Yoshihisa Suzuki, Gen Sazaki, Shin-ichiro Yanagiya and Katsuhiro Tamura


Characterization of  Polymer Mortars Exposed to Some Acid Solutions   P343

C. Galán-Marín; C. Rivera-Gómez


Application of Quasi-Ternary Inassbp Compound Semiconductors for the Growth of Quantum Size Objects on Inas (100) Substrate                 P345

Karen Gambaryan , Vladimir Aroutiounian , Vardan Harutyunyan ,Torsten Boeck , Jan Schmidtbauer and Roman Bansen


Effect of Particle Size and Concentration of Mica on Properties of Polytrimethylene Terepthalate P347

Vivek.R.Gaval, R.S.N.Sahai,S.P.Deshmukh and P.A.Mahanwar


Experimental Investigation of The Performance of Fiber Reinforced Epdm for Automotive Radiator Hoses  P349

Mehdi Ghatus, Chris Kargula, Chris Riedel


Thermal Stability Analysis of Tapered Fgm Annular Plates under Nonuniform Temperature Distribution - A Finite Element Approach

Mansour Mohieddin Ghomshei, Vahid Abbasi         P351


Grown Ambient Effect in Gan Crystalline Quality on Si(111) by Movpe   P353

Dr. Bablu K. Ghosh, Prof. Akio Yamamoto


Applications of Cd-Te Quantum Dot Nanoparticles in Bio - Medical Research   P355

Somesree GhoshMitra, Nathaniel Mills


Rheological Behavior of Epoxy-amine Systems Modified by Sepiolite.   P357

Clara M Gómez, Andrés Nohales, Paula Féli


Photoluminescence and Raman Analysis of Ge-Rich SiGe Nanowires    P359

Hua Gong, Yingjie Ma, Peixuan Chen, Lijun Wang, Armando Rastelli, Zuimin Jiang, Zhenyang Zhong


Mechanical Characterization and Finite Element Modeling of Nbr and Pdm for Directional Drilling   P361

Henry K. Gonzalez, Jianren Zhou and Shield Lin


Structure and Mechanical Properties of Ultra-Fine Grain Titanium   P363

Miroslav Greger and Jaroslav Purmenský


Evolution of Structural Phase States of Plasma-Hardened Rolls Surface under Service  P365

Victor Gromov, Sergey Konovalov, Oleg Efimov, Anna Atroshkina


Atomic Layer Deposition and Template Replication for Nanotechnology Engineering   P367

Diefeng Gu, Gon Namkoong and Helmut Baumgar


Coupled Metal Nanoparticles with Enhanced Optical Properties and Their Applications   P369

Zhenping Guan, Polavarapu Lakshminarayana, Cuifeng Jiang, and Qing-Hua Xu


The Thermal Problem of Functionally Graded Material Substrate-coating Structure  P371

Lifang Guo  Xing Li


Structural Properties of Magnetite Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition  P373

Qixin Guo,, Kazuki Nakamura, Katsuhiko Saito, Tooru Tanaka, Mitsuhiro Nishio, Makoto Arita, Yoshifumi Ikoma, Jian Ding, and Di Zhang


Glass Transition Temperature and Structural Relaxation of Polymer Nanoparticles Under Soft and Hard Confinement  P375

Yunlong Guo, Chuan Zhang, Christine Lai and Rodney D. Priestley


Effect  of  Poisson¡¦s  Ratio  on  Flexibility  of  Smooth Orthotropic  Pipe  Bend    P377



Studies on Polymer-Zno Nanowires Composites for Gas Sensing Application   P379

Shiv Kumar Gupta, Niranjan Ramgir, Manmeet Kaur, Niyanta Datta, Vibha Saxena Aditee Joshi, Ajay Singh and Dinesh Kumar Aswal


Applicability of Gibbs Adsorption Equation to Deformed Solid Surfaces   P381

Emmanuel M. Gutman


Effect of Alloying on the Deformation Behavior and Slip Mode of Cu-16at%Al Single Crystals at Various Temperatures

Jong Su Ha, Sun Ig Hong                    P383


Complex Oxide Interfaces ¡V A Tool to Design New Materials   P385

H.-U. Habermeier


Resistivity/Conductivity of Inorganic Oxides by Optical Interferometry Techniques     P387

Khaled Habib and Amer Al-Arbeed


Environmental Effects on Polymer Insulators                         P389

Ibrahim O. Habiballah


Optical And Structural Characterization of Nanoscale Cdo:Mn Thin Films Grown by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis  P391

Z. A. Hallaj, S. M. Rozati


Cr Nanostructures Fabricated Based on Porous Anodic Alumina Membranes   P393

 Hany Hamdy , Sang-Wan Ryu , Mohamed Shaban


Experimental Investigations of the Impact Behavior of A Warp Interlock Fabric   P395

Cuong Ha-Minh, François Boussu, Jan Van Roey, Toufik Kanit, David Crépin, Abdellatif Imad


Microfluidic Pcr Chip Integrated with Mcu Controlled Temperature System      P397

Dawoon Han, Mijung Choi, You-Cheol Jang, Kamrul Islam, Rohit Chand, Sandeep K. Jha,Sung Sik Ko, Ik-Jun Yeon4, Yong-Sang Kim


Preparation and Characterization of Pb-Free (Na,K)NbO3-Based Ceramics for Eco-Friendly Piezoelectric Device   P399

Jeong Seon Han, Hee Chul Lee


Surface Plasmon Resonance of Ag Nanocrystallines in Opaa Template     P401

Han Shan-shan, Yang Xiu-Chun, Liu Yan, Hou Jun-wei, Li Xiao-ning, Lu Wei


The Effects of Functionalized Graphene Sheet on The Properties of Poly(ethyl methacrylate)   P403

Su Jin Han, Seong Min Oh, Hyung-il Lee, Han Mo Jeong


Seismic Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Columns by Applying Steel Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious (SFRC) Mortar

Sung-Jin Han ,  Chang-Geun Cho ,  Eui-Sik Kim           P405


Multifunctional and Specific Interactions of Mwcnt and Polymer as Decisive Parameters for High Performance of   P407


Chougule Harishkumar, Ulrich Giese, Robert H. Schuster


Silicon-Conjugated Polymers Nanocomposites Fabricated by A Two-Step Electrochemical Approach     P409

Farid A. Harraz, and Aliaa M. Salem


Enlargement of Grains of Silica Colloidal Crystals by Centrifugation with An Inverted-Triangle Shaped Container  P411

Kaori Hashimoto, Yoshihisa Suzuki, Atsushi Mori, Shin-ichiro Yanagiya, Katsuhiro Tamura


Advanced Simulation and Analysis of Materials Behavior During Intense Power Deposition in Tokamaks, Inertial Fusion, and Euv Lithography Devices

A.      Hassanein, V. Sizyuk, T. Sizyuk, G. Mihloshevsky, and S. Harilal      P413


Pultruded Natural Fibre Reinforced Composites: Preparation, Properties and Applications    P415

Hazizan Md Akil, Hafiz Zamri, Helfy Affzan Shahidan, Zainal Arifin Mohd Ishak, Azhar Abu Bakar


Preparation of Polylactide Grafted Nano-Hydroxyapatite Via Atrp     P417

Jiqing He, Zenghui Wang, Fujian Xu, Yuanchao Li, Qing Cai, Xiaoping Yang


High Efficiency Si-Nanowires/Poly (3,4-Ethylene-Dioxythiophene): Poly(Styrenesulfonate) Hybrid Solar Cells  P419

Lining He1, Rusli,Changyun Jiang, Hao Wang


Free Vibration Analysis of Grid Stiffened Composite Cylindrical Shells    P421

Milad Hemmatnezhad and Hossein Rahimi


Microstructure of Magnetron Sputtered Zno Films on Glass Substrate    P423

Shiuh-Chuan Her and Tsung-Chi Chi


Formation of Oxide Nanoclusters in Nanostructured Ferritic Alloys During Anisothermal Heat Treatment   P425

B.      Hin , B.D. Wirth, J.B. Neaton


Interface Fracture Mechanics of Nanoscale Components on A Substrate    P427

Hiroyuki Hirakata, Taku Nishihira, Akio Yonezu and Kohji Minoshima


Characteristics of Cralsin Coatings with Post-Deposition Annealing Treatment    P429

Wei-Yu Ho , Chi-Wei Chen, Chia-Hang Tsai, Da-Yung Wang


Coupled Structural/Thermal Analysis of Cylindrical Part of Multilayered Composite Vessel    P4311

A.      Hocine, H. Ghouaouala and F. Kara Achira


Divergence of Composite Aircraft Wings Accounting The Aerodynamic Finite-Span Effect   P 433

Yan Hong, Zhanming Qin


Synthesis and Characterization of Gaas Nanowires on Amorphous Substrates   P435

Jared J. Hou1, Ning Han, Fengyun Wang, Alvin T. Hui, Guangcun Shan, Fei Xiu, Tak F. Hung, Johnny C. Ho


Effect of Porosity on Impact Strength of Vitrified Bond Diamend Wheels   P437

Yong-gai Hou, Fu-ren Xiao, Gui-ying Qiao, Wen-jun Zou, Bo Liao


Biomaterial Aisi 316l Ss Surface Film Analyses after Electropolishing Treatments under Varied Magnetic Fields  P439

T. Hryniewicz, K. Rokosz


Micro-Raman Characterization of Mtmo Grayscale Photomask          P441

Hao Hu, Jiwei Qi, Liping Sun, Penghong Liu, Qi Wang, Qian Liu, Qian Sun, Jingjun Xu, and Xinzheng Zhang


A Novel Discharge Technique for Noble.Metal Nanoparticles     P443

Xiulan Hu1, Osamu Takai and Nagahiro Saito1


Facile Preparation of Graphene/Poly(Butylene Succinate) Nanocomposites with Enhanced Behaviors   P445

Yuan Hu, Lei Song and Xin Wang


Mechanical Behavior of Metallic Nanowires Containing Vacancy Cluster Defects     P447

Pei-Hsing Huang, Lay Gaik Teoh, Yu-Ren Wu, Ming-Yue Huang, Hong-Yi Li


Mechanical Properties of Particle Reinforced Magnesium Composites SiCp/Az80    P449

Song-Jeng Huang, Chi-Rung Li, Kai-Lun Yan


Nano-Laser of Silicon Quantum Dots Involving Active Centers And 2d-Photonic Crystal    P451

Wei-Qi Huang , Shi-Rong Liu , Chao-Jian Qin , Quan Lü



A Cellular Automata Simulation for The Tension Behavior of Carbon Nanotubes      P453

X. H. Huang and X. Q. He


Using Quality Tools to Reduce Surface Depression Defect on Composite Panels     P455

M. Iqbal Hussain, Zuraidah Mohd Zain, Khairul Bakhtiar b Baharim


Carmen Gaidau, Aurora Petica , Wuyong Chen and Lucretia Miu        

Functional Stability of Smp Based Syntactic Foam            P459

Samuel I. Ibekwe, Tao Xu, and Guoqiang Li


Application of Box-Behnken in Turning of Inconel 718 Using Pvd Carbide Tools under Minimum Quantity Lubrication P461

Gusri Akhyar Ibrahim, Che Hassan Che Haron, Jaharah Abdul Ghani, Ahmad Yasir Moh. Said, Moh. Zaid, Abu Yazid


Hydrogen Storage in Metal-Decorated Nanostructureed Materials     P463

Jisoon Ihm, Keunsu Choi, Jaehyun Bae and Changwon Park



Impact of Chemical Functionalization of Swcnts on Ppy Nanocomposites: Multiscale Molecular Modeling and Experimental Investigations                                P465

Mariana Ionit, Alina Pruna


High Energy Thermionic Electron Beam for Material Surface Modification     P467

Munawar Iqbal and Haris Rashid


Study of The Efficiency of Uv and Visible-Light Photocatalytic Oxidation of Methanol on Mesoporous RuO2-TiO2    P469


Adel A. Ismail, and Detlef W. Bahnemann


Identifying Material Properties of Composite Materials from Vibration Data       P471

Zubaidah Ismail, Henry Khov, and Wen L. Li


Temperature Behavior of Light Scattering By Ba2NanB5O15 Crystal    P473

S. Ivanova


Improvement of R-Plane Oriented Cr2O3 Thin Films Surface Grown on Sapphire Substrates     P475

Nobuyuki Iwata, Takuji Kuroda, Kento Norota, Yoshito Tuchiya, Yuta Watabe, Kouichi Takase, and Hiroshi Yamamoto



Natural Frequency Analysis of Thick Rectangular Fgm Plates under In-Plane Loading by Differential Quadrature Method

Saeed Jafari, Mansour Mohieddin Ghomshei                        P477


Mathematical Approach to Verify Power Law Equation as Constitutive Equation for Wood-Plastic Composites  P479

Nathan J. Jam, Mohammad Golzar and Amir H. Behravesh


Strain Rate Effect on The Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotube/Epoxy Composites    P481

Yi-Ming Jen , Chien-Yang Huang , Pei-Ling Guo , and Yung-Chuan Wang


Fabrication of Vanadium/Y2o3-Stabilized ZrO2 Composite Membranes by A Two-Step Sintering Process for Advanced H2 Production at Low Temperature

Sung Il Jeon, Jung Hoon Park, Edoardo Magnone, Soo Hyun Choi             P483


A Study of The Hysteresis Mechanism of Organic Thin Film Transistor with Poly(4-Vinylphenol) Gate Insulator P485

Jon-Ho Jeun, Jung-Min Kim, Dong-Hoon Lee, Sung Sik Ko, Ik-Jun Yeon, and Yong-Sang Kim1


Preparation and Characterisation of Hyrophilic/Hydrophobic Composite Scaffolds      P487

Chengdong Ji, Xia Zhong, Sergei G. Kazarian, Andrew Ruys and Fariba Dehghani


Effect of Porosity on The Mechanical Properties of Ysz/Nio Composite Anode Materials    P489

Dan Jia and Aixi Zhou


Residual Stress Measurement on 2024 Aluminum with Different Smat Treatments     P491

Hao Jiang, Ka Po Cheung1, Limin Zhou and Jian Lu


Effects of Ultraviolet Aging on The Mechanical Properties of Hemp Fibers       P493

Shuai Jin and Xiaolu Gong


Template-Based Synthesis of Al/Ni Nanocomposite on Silicon Substrate        P495 

Xiaoyun Jin, Yan Hu, Ruiqi Shen, and Yinghua Ye


Properties of Non-Shrinkage Chemical Grout Using Silanol/Si-OH for Repairing and Strengthening of Concrete Structures

Ju, H. J., Lee, D. H., Kim, K. S., Kim, D. H.1 and Kwak, J. Y.        P497


A  Giant  Dielectric  Permittivity  of  Bmno-Bi  Composite  Films  Grown  at  Room Temperature By Radio-Frequency Sputtering

Hyun-June Jung, Hyun-Ah Song, Soon-Gil Yoon               P499


Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment Of Polypropylene As Door Panel Part Material    P501
Jae Young Jang, Jae Ha Lee , Kyong Yop Rhee and Hyun Wook Kim

Development Of Nanocomposite Mold Insert For Microfabrication Of Polymeric  Microfluidic Devices   P503
R.K. Jena, C.Y. Yue and Y.C. Lam

Enhancement Of Wear And Impact Property Of Poly(Butylene Terephthalate) By E-Beam Process
Joon-Pyo Jeun, Keum-Jin Ko, Bum-Sik Shin, Hyun-Bin Kim, Young-Chang Nho and Phil-Hyun Kang   P505

Nanotubes formation on Ti-6Al-4V and Zr-1Nb alloys through anodization and its biomineralization analysis   P507
Ju-Young Jin, A. J. Nathanael, S.I. Hong



Vertical Growth of MEtallic Boride Nanowires and Their Field Emission Properties   P509
Robert M. Jacobberger, Joseph R. Brewer, Chin Li Cheung



Stir Casting Technique For Low Melting Point Metal Matrix Composites And  Characteristic Study     P511
Jagannath K, S.S.Sharma, N S Mohan & P R Prabhu


Load Test on Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened by Carbon Fibre Laminated Plates¡XA Case Study   P513

Humayun R. H. Kabir


Multi-Sphere Models of Particles In Discrete Element Simulations    P515

Rimantas Kačianauskas and Dariusmarkauskas


Microstructure Analyses on The Effect of Incorporating Cigarette Butts In Fired Clay Bricks   P517

Aeslina Abdul Kadir, Abbas Mohajerani


The Effect of Boundary Layer on Activated Liquid Phase Sintering of w-Bronze Composites By Co And Fe Additions P519

M. S Kahtan,  R. Azmi


Corrosion Behavior of Different Prestressing Strand Types For Use In The Post-Tensioning of Bridges  P521

R. D. Kalina, S. MacLean, J.E. Breen and H.G. Wheat


Development of Composite Structural Parts For a Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine    P523

T. Y. Kam, H. M. Su, R. R. Chang, F. M. Lai and J. H. Wu


Micro And Nano Engineering Multilayer Polymer Complexes And Opto-Electronic          P525


K.K.Kamani, V. Ravindrachary, ismayil, R.K.Rangaswami


Citric Acid As An Effective Release Retarding Agent In Matrix Tablets Formulation     P527

Sunil Kamboj, G. D. Gupta, Suman Kamboj, Anroop B Nair, Sumeet Gupta and Vipin Saini


Microfluidic Fabrication of Colloidal Crystal Films And Spheres  P529

 Toshimitsu Kanai


Antioxidant-Biodiesel Production In Supercritical Methanol With Lignins Addition  P531

Shimin Kang, Xianglan Li, Biao Li, Juan Fan, Jie Chang


Influence of Humidity And Elevated Temperature on Magnetic Properties of Nd-Fe-b Anisotropic Bonded Magnets P533

Dariusz Kapelski, Barbara Slusarek, Bartosz Jankowski, Marcin Karbowiak and Marek Przybylski


An Investigation on The Tribological Properties of over Deformed Al/Sicp Composites  P535

M.Baki Karamış, F.Nazlı Sarı , Veysel Erturun


Enhancing Modern Mobile Communication Systems Using Tunable Components Made of Material Utilized In New Fields of Application                                                       P537

Kira Kastell


Induced Size Effects of Gd3+ Ions Doped Nizn Ferrite Nanoparticles    P539

Balwinder Kaur, Manju Arora, A.K. Srivastava, R.P. Pant


Numerical Analysis of a Transversal Crack In a Steel Slab      P541

Frantisek Kavicka, Jana Dobrovska,  Karel Stransky, Bohumil Sekanina and Josef Stetina


Physicotechnological Peculiarities Creating a New Class of Piezoelectric Materials Based on The Hybrid of Matrix Nano- And Micropiezoelectric Composites

M.K.Kerimov, M.A.Kurbanov, A.A.Bayramov, G.Ch.Gulieva, I.N.Orudjev   P543


Preparation of Bi-Superconducting Grains Included Seed-Crystals By Shock Compaction    P545

Hiroshi Kezuka , Kazuhiro Endo , Mineo Itoh , Hitoshi Matsumoto , Hiroaki Kishimura , Tamio Endo , Shunichi Arisawa


Synthesis of Cobalt/Gold Bimetallic Hollow Microspheres And Its Optical Properties    P547

Khe Cheng Seong, Azizan Aziz and Zainovia Lockman      


A study for the changes of the micro structure by deterioration factors for npp concrete structures  P549

Ki Beom Kim, Do Gyeum Kim , Ho Jae Lee , Jang Hwa Lee


Longitudinal Wave Velocity Of Bonded Psc Wires Embedded In Nuclear Containment    P551

Byeong Hwa Kim and Do Hyung Lee


A Study on Microstructure Change By Carbonation In Npp Concrete     P553

Do Gyeum Kim, Ho Jae Lee, Hyung Ju Kim       


Fabrication of a Three Dimensional Superhydrophobic Surface Structure And Characteristics of Flow Past It   P555

Dongseob Kim, Woonbong Hwang



Microstucture And Mechanical Properties of Cu-Ni-Zn/Cu-Cr/Cu-Ni-Zn Processed By Hpt (High Pressure Torsioning)
Ho-byung Kim, Ki-Hwan Oh, Sun Ig Hong             P557



Analysis of Micromechanical Behavior in Short Fiber Composites        
Hong Gun Kim, Lee Ku Kwac, Seung Gyu Oh, Tae Hoon Kim, Bophang Sorn Hee Jae Shin, Chai Young Lim, Ki Hyun Yoo, Jeong Sang Song , Yong Hong                                 P559


Effect of Interfacial Reaction Layer on The Cracking Behavior In 3-Ply Mg/Al/Sts Clad-Metal    P561

In-Kyu Kim, Jun-Young Song and Sun Ig Hong


Fire Resistance Properties of Hybrid Fibers reinforced High Strength Concrete    P563

Kim, Jeong Sup  Cho, Cheol Hee  Yoo, Myung Hwan Kim, Jae Hwan  Cho, Chang Geun  Shin, Young Suk


A Study of Early Strngth Improvement of Cement Mortar Mixed With Blast-Furnace Slag Powder  P565

Kim Jinhyoung, Lee Hanseun


Optimization of An Airbag Inflator For The Protection of Occupant Injury   P567

Jin-wu KIM, Sheikh-Md. Rasel and Jung-il Song


Oxygen Permeation Study And Extraordinary Improvement of Oxygen Flux Through LaO6SrO4TiO3FeO7O3-£_-Coated BaO5SrO5CoO8FeO2O3-£_ Perovskite Tubular Membranes     P569

Jong Pyo Kima, Jung Hoon Parkb, Edoardo Magnoneb, Yongtaek Lee


Organic Thin Film Transistor Memory Based on Cdse Nanoparticle/Pmma Blend As a Tunneling Layer  P571

Jung-Min Kim, Dong-Hoon Lee, Jun-Ho Jeun, Hyun Ho Lee, Sung Sik Ko, Ik-Jun Yeon, Yong-Sang Kim


Oxidation of Ni3Al-(Cr, Zr, Mo, B) Alloy Between 900 And 1100c In Air   P573

Seul-Ki Kim, Min-Jung Kim, Sang-Hwan Bak, Dong-Bok Lee                     


Smart Materials Tectonics: Development of Solid Electrolyte Dendrites With Micro Lattice Structures To Realize Fuel Cell Miniaturizations

Soshu Kirihara, Katsuya Noritake, Satoko Tasaki and Hiroya Abe        P575


Laser Repair Hardfacing of Titanium Alloy Turbine Blades    P577

Andrzej AdamKlimpel


Modeling Of Creep Behaviour Of A Composite Material     P579
Ahmed kouadri-boudjelthia, a. bouabdallah, m. tahar abbes


Use of Waste Polyethylene As a Concrete Additive: Surface Modification of Pe By Grafting Pam    P581

Po-Yu Ko Chun-Ku Lu¡@Maw-Tien Lee


Metal-Metal Bonding Process Using Copper Nanoparticles      P583

 Yoshio Kobayashi, Satoshi Ishida, Kazuaki Ihara, Yusuke Yasuda and Toshiaki Morita


Preparation of Injectable Artificial Bone Fabricated From Hydoxyapatite / Collagen Nanocomposite      P585

Akinori Kochi, Masanori Kikuchi, Yuki Shirosaki, Satoshi Hayakawa, Akiyoshi



Flow Induced Surface Attachment of Gold Nanoparticles¡VAn In Situ x-Ray Investigation With Micro-Fluidic Cell   P587

Volker Körstgens, Monika Rawolle, Adeline Buffet, Gunthard Bennecke1, Gerd Herzog, Jan Perlich, Matthias Schwartzkopf, Martin Trebbin, Julian Thiele, Sebastian With, Frans J. de Jong, Michael Schlüter, Stephan V. Roth1, Stefan Förster, Peter Müller-Buschbaum


Chemically Modified Glass and Cotton Fibres Reinforced Polyester Resins      P589

A.A. Kogo, O. K. Sunmonu, and E. G. Kolawole


Preparation And Properties of Magnetite¡VCarbon Nanotube Reinforced Polypropylene¡VNatural Rubber Blends    P591

Ing KONGa, Robert SHANKSa, Sahrim AHMADb, Lih-Jiun YUb


Som Based Segmentation Method To Identify Water Region In Landsat Images      P593

Win Kong, Tiagrajah V. J.


Fabrication of Calcium-Phosphate Cements From Hydroxyapatite Powders  Surface-Modified With Various Concentrations of Sodium Inositol Hexaphosphate And Their Material Properties      P595

Toshiisa Konishi , Minori Mizumoto , Michiyo Honda , Zhi Zhuang  and Mamoru Aizawa


Diagrams For Quasi-Brittle Fracture of Bimaterial1      P597

V.M. Kornev, V.D. Kurguzov and N.S. Astapo


A Boundary Perturbation Analysis For a Multilayer Film Coating     P599

Kostyrko S.A., Grekov M.A.


Modeling of Creep Behaviour of a Composite Material     P601

Libor Kraus, Michal Zemko and Zbysek Nov


Diagrams For Quasi-Brittle Fracture of Bimaterial1                 P603

V.M. Kornev, V.D. Kurguzov and N.S. Astapov


A Boundary Perturbation Analysis For a Multilayer Film Coating         P605

Kostyrko S.A., Grekov M.A.


Formation of Heterogeneous Microstructure In Steel Plate Processed By Accumulative Surface Forming     P607

Libor Kraus, Michal Zemko and Zbysek Novy


Nanoscale Reinforcement of Light Weight Bio-Based Foams Using Rice Straw Nanofibers       P609

Chularat Krongtaew, Saniwan Srithongkham, Lalita Vivitchanont and Siritorn Nakchamnan


Effects of Cutout Shapes on Postbuckling Response of Quasi-Isotropic Laminate Under Combined In-Plane Loads    P611

Dinesh Kumar and S. B. Singh


Increased Thermal Stability of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Structure By Attaching Ctab Capped Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle

Manish Kumar, Mandeep Singh, Dushyant Kushavah, M.L Singla         P613


Liposome As a Drug Carrier System For Different Active Substances       P615

Mont Kumpugdee-Vollrath, Hilal Bilek


Exact Solution of Edge-Bending Buckling of Rectangular Orthotropic Plates     P617

Shyh-Rong Kuo and J.D. Yau


Production of Weft Knitted Fabrics from Different Types of Acrylic Yarns and Study of Their Properties  P619

Abu S. Lawal and Adamu Bako


Analytical Evaluation for Shear Strength of Beam-Column Connections Strengthened with Cfrp Composites  P621

Kien Le-Trung, Kihak Leea,, Do Hyung Lee, Luciano Feo and David Hui


Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Epoxy-Cnt Nanocomposite Coatings    P623

H. R. Le1, A. Howson and M. Ramanauskas


Transparent Superhydrophobic Surface with Self-Cleaning Effect    P625

Changwoo Lee, Kyungjun Lee, Sungnam Lyu, Sangmin Lee,Youn Sang Kim and Woonbong Hwang


Experimental Observation of Rc Columns Strengthened with Stainless Steel Wire   P627

Do Hyung Lee, Byeong Hwa Kim, Sung Hoon Kim, Jun-Hyeok Choi


Evolution of Goss Orientation During Rapid Heating for Primary Recrystallization in Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel   P629

Eun-Jin Lee, Sung-Ji Choi and No-Jin Park  


Oxidation and Mechanical Properties of Zr-1nb-1sn-0.1fe Alloys at High Temperatures   P631

Eun Kyu Lee, Jong Min Lee, Sun Ig Hong


An Experimental Study for Carbonation Effect on The Concrete Using Mip and Sem  P633

Ho Jae Lee , Do Gyeum Kim , Ki Beom Kim , Hyung Ju Kim


Application Of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment To Improve Hydrophilc Property Of Aluminum Foil
Jae Ha Lee1, Jae Young Jang1 and Kyong Yop Rhee2 Hyun Wook Kim3      


Creep deformation behaviors of Zr-Nb-Sn-Fe alloy tubes     P637

Jong-Min Lee, Eun-Kyu Lee and Sun Ig Hong


Properties of Tin Thin Films Deposited onto £E-Type Ti-14mo-3mb-3al-0.2si Alloy Substrates at Various  Processing Temperatures by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering                          P639

Jun Hee Lee, A. Joseph Nathanael, Sun Ig Hong                      


Fiber Composite Application to Protect Bridge Pier Caps from Corrosion-Related Deterioration in New England  P641

K. Wayne Lee, Rachel Nichols, Craig M. Boyer, P.N. Balaguru¡AColin. Franco


Electrochemical Response of ZrO2-MgO Layer on Mg Alloy Via Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Followed by Annealing  P643


Kang Min Leea, Byung Uk Leea, In Jun Hwanga, Young Gun Kob, and Dong Hyuk Shina


Degradation Measurement of Fibrous Reinforcement inside Composite Material   P645



Degradation Measurement of Fibrous Reinforcement inside Composite Material    P647



Multiscale Modeling of Deformation Processes in Situ       P649

Valeriy V. Lepov, Boris A. Loginov


Exchange Bias in Hybrid Nanocrystals of Zinc Oxide      P651

Alexandros Lappas, Athanasia Kostopoulou, Franck Thétiot,Ioannis Tsiaoussis,Maria Androulidaki, Pantaleo Davide Cozzoli


Molecular Dynamics Simulation for Ultrathin Lubricant Nanofilms with Nonfunctional and Functional End Groups  P653

B. Li , C. H. Wong , S. K. Yu , W. Hua , W. D. Zhou


TiO2 Nanotubes- Applications in Nanotemplates and Photovoltaics     P655

Dongdong Li, Dongfang Liu, Xiaohong Fang, Linfeng Lu, Changzhou Wang, Xiaoyuan Chen


Preparation of Clinker Cementitious Materials by Re-Melting Steel Slag   P657

Hui Li, Delong Xu, Yong Min, Yuxiang Li, Yang Qiu, Hongyuan Peng


Review of Automated Tape Laying Trajectory Planning     P659

Li Junfei, Wang Xianfeng and Xiao Jun


Study of The Sn/C Nanofibers with Different Sn Contents for Anode Materials in Lithium-Ion Batteries     P661

Keyu Li, Yunhua Yu, Yu Teng, Xin Li and Xiaoping Yang                           


Prediction of Mechanical and Barrier Properties of Chlorobutyl Rubber/Natural Rubber Blend using Artificial Neural Networks

 Lin Li, Jin Zhang, Z X Zhang, Jin Kuk Kim                                       P663


Monitoring Composite Blade of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine using Self Organizing Map    P665

Ming Li and AYO ABATAN


Study on Test Method for Shear Properties of Minisize Rod―Z-Pin      P667

N.Li, J.Xiao


Optoelectrical Properties of CdSe-Au Nanorod Networks

Peigang Li1, Alexandros Lappas1,Romain Lavieville, Yang Zhang, Roman Krahne    P669


Sem Visualization of Cnts in Cnt/Epoxy Composites at Low Accelerating Voltage       P671

Wenjing Li, Wolfgang Bauhofer


Effect of Hot-Stretching Process on The Electrochemical Performance of Sn@Cnfs Composite Anode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries

Xin Li, Yunhua Yu,Bingxue Liu and Xiaoping Yang                             P673


The Problem of The Plane Wave Scatting by Substrate-Coating Structure        P675

Xing Li Lifang Guo


Ultraviolet Photodetectors Made by Bridging Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Nanowires     P677

 Yanbo Li and Jean-Jacques Delaunay


Application of Ant Colony Algorithm in Discrete Optimal Design of Structural Truss    P679

Li Yancang, Zhao Lina


Possible Electronic Device Applications of Graphene Nanoribbons         P681

Gengchiau Liang


Poloxamer-modified montmorillonite clay as potential antibacterial agent against e. Coli     P683

Pao-Chi Liao, and Yi-Han Liao, Yung-Tang Nien


Fabrication of Transparent TiO2 Nanotubes-Film on Fto Glass by An Electrophoretic Deposition Process P685

Yulong Liao, Wenxiu Que, Jin Zhang, Peng Zhong


Special Technology for Industrial Production of Sandwiches From Metals          P687      

Mark R. Liberzon


Special Technology for Industrial Production of Sandwiches From Metals     P689

Mark R. Liberzon


Development of Radiation Shielding Concrete Utilzing Electronic Arc Furnace Oxidizing Slag    P691

Lim Heeseob,    Lee Hanseung,    Choi Jaeseok


Development of High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Cementless Composite Mortar     P693

Hyun-Jin Lim ,  Chang-Geun Cho


Evaluation Oo Thermal Sprayed Polymers for Tribological Applications           P695 

Carlos R. C. Lima, Lucas P. Siqueira and Flávio Camargo


Multifunctional Cationic Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery and Imaging      P697

Chao Lin , Qianqian Ma  and Bo Lou


Phase Transition Aand Magnetic Properties of Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Fe66Pd30Rh4 Alloys  P699   

Chien-Feng Lin and Jin-Bin Yang


Self-Organized Nanoporous Structure with Long Range Perfect Ordering      P701

LIN Qingfeng, LEUNG Siu Fung, Long Yunze, FAN Zhiyong


Rheological Characterization Of Chitosan/Nanowhiskers Composites    P703
Hugo Lisboa, João P. Borges, Gonçalo Pereira, Ana M. Ramos, Maria T. Cidade



Quasi-Static Experimental Study on The Constitutive Behavior of Automotive Windshield Interlayer      P705 

Bohan Liu, Mengyi Zhu, Yueting Sun, Jun Xu, Dongyun Ge and Yibing Li


Nanoscaled Grain Growth                                                     P707

F. Liu, M.M. Gong


Inspection of Subsurface Defects in Honeycomb Structure Composites Using infrared lock-in thermography   P709

Liu Junyan and Wang Yang


Fibrous Brucite and Polypropylene Hybrid Fibers Reinforced Concrete

Kaiping Liu, Jiuran Wen, Zhihua Sun, Zhenjun Wang, Luciano Feo, David Hui       P711


Mathematical Modeling for Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (Swcnts) Based on Magneto-Electro-Elastic Beam Model   P713

Mei-Feng Liu and Tai-Ping Chang


Multi-Phase Modeling of Ionic Transport in Concrete When Subjected to An Externally Applied Electric Field   P715

Qing-feng Liu , Long-yuan Li and Jian Yang


A Numerical Method for Studying Thermal Deformation in 3d Double-Layered Thin Films with Imperfect Interfacial Thermal Contact Exposed to Ultrashort-Pulsed Lasers                             P717

Runzhou Liu and Weizhong Dai


Numerical Method for Calculating Load Distribution in Multi-Bolt Thick Laminate Joints      P719   

W.X. Liu, L.Q. Liu, R. Wei


The Improvement of Oxidation Behavior of Powder Metallurgy Made Fe-Cr Alloys     P721

Liu Yen-Ting,Lian Shuang-Shii, Shong Wei-Ja and  Lee R.Y    


Fluid-structure interaction analysis of pulsatile flow in a layered anisotropic aortic wall     P723
Ying Liu*, Shuai Yang

Magnetism and half-metallicity of some Cr-based alloys and their potentialfor application in spintronic devices   P725
Yong Liu, S.K. Bose, J. Kudrnovský


Nonlinear Analysis Of Reinforced Concrete Columns With Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars      P727


Pressure-Volume-Temperature Characteristic of Glycerol Plasticized Polyvinyl Alcohol and Cassava Starch Blends   P729

Low Chong-Yu, Lee Tin-Sin


The Characteristics of The Cement Mortar With Acetone-Treated Rubber Crumbs      P731

Chun-Ku Lu, Liang-Hsing Chou, Ying-Yu Shiu


Fiber-Optic Communication for Vehicles, Airplanes and Vessels       P733

Jan Lubkoll , Otto Strobel


A Study on Improvement of Laminate Structures Subjected to Low-Velocity Impact      P735

G. M. Luo


Shape Memory Effect and Thermomechanical Properties Shape Memory Polymer Fabric Composite in Tension Mode P737

M.Ahmad, D.Singh, M.Miraftab and J.K.Luo


Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Adhesive Bonded Steel-Concrete Composite Beams    P739

Yangjun LUO, Alex LI


Important Design Elements of Large Flexible Ferris Wheels      P741

Yongfeng Luo  Jie Bai   Xiaonong Guo


Design of clamping apparatuses and testing procedures of a vertical-axis composite wind power system  P743
Feng-Min Lai, Chao-Chieh Yang, Chen-Mao Yang and Chun-Hsiang Lan

Synergistic effect of phosphorus-containing nanospongeon the intumescent flame retardant polypropylene  P745
XuejunLai, XingrongZeng, Hongqiang Li,ChangyuYin, HailiZhang, Kecheng Gong

Deposition of nanometric sioxhycz films at different substrate temperatures by atmospheric pressure microwave plasma torch (tia): first steps towards self-assembled 3-dimensional nano-sensors                     
Xavier Landreau, Briac Lanfant, Thérèse Merle, Guillaume Bouscarrat, Zakaria Bouchkour, Christelle Dublanche-Tixier1 and Pascal Tristant

" Kinetics and thermodynamics of model colloidal Particle deposition on synthetic polymer surfaces "    P749
L. LAPČÍK, JR., M. Fraštík, P. Smolka and B. Lapčíková

Hygrothermal Effects On The Structural Behaviors Of Functionally Graded Plates      P751
Chang-Yull Lee and Ji-Hwan Kim

Optical Absorption of Three-dimensional Nanoporous Structures        P753
Siu Fung Leung, Qingfeng Lin, Miao Yu, Kyungmok Kwon, Yunze Long, Kyoungsik Yu, Zhiyong Fan

Delamination detection in composite laminates by ultrasonic guided wave      P755

Yue Liang, Fei Yan, Cody Borigo, Joseph. L. Rose

        Preparation And Properties of Graphene And It Nanocomposites    P757

Chen-Chi M. Ma, Shin-Yi Yang, Hsi-Wen Tien, Jen-Yu Wang, Shin-Ming Li, Yu-Sheng Wang, Chia-Hong Liu, Shu-Han She, Wei-Ning Lin


Fabrication And Micromechanical Testing of Polymer Micro-Grippers With Compliant Force Sensing  P759

R.E.Mackay, H.R.Le, L.Zhang


Layered Oxide Nanowires For High-Energy Lithium Ion Batteries     P761

Liqiang Mai , Lin Xu1, Xu Xu, Chunhua Han,  Yanzhu Luo



Metal-Oxide Based Supports For Electrocatalysis In Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells    P763

F. Maillard, F. Micoud, A. Bonnefont, M. Chatenet


Stationary Of The Strain Energy Density In Anisotropic Solids     P765

Jüri Majak and Meelis Pohlak


Formation of l10(Fept) Phase In Nanodimensional Fe/Ag/Pt And Fe50pt50/Ag/Fe50pt50film Compositions On Substrates Of SiO2/Si(001)                                                  P767

Makogon Yu.N., Albrecht M., Beddies G.,  Beke D.L., G.L. Katona, Pavlova E.P., Sidorenko S.I., Verbitska T.I.,  Vladimyrskiy I.A


Synthesis of Superparamagnetic, Photocatalytic Nanocomposites For Water Purification   P769

Darko Makovec, Marjan Sajko, Aljaž Selišnik, Miha Drofenik


Electrohydrodynamic Generalized Dispersion of Unsteady Convective Diffusion In Couple Stress Poorly Conducting Fluid Bounded By Porous Layer                                                             P771

Mallika K.S. and N.Rudraiah              


Explosive Welding of Magnesium Alloy With Aluminum And Stainless Steel     P773

Palavesamuthu Manikandan, Joonoh Lee, Akihisa Moriand Kazuyuki Hokamoto


Mixed Ionic Conduction In Homogeneous And Layered Composite Electrolytes   P775

F.M.B. Marques, T. Saradha, A.S. Fereira, S.G. Patrício, F.M.L. Figueiredo



Schizophyllum Commune As Nano-Factory For Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles  P777

Mashitah, Mat Don and Yen San, Chan


Strength Capacity of One-Way Continuous Reinforced Concrete Slabs      P779

Domagoj Matešan, Jure Radnić, Nikola Grgić and Vatroslav Čamber


Percolation Behavior in the Magnetic Permeability and Conductivity of Conducting Magnetic - Insulating Non Magnetic Binary Composites.

David S. McLachlan, T B Doyle and Godfrey Sauti.        P781


Synthesis And Characterization of YBa2Cu3Ox Thin Films Incorporating BaSnO3 Length-Controlled Nanorods   P783

P.Melea,K.Matsumoto,Y.Hondab,I.Tanakab,A.Ichinosec, Y. Yoshidad, Y. Ichinod, R. Kitae                                                                                     


Effect Of Substrate Temperature on Physical Properties of Nanostructured Cds Thin Films Prepared By Spray Pyrolysis P785


N. Memarian, S. M. Rozati


Enhanced optical transparency in 3D nanostructured films     P787

Bernardo S. Mendoza, W. Luis Moch´an and Guillermo P. Ortiz


Carbon naotube composite films with switchable transparency    P789

Fancheng Meng, Xiaohua Zhang, Geng Xu, Zhenzhong Yong, Hongyuan Chen, Minghai Chen, Qingwen Li, and Yuntian Zhu


The effect of particle shape on the mechanical properties of particle reinforced metal matrix composites: 2D model approach

K.K.S.Mer, B.K.Mishra, S.Ray          P791


Dynamic response analysis of shear deformable laminated beam with the method of reverberation ray matrix   P793

F. X. Miao, Guojun Sun


Horizontal suspension of carbon nanotubes    P795

Jianmin Miao, Jingyu Lu


Percolation and conductivity of SWNT networks with Layer-By-Layer spray deposition  P797

Y. Miao, L. Chen, Q.Q. Yang, R. Sammynaiken, W. J. Zhang


Nanocomposite thin layers synthesized by advanced pulsed laser technologies for biomimetic implant coatings   P799

Ion N. Mihailescu


Prediction of glass leno fabrics Porosity and strength

Jiří Militký , Jaroslav Dvořák, Dana Křemenáková and Brigita Kolčavová-Sirková      P801


Study on estimating compressive strength and physical charccteristic of structural lightweight concrete with foam agent  P803

Min TaeBeom, Lee Hanseung, Luciano Feo and David Hui


Perylene Diimide (PDI) based organic photovoltaic cells with nano-fabric composite structure    P805

Yong Min, June H. Park, Austin R. Carter, Lynetta M. Mier, Sharlene M. Lewis, Raju P. Nandyala, Arthur J. Epstein


Special interface design for adhesion improvement  P807   

Renate Mix, Huajie Yin, Joerg Friedrich 


Nano-sized perovskite-type Oxide/Carbon nanotube composites for an oxygen-reducing electrocatalyst    P809

Kohei Miyazaki, Tomokazu Fukutsuka, Takeshi Abe, Zempachi Ogumi 


Optimization of drilling conditions of glass fibre reinforced plastic composite material using genetic algorithm  P811

Dr. N.S.Mohan,  Dr Jagannath K,  Dr S.S.Sharma, Dr.Chandrashekar Bhat


Modeling and analysis of dynamic crack propagation in a nanoscale bi-layer metallic composite   P813

Ram Mohan and Yojna Purohit


Polyethylene: the next frontier for self reinforced polymer composites   P815

L.Morgan, B.Weager, J.Clarke and N.Thomas


Monte carlo simulation of defects in Hard-Sphere crystal grown on a squsre pattern  P817

Atsushi Mori, Yoshihisa Suzuki, and Shigeki Matsuo


Shape, displacement and strain measurements by sampling moire method   P819

Yoshiharu Morimoto, Motoharu Fujigaki and Akihiro Masaya


Strength nanostructured material based on dioxide zirconium monocrystalline  P821

Gennadi Moskvitin, Maxim Pugachev, Askold Melshanov, Sofia Alexeeva


Structure of Al87Ni8Dy5 in amorphous and nanocrystalline state    P823

S.I, Mudry, Yu.O. Kulyk


Sol-Gel templated titaniumdioxide films for solar cell applications     P825

Peter Müller-Buschbaum, Monika Rawolle, Martin A. Niedermeier, Kuhu Sarkar, Philipp Lellig, Jochen S. Gutmann


Enhancement of optical birefringence in anisotropic nanocomposites mediated by localized surface plasmon resonance  P827

Shunsuke Murai, Takuya Tsujiguchi, Koji Fujita, and Katsuhisa Tanaka


Performance comparision of carbide and hss drills in drilling of gfrp composite materials- an experimental study using design of experiments

Murthy. B.R.N, Lewlyn L. R. Rodrigues, D. Anjaiah      P829


Synthesis and characterisation of polymer-stabilised gold nanoparticles   P831

Haruna Musa, Terence Cosgrove, Erol A. Hasan, Abdullahi A. Kogo, Hamza Abba


Mechanical properties of self reinforced poly(lactic acid) prepared by compression moulding   P833

Izan Roshawaty Mustapa, Robert A. Shanks, Ing Kong


Ab initio study of structural and electronic properties of inn/si and gan/si interfaces  P835

Mutigullin I.V., Abgaryan K.K., Bazhanov D.I., Stepanyuk O.V.


Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube/PMMA composite via an electrostatic adsorption assembly technique    P837
Hiroyuki Muto, Norio Hakiri, Go Kawamura, Atsunori Matsuda


Friction coefficients of boron mixed brake pads     P839

Muzathik AM, Mohd Nizam YB, Prawoto Y, Ahmad MF and Wan Nik WB


Defect induced hardening and toughening in Mn3CuxGe1-xN metallic perovskite      P841

Yoshinobu Nakamura, Koshi Takenaka, Akira Kishimoto, Hidenori Takagi


Formation and properties of poly(vinyl butyral)-zirconia hybrids     P843

Koji Nakane, Kosuke Mizutani, Ruonan Zhang and Nobuo Ogata


Thermally improving bentonite characteristics for geotechnical engineering    P845

Abdoullah Namdar


Optimization Of Cellulose Fiber Isolation From Rice Straw And Its Application For Thermoplastic Composite Formation P847

Siritorn Narkchamnan and Chularat Krongtaew


ZrN / Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposite Coatings By Co-Sputtering Method   P849 

A. Joseph Nathanael, Jun Hee Lee, Sun Ig Hong


Towards the quantum limits in scaling of electronIC devices     P851

Waldemar Nawrocki


New Statistical Functional Nonparametric Methods For Study Of Nanomaterials     P853

Presenter: Salvador Naya, Ramón Artiaga, Mario Francisco-Fernández, Javier Tarrío-Saavedra and Jorge López-Beceiro


Pd nanoparticles deposited on poly(lactic acid) grafted carbon nanotubes: synthesis, characterization and application in Heck

C-C coupling reaction

Gururaj M. Neelgund, Aderemi Oki       P855


Hierarchical Porous Materials Templating from Nanoparticle-Stabilized Emulsions   P857

To Ngai and Zifu Li


Effect of electrodeposition potential on the composition and morphology of CIGS absorber thin film    P859

Pham Hong Quang, Ngo Dinh Sang, Le Tuan Tu, Dang Thi Bich Hop and Nguyen Thanh Nghi


Volatile Organic Compound Gas Sensor Based On Meso/Macro Porous Semiconducting Metal Oxide     P861

Nguyen Duc Hoa, Sherif A. El-Safty1         



Nanostructured composites: Potential materials for Organic Light Emitting Diodes and Organic Solar Cells  P863

Nguyen Nang Dinh, Dinh Van Chau, Do Ngoc Chung, Nguyen Phuong Hoai Nam


Application Of Hilbert-Huang Transform To The Signal Analysis Of Sonic Echo Testing        P865

Sheng-Huoo Ni and Li-Ting Hsu


A Comparative Study Of Corrosion Resistance On Metal Joint By Using Different Types Of Cooling Method

W.B. Wan Nik, R. Rosliza , O. Sulaiman, Y. Prawoto, M.F.R. Zulkifli and D. Hui                  P867


Synthesis and Characterization of Cathode Material for Li-ion Batteries

Umair Nisara, Q. J. Khattaka, Mohsin Saleem, R. A. Shakoorb, Ali Hussiana, F.A.Khalid     P869


Static and dynamic strain sensing using a polymer - carbon nanotube film strain sensor    P871

Michael K. Njuguna, Cheng Yan, John M. Bell, and Prasad Yarlagadda


A Case Study On Bim Based Building Energy Evaulation                    P873

Sang-Tae No


Novel structural and magnetic effects in passivated antiferromagnetic transition metal monoxides: inverted antiferromagnetic      (afm)/ferrimagnetic (FiM), core/shell nanoparticles         P875

J. Nogués, A. López-Ortega, M. Estrader, D. Tobia, E. Winkler, S. Estradé, I. Golosovsky, J. Sort, G. Salazar-Alvarez, F. Peiró, S. Suriñach, R.D. Zysler, M.D. Baró


Analysis of sandwiched composite long-span foldable beam       P877

Norazman M. Nor, Agusril, Alias Yusof, Risby Sohaimi, Ahmad M.A. Zaidi



Fabrication and characterization of pure single walled carbon nanotubes microelectrode for electrochemical measurement  P879

Nguyen Xuan Viet, Yoshiaki Ukita and Yuzuru Takamura


Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity of dealloyed bimetallic PtM3 fuel cell cathode electrocatalysts  P881

Mehtap Oezaslan b, Stefan Rudib, Zengcai Liua, Peter Strassera,b


Mechancal And Microstructural Analyses of Cu-15at% Ag Nanocomposite Processed By High Pressure Torsioning    P883

Ki Hwan Oh, Ho byung Kim, Sun Ig Hong


Fire Retardation Effect Oof Graphite Oxides on Epoxy Resin

Kyung Min Oh, Yu Rok Lee, Soon Cheol Kim, Hyung-il Lee and Han Mo Jeong   P885


Current Properties Depending on Temperature of Hydrogenated Silicon Oxycarbide    P887

Teresa Oh


Theory of Electrostatic Interaction Between Polymer-Coated Composte Particles   P889

Hiroyuki Ohshima


Development Oof Fracture Fixation Plates Prototype Through Metal Injection Moulding (Mim) Process      P891

 M.A.Omar, I.Subuki, N.Abdullah, M.F.Ismail, A.H.Hashim and A.H.Zulkifly2


Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes And Anode Degradation In High Temperature Pem Fuel Cells   P893

Orfanidi, M. K. Daletou, S. G. Neophytides


Load-Displacement Behaviour of Aa 7075-t6 Holed And Clamped Plates At Different Environmental Temperatures   P895

R.H. Oskouei, J. Elambasseril and R.N. Ibrahim


Recycling Optimisation of Concrete Composites:  An Experimental Study   P897

Mohamed Osmani


Polyurethane Hybrid Composites Containing Trisilanolisobutyl Poss: Preparation, Structure And Properties   P899

Rui Pana, Ing Kongb and Robert. Shanksb


Seismic Performance Improvement of RC Columns by Applying High-Performance Fiber Cementitious Mortar    P901

Chang-Hwan Park ,  Chang-Geun Cho,  Jeong-Sup Kim, Luciano Feo , David Hui


Air Permeability Test of Concrete Tube Structures With Joints  P903

Joonam Park, Lee-Hyeon Kim and Seong-Won Nam


Effects of Initial Microstructure on The Development of Microstructure And Mechanical Properties In Energy Saving Az31     Magnesium Alloy During Hot Rolling

No-Jin Park, Sun-Hea Hwang and Chang-Wan Ha     P905


Fuzzy Logic based Matrix Crack Detection in Thin-walled Composite Beam under Material and Fabrication Uncertainties P907

Prashant M. Pawar and Babruvahan P. Ronge


Discussion of some issues for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) in architectural design in China   P909

Peng Changhai, Huang Ying,Wu Zhishen


Structural Degradation And Sensing Properties of Zno Nano Films   P911

X.Y. Peng, J.Chu, M. Sajjad, P. X. Feng 


Optical Properties Dependence As Function of The Temperature In Aln Films Deposited By Pld    P913

J.A. Pérez, H. Riascos, J. C. Caicedo, L. Yate


Time-Integrated And-Resolved Mass Spectrometric Investigations During Laser Ablation of Yttrium In High Vacuum   P915

A. Perrone, F. Gontad, and A. Lorusso


Development of Methods of Severe Plastic Deformation And Research Methods of Ultrafine Steels   P917

Petrova N.D., Ivanov A.M., Lukin Eu.S.


Self-Assembled Nanometric Spacer on Surface of Natural Rubber Composited with TiO2    P919

Kritsada Phatcharasit1, and Wirach Taweepreda


Characterization of The Durability of Surface Treatments Used In Adhesive Bonding     P921

S. Pitt, D. Peng and R. Jones


Shape Optimization of Fiber In Biomaterials   P923

Petr P. Prochazka, Martin J. Valek


Fracture Strength Nanostructured Material Based on Dioxide Zirconium Monocrystalline   P925

Maxim Pugachev, Gennadi Moskvitin, Askold Melshanov


Buckypaper (Carbon Nanotube Film) as Mechanical Sensor by Micro-Raman Spectroscopy   P927

Wei Qiu, Yi-Lan Kang, Wei-Lin Deng, Qiu Li


Effect of Sulfamic Acid As Complexing Agent on Electrodeposition of Cigs Absorber Thin Film    P929

Pham-Hong Quang, Dang-Thi-Bich Hop, Ngo-Dinh-Sang, Le-Tuan Tu, And Nguyen-Hoang Nghi


Reinforcement Efficiency of Carbon Nanotubes: Probablistic Study of Nanotube Waviness    P931

Roham Rafiee


Numerical modeling of Double Skin Profiled Composite Shear Wall System under In-plane Monotonic Loadings   P933

Shahryar Rafiei, Khandaker M. A. Hossain, Mohamed Lachemi, and Kamran Behdinan


Manufacturing Biocomposite Parts Using Lrtm

J. Raghavan, B. O¡¦Connor, G. Kime, B. Klimack, J.A. Milne, and P. Zanetel    P935 


Basic Study of Wimax Simulation       P937     

Monika rani, Anil Rose


Basic Study of Wimax Simulation        P939

Monika rani, Anil Rose


Stannic Oxide Nanopowders Via The Co-Precipitation Method     P941

Mohamed .M.Rashad, Adel A. Ismail, I.Osama, Ibrahim A.Ibrahim1, Abdel-Hakim



Delamination Analysis At Free Edges of Composite Laminates    P943

Bosko Rasuo and Mirko Dinulovic


Combination of Micro-Fluidics and Sol-Gel Templating for Nanostructuring of Titania Thin Films for Photovoltaic Application

Monika Rawolle, Matthias A. Ruderer, Stefan M. Prams, Qi Zhong, David Magerl, Jan Perlich,

Stephan V. Roth, Philipp Lellig, Jochen S. Gutmann, Peter Müller-Buschbaum               P945


Influence of Concrete Skin on De-Icing Salts Resistance

Pavel Reiterman, Karel Kolar, Michaela Kostelecka and Ondrej Holcapek    P947


Growth And Micro Waves Characterizations Of Bst And Bst/Bzn Hetero Structures Thin Films   P949

D. Rémiens, L. Yang, F. Ponchel, C. Soyer, J.F. Legier, G. Wang and X. Dong


Nano Loop Optical Antenna

Hengjiang Ren and Zhongxiang Shen        P951


Stresses Development In An Advanced Grid-Stiffened Plate During The Co-Curing Process  P953

Ren Mingfa, Huang Qizhong and Chen Haoran


Effect of Montmorillonite Nanoclay Filler on Surface Degradation Properties of Epoxy-Based Nanocomposites  P955

N.M. Renukappa, Rashmi, C. Ranganathaiah, Siddaramaiah


Improvement of Hydrophilic Property Of Magnesium Alloy Panel Through Oxygen Plasma Modification  P957

Jae Young Jang1 and Kyong Yop Rhee


Quasi-One-Dimensional Transport And Thermoelectricity:Peierls Distortion In Indium Selenides   P959

Jong-Soo  Rhyee


Experimental Study on Polyester Based Concretes Filled With Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Recyclates-a Contribution To      Composite Materials Sustainability                                      P961

M.C.S. Ribeiro, A. Fiúza, M.L. Dinis, A.C. M. Castro, F.G. Silva, J.P. Meixedo And M.R. Alvim    


Application of The Scourer or Luffacylíndrica Under Natural, Rigid And Flexible Resin To Obtain a Natural Composite    P963


Daniela Rincón P, Carlos A. Guerrero F, Fabio E. Sierra, Eliana Guerrero-Romero


Nanostructured Mg Thin Films on Cu Substrates For Photocathode Applications       P965

Carmen Ristoscu, Ion N. Mihailescu


Mechanical Properties of Al-Cy-Mg alloys Micro-alloyed with Sn      P967

P.S. Robi, A. Srinivasana, Sanjib Banerjee


Performance of Thin Walled Composite Beams With Stochastic Properties Under Matrix Cracking Damage   P969

Babruvahan P. Ronge  and Prashant M. Pawar 


Tailoring Functional Polymer-Metal Nanocomposites Via Sputter Deposition      P971

Stephan v. Roth, adeline buffet, mottakin abul kashem, gunthard benecke, rainer gehrke, gerd herzog, volker koerstgens, jan perlich, monika rawolle, ralf roehlsberger, andre rothkirch, kai schlage, matthias schwartzkopf, and peter mueller-buschbaum


The Effect of Metal Oxide-Carbon Support on Electrocatalysts For Fuel Cell Reactions       P973

B. Ruiz-Camacho, M.A. Valenzuela, N. Alonso-Vante


Sol Gel Derived Bioactive Glass Nanoparticles In The SiO2-CaO-MgO-P2O5 System    P975

M. R. Saeri, and  A. Doostmohammadi



Set Up Improvement of Impedance Spectroscopy Chracterization of Chitosan Membranes  P977

Prajak Saeung, Wissarut Pauypung, Pikul Wanichapichart


Applications: Influence of Carbon Nanotube To Exchage Thermophysical Properties of Hydrazinehydrate (Rocket Fuel) In Dependence Temperature And Pressures

Safarov M.M., Zoirov H.A., Zaripova M.A., Anaqulov M.M., Toshov A.G.  P979


Electromagnetic Shielding of Hybrid Weaves

Veronika Šafářová and Jiří. Militký     P981


Effect of Particle Size And Concentration of Fly Ash on Properties of Polyester Thermoplastic Elastomer Composites   P983

R.S.N.Sahai, V.R.Gaval and P.A.Mahanwar


Observation of Mobile Lattice Defects In a Colloidal Crystal

Makiko Sakabe, Yoshihisa Suzuki, Takahisa Fujiwara, Atsushi Mori, Shin-ichiro Yanagiya,   P985 Katsuhiro Tamura


Effect of Electrodeposition Potential on The Composition And Morphology of Cigs Absorber Thin Film   P987

Ngo-Dinh Sanga, Pham-Hong Quangb, , Le-Tuan Tub, Dang-Thi-Bich Hopb and Nguyen-Thanh Nghib


Adaptive Pulse Technological Processes of Welding And Pad Weld Is a New High-Performance Method of Obtaining of    Permanent Joints Of High-Strength Steels       P989

Saraev Yu.N.


Improvement In Functional Properties of Potato Starch/Nano-Cellulose Fibre (Ncf) Nanocomposite Films   P991

N. R. Savadekar U.S. Annapure and S. T. Mhaske


In Situ µGISAXS Investigation of Gold Sputter Deposition onto Mesoporous Polymer Templates.   P993

Matthias Schwartzkopf, Adeline Buffet, Volker Koerstgens, Kai Schlage, Jan Perlich, André Rothkirch1, Gunthard Benecke, Ezzeldin Metwalli, Mottakin M. Abul-Kashem, Gerd Herzog, Peter Mueller-Buschbaum, Ralf Roehlsberger, Rainer Gehrke and Stephan V. Roth


Oxidation Behaviour of Ion-Implanted Nanocrystalline Fe-Cr Alloy Fabricated By Different Densification Techniques: Spark Plasma Sintering And Hot-Pressing     P995          

D. Sebayang, Deni S. Khaerudini, H. Saryanto, M.A. Othman, S. Hasan1, D. Fredrick, T. Sujitno and P. Untoro


Bond Characteristic of  Frp Embedded In Concrete For Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Structure    P997

Soo-Yeon Seo,   Luciano Feo  and   David Hui


Generalized Geometric Model of 3D Woven Preforms From Spun Yarns     P999

Abdel-Fattah M. Seyam and Mehmet E. Ince


High Thermal Conductivity Diamond Composites   P1001 

F.M. Shakhov, A.M. Abyzov, S.V. Kidalov


Influence of z-Pin¡¦s Curing Degree on Properties of Laminates And Its Mechanism     P1003

W. Shang, J. Xiao , P.Z. Cheng, L.M. Deng and Q.Y.Chu


Beta Casein Nanovehicles For Targeted Oral Drug Delivery ¡V Towards Treatment of Gastric Cancer     P1005

Alina Shapira, Irit Davidson, Noa Oron, Prof. Yehuda Assaraf, and Dr. Yoav D. Livney*


Thermomechanical And Precipitation Hardening of Stir-Cast Silica Reinforced Aluminium Alloy Matrix Composites    P1007

S.S.SHARMA,  JAGANNATH K,  N S Mohan, CHANDRASHEKHAR BHAT, P R Prabhu & R C Chadaga                    


Inorganic Polyoxide Thermoplastics      P1009

Shaulov, A., Grachev, A., Lyubimov, A., Lyubimova, G., Stegno, E., and Berlin, A.


Is The Dip of Reflectance Always Caused By Plasma?     P1011

Yan Shen, Wei-Xi Zhou, Jian-Bo Chen1, Jing Li, Yu-Xiang Zheng, Hai-Bin Zhao, Rong-Jun Zhang, Liang-Yao Chen, Wei Li, Xun-Ya Jiang and David W. Lynch


Effect of Coupling Agent on The Interfacial Properties of 3D Ramie/Polypropylene Composites    P1013

Yang Shen,Jianmeng Zhao, Nanting Zhou, Qian Zhang, Xiaomeng Fang, Yiping Qiu, Hui Wang


Microstructure And Room Temperature Mechanical Properties of Nial-Cr(Mo)-Hf/Dy Eutectic Alloy Prepared By Injection Casting

L.Y. Sheng, T.F. Xi, J.T. Guo, Y.F. Zheng1, H.Q. Ye     P1015


Nanophase Treatment of Natural Fiber For Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites     P1017

Sheldon Q. Shi, Jinshu Shi, Kaiwen Liang and Jinwu Wang


Experimental Study For Performance Evaluation of Large Double Head Studs In High Strength Concrete   P1019

Hak Bo Shim, Sung Hun Jang, Joo Ho Lee and Hyo Seon Park


Simulated Body Fluid Evaluation of Titanium Oxide Layers Exhibiting Different Morphologies Formed By Electrochemical Plasma Coating Process

Ki Ryong Shin, Kang Min Lee, You Chan Jung, Young Gun Ko and Dong Hyuk Shin1   P1021


Synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 Quaternary Nanocrystal Formed By Annealing Precursors Prepared By Microwave-Assisted Solution Method

Seung Wook Shin, Jun Hee Han, Chan Young Park, Jong-Ha Moon, Jeong Yong Lee and Jin Hyeok Kim    P1023


Highly Efficient Ultraviolet Light Emission From Silicon Nanocrystals    P1025

Naoto Shirahata


Micro-Nano Mineral Study And New Mineral Discovery      P1027

Jinfu Shu, Jingsui Yang, He Rong and Ho-kwang Mao


Processing of Nanomaterials In The c-b-n System       P1029

Raj N. Singh


Metal on Metal Bearings: Evaluation of The Potential Risks In Clinical Use And The Associated Data Management Issues Challenging Prospective Risk Analysis

James Smith, Peter Smitham, Liping Qi, Simon Grange       P1031


Strength And Magnetism of Nanocomposites Formed By 3D-Metal Nanochains Embedded In a Non-Magnetic Matrix   P1033

M. Šob, and T. Káňa


BGA Impact Analysis: Numerical Study

Rasha Mohamed Soliman, Medhat Awad El-Hadek, Shaban Ibrahim Abdou      P1035


The Interaction Between a Screw Dislocation And a Semi-Infinite Wedge Crack With a Nano Circular Inclusion At Tip  P1037

Song Hao-Peng  Gao Cun-Fa


Nonlinear Dynamics And Vibrations For Geometrically Nonlinear Composite Aircraft Wings     P1039

Ji-seok Song, Hwanhee Lee, Seog-Ju Cha, Sungsoo Na, Zhanming Qin


Effect of Heat Treatment on The Mechanical Response And Fracture Behavior In Sts304/Al1050/Sts439 Clad Material  P1041

Jun-Young Song, In-Kyu Kim and Sun Ig Hong


Free Vibration of Composite Plates Subjected to Magnetic Field and Temperature Gradient     P1043

Ohseop Song, Sung-Kyun Kim, Jong-Woon Choi, Young-Jun Kim, Sang-Yun Park


Advanced Application of Natural Fibres In High Performance Automotive Composite Structures    P1045

V.R Soroush, H. Ghasemnejad, D.R. Marchant A. Aboutorabi


Testing of 2m Offset Thin-Shell Reflector Demonstator     P1047

Ömer Soykasap and Şükrü Karakaya


Composite Repair Using Vartm Techniques      P1049

Ronald Sterkenburg and Peng Hao Wang


Scratch Resistance of Transparent Conductive Oxide Film on Polymer Substrate      P1051



Optical And Microwave Communication Using New Materials ¡V An Overview     P1053

Otto Strobel, Elke Dietrich , Jan Lubkoll 


Expansion of The Ferroelectric Phase Temperature Interval In The Composites (KnO3)1-x (BaTio3)x And (KnO3)1-x(PbTio3x 

E.V. Stukova, S.V. Baryshnikov                P1055


Study of Dynamic Drop Impact Response of Open-Cell Metal Foam      P1057

Yishi Su and Xiaolu Gong


Fiber-Metal Hybrid Laminates As Structural Material In Towers For Offshore Wind Energy Converters    P1059

Suarez JC , Meng X , Guzman S , Herreros MA , Diez I


Self-Organization of Nanoparticles of Copper, Silver And Gold In Pulsed Plasma In Liquid    P1061

Sulaimankulova S.K., Akkoziev I.A., Mametova A.S., Akkaziev B.K.


Nanodiamonds From Pulsed Plasma Generated In Water         P1063

Sulaymankulova S.K., Akkoziev I.A., Mametova A.S., Zhasnakunov J.K.


Polymer-Containing Catalytic Nanocomposites       P1065

Esfir Sulman, Valentina Matveeva, Mikhail Sulman


Interfacial Toughening Mechanism Of Foam Core Composite Sandwich Beams With Chopped Fibers    P1067   

Sun Shiyong, Chen Haoran  


The Complex Permittivity And Permeability of Pmma/Fe3O4 Nps/Ag Nps Composites In The Microwave Range    P1069

Wen Hsien Sun, Dung Shing Hung, Tsing Tang Song1 and Shang Fan Lee


Highly Aligned Carbon Nanotube/Polymer Composites With Much Improved Electrical Conductivities     P1071

Xuemei Sun, Huisheng Peng


Research on The Characteristics of Dielectric Barrier Discharge And Dielectric Barrier Corona Discharge    P1073

Sun Yan-zhou, Zeng Mi, Lu Yan


Effect of Different Abrasives on Three-Body Abrasive Wear Behaviour of Silicon Dioxide Filled Epoxy Nanocomposites

B. Suresha, R.M. Devarajaiah, N. Govinda Raju, K.N. Shivakumar                 P1075


Role of Silicon Dioxide Filler on Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Epoxy Nanocomposites

B. Suresha, R.M. Devarajaiah, K.N. Shivakumar, Kishore, S. Seetharamu and         P. Sampathkumaran    P1077


Development of a Model For Online Monitoring of Friction Stir Welding Using Acoustic Emission Technique     P1079

Suresha C N, Rajaprakash B M and Sarala Upadhya


Nanoindentation Characteristic of Nanoclay/ Rubber Toughened-Upe Nanocomposite    P1081

S.N Surip, Z.Y Zhang, H.N Dhakal & N.N Bonnia


Structure And Hardness of Copper-Doped Soda-Lime Silica Glass     P1083

Maria Suszynska1 and Agnieszka Cizman


Structure And Hardness of Copper-Doped Soda-Lime Silica Glass    P1085

Maria Suszynska1 And Agnieszka Cizman


Research of Nanostructural Tool Materials Servosurfaces       P1087

Syromyatnikova A.S., Safonova M.N. and Fedotov A.A.


Stimuli-Responsive Periodic Micro Structures on Oxide-Polymer Hybrid Films   P1089

Masahide Takahashi, Yasuaki Tokudome


Modulation of Metal-Insulator Transition Temperature In w-Doped Vo2 Thin Films : Toward Mott Devices P1091

Hidefumi Takami, Kenichi Kawatani, Teruo Kanki, Shigenori Ueda1, Keisuke Kobayashi1, and Hidekazu Tanaka


Structural And Electrical Properties Of Tin Selenide Film    P1093
Z.A. Talib, J.Y.C. Liew, W.M.M. Yunus, Z. Zainal, and S.A. Halim

Simulation Study of a High Performance Metal-Oxide Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor  P1095
Keka Talukdar and Apurba Krishna Mitra

Origin of Feroomagnetism In Amorphous Euo-Tio2 Thin Films   
Katsuhisa Tanaka, Koji Fujita, Yanhua Zong, Takahiro Kawamoto, Hirofumi Akamatsu, Yoshiro Kususe, and Shunsuke Murai

Effect of Surface Modification of Kevlar Stitch Threads on Interfacial Hydrothermal Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Stitched Composites            
AI Tao ,Wang Rumin, Deng Jie

Plasma-Assisted Synthesis And Modification Of Composite Nanoparticles In Liquids           
Nikolai Tarasenko, Andrei Butsen, Alena Nevar, Mikhail Nedelko, Mehdi Mardanian

Rheological Properties of Polyethylene-Copper Oxide Composites  
Tiam-Ting Tee, Tin-Sin Lee, Yew-Sing Chin

Mechanical Suppression of Tunneling Between Metallic Beads  
A.Tekaya , R. Bouzerar1, V. Bourny

Preparation of Fe3O4/Cap Core-Shell Nanoparticles Exhibiting Good Magnetism And Bioapplication    
Teng Yu, Cai Qing, Fang Zhou, Li Keyu and Yang Xiaoping

Synthesis And Characterization of Mesoporous Cao-B2O3-SiO2 Bioactive Glass    P1109

Lay Gaik Teoh, Yu-Ren Wu, Pei-Hsing Huang and Yi Lin Huang


Nonlinear Static Analysis of a Beam Made of Functionally Graded Materials    P1111

Julien Thivend, Habib Eslami, and Yi Zhao


Improvements To The Design of a Particle Beam Cluster Source For Nanofabrication   P1113

Stuart Thornton, Chris Binns and Shian Gao


Corrosion Behavior of Kfrp At High Temperature Dry-Wet Cycle In Salt Water    P1115

Ye Tian Dongxing Zhang, Dihong Li, Haiying Xiao, Jin Jia


Polymer Matrix Composites Exhibiting Ultra-High Thermal Conductivity Greater Than 500 w/m-k    P1117

Jyh-Ming Ting


Consolidation of Silica Sand-Cement Frogbrick Composites    P1119

Benjamin C. Tobias


Mechanical Behavior of Carbon Nano-Crystallites Forming  Carbon Fibers    P1121

Melanie Todt , Franz G. Rammerstorfer , Oskar Paris , Franz D. Fischer


Engineering of Concentrated Emulsions As a Drug Carrier System For Pharmaceutical Application   P1123

Lihong Tong, Mont Kumpugdee-Vollrath, Jens-Peter Krause, and Pornsak Sriamornsak


Stress Relaxation of Impact Damaged Composites    P1125

Tong Yuanjian and David H Isaac


Mechanical Properties of Unidirectional Jute Fiber Reinforced Poly(Butylene Succinate Biodegradable Composites   P1127

Tran Huu Nam, Shinji Ogihara


Increasing The Octane Number of Gasoline Using Praseodymium(Iii)-Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetate/Activated Clinoptilolite   Zeolite

Dewi Tristantini, Eny Kusrini, and Vino Hasyim       P1129


Fabrication of Intrinsic Josephson Junctions Stacks And Loosely Bound Atoms In Superconducting Oxides   P1131

Marco Truccato, Angelo Agostino, Stefano Cagliero, Holger Motzkau, Andreas Rydh3 and Vladimir Krasnov


Sensitive Label-Free Impedimetric Immunosensor Based on Polypyrrole For Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone Detection

Truong TN Lien, Miyuki Chikae, Yoshiaki Ukita, Yuzuru Takamura      P1133


Pulsed Laser Deposition of Lafeo3 Thin Films Using The Target Prepared By Pechini Method     P1135

Yoshito Tsuchiya, Kento Norota, Yuta Watabe, Takuji Kuroda, Nobuyuki Iwata Takuya Hashimoto, Hiroshi Yamamoto


Stochastic Approach To Simulation of Interaction of Multi-Spherical Particles       P1137

Liudas Tumonis, Rimantas Kačianauskas and Algis Džiugys


Fabrication And Mechanical Properties of Mwcnt Epoxy Composite      P1139

Chorng H. Twu, Chen-Chi M. Ma, Sheng-Yen Wu, Yuan-Li Huang, Hsi-Wen Tien, Shin-Yi Yang, Siu-Ming Yuen


Chemistry of Some Oxide Based Nanomaterials For Energy Conversion Applications     P1141

A.K. Tyagi


Depositions Of Proton Conductive Oxide Thin Films By Sol-Gel Method For Fuel Cell Applications   P1143

Kiyoshi Uchiyama


Improvements In Wear Properties of Ti-6al-4v Alloy By Thermal Oxidation Process    P1145

Sarala Upadhya and B K Muralidhara 


A Semidefinite Harmonic Oscillator For Seismic Analysis of Structures In a Complex Space. a Physical And Mathematical Shake Table

By: J. L. Urrutia-Galicia                        P1147


Relations Between Phase Diagram, Kinetics of Thermal Annealing Process, And Morphological Stability In Polymer:Fullerene Blends For Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells

Guy Van Assche, F. Demir1, B. Van Mele, J. Manca, D. Vanderzande   P1149


Effect of Cr on The Oxidation Resistance of Nb-Cr-Mo-Si-b Alloys    P1151

S.K. Varma and Benedict Portillo


Modeling of Ecological Plastic Lubricant Flow    P1153

Martin Vašina, Lumír Hružík


Development of Low Cost Non-Vacuum Processing Techniques For Fabrication of Cigs Based Pv Devices  P1155

S. Velumani, B. J. Babu, B.Vidhya, P. Reyes, A. Angeles and R. Asomoza


Preparation And Microstructural Characterization of Carbon /Carbon Composite  P1157

Ramani Venugopalan, D. Sathiyamoorthy and A. K. Tyagi


¡§Design & Development of ¡¥Programmable Transceiver Controller (a Nanotechnology Device)¡¦ For Wimax/Wifi Wireless  Communication.¡¨

S. Devendra K. Verma & Dr. P. K. Barhai     P1159


Experimental Study on Basalt Fiber Reinforced Syntactic Foams    P1161

Morampudi Vijay and Zhenyu Ouyang


Multifunctional Hybrid Structures For Energy And Environmental Applications    P1163

Hema Vijwani, Adam Maleszewski, & Sharmila M. Mukhopadhyay


Fabrication of Conjugated Polymer and Metal Nanoparticle Composites toward Sensing Applications     P1165

Hsing-Lin Wang, Ping Xu, Chen-Yu Kuo, Nathan H. Mack 


Environment-Assisted Subcritical Debonding of Epoxy-Concrete Interface   P1167

Jialai Wang, Chao, Zhang, Ken Fridley


Investigation of Natural Rubber Composites with Addition of Mesoporous Mcm-41 Fillers    P1169

Na Wang, Xiangzhou Wang, Jing Zhang, Qinghong Fang, David Hui


The Effect of Stoichiometric Ratio of Curing Agent on The Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Resins   P1171

Peng Wang, Gang Sui and Xiaoping Yang


Chalcogenide Microsphere Fabricated from Fibre Taper-Drawn Using Resistive Heating     P1173

Pengfei Wang, Gilberto Brambilla1, Yuliya Semenova, Qiang Wu, Gerald Farrell


The Influence of Nano-Fillers on The Insulation Properties of Epoxy Resin     P1175

Qi Wang and George Chen


Phase Separation Related to Medium Range Order in Crystallization of Al83Ni8Si2Ce7 Metallic Glass   P1177

S.H. Wang, C.C. Yang


 Non-Covalently Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes as Catalyst Supports for Fuel Cell Applications    P1179

Shuangyin Wang, Xin Wang


Research on The Deformation of Prepreg Tape Influenced by The Temperature     P1181

Wang Xianfeng, Wen Liwei, Qi Junwei, Li Xiaoping, Wang Yi, Chen Yurong


The Evaluation of Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Blended Cement Concrete    P1183

Wang XiaoYong, Cho HyeongKyu and Lee HanSeung


Application of Indentation Fracture Mechanics Approach for Determination of Fracture Toughness of Dlc Coating Ceramics Materials

Yan-rong Wang, Sheikh-Md. Rasel, Hyoun-kon Ku, and Jung-il Song     P1185


Formation of Cuxo (X=1, 2) Nanowires by Thermal Annealing Copper Film Deposited on Ti/Si Substrate   P1187

Yao Wang, Ruiqi Shen, Yinghua Ye, Yan Hu, Peng Zhu


Modifying Polylactide and Polycarbonate Green Blends for Durable Applications    P1189

Yeh Wang, T.-F. Hung, and S. M. Chiao


Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fabric-Phenolic Resin Composite Using Carbon Nanotubes    P1191

Yi-qi Wang, Joon-hyung Byun, Cheon Won, Zhi-peng Hui1 and Jung-il Song


In-Situ Fabrication and Thermoeletric Properties of Bismuth-Polyaniline Nanocomposites   P1193

Yuanyuan Wang, Xi Yao and Kefeng Cai


Improved Interfacial Strength of Sma Composite with Nanotreated Fibre Surface    P1195

Yulong Wang, Zhenqing Wang and Limin Zhou


Atom Counting and Atomic Structure for Monolayer-Protected Gold Clusters Via Quantitative Haadf- Stem    P1197

Z. W. Wang, O. Toikkanen, F. Yin, Z. Y. Li, B. M. Quinn, and R. E. Palmer


Electrospun Nanofibers for Artificial Scaffolds and Reinforcement of Rubbers     P1199

Ulrike Wangenheim, Ulrich Giese, Robert H. Schuster


Understandingsof Solid Particle Bonding Behaviors in Warm Spray Deposition     P1201

Makoto Watanabe, KeeHyun Kim, Seiji Kuroda


Modeling and Simulation for Microbial Depolymerization of Polyethylene Glycol    P1203

Masaji Watanabe and Fusako Kawai


Modelling of Underground Structure    P1205

Kamila Weiglová and Jiří Boštík


Intravenous Fat Nanoemulsion: A Novel Antidote for Local Anesthetic-Induced Systemic Toxicity in Humans    P1207

Guy Weinberg and Israel Rubinstein


Research on Automatic Tape Laying of Elliptical Cylinder     P1209

Wen Liwei, Wang Xianfeng, Qi Junwei, Li Xiaoping, Wang Yi, Chen Yurong


Novel Application of Insulin Amyloid Superstructures as Templates for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering    P1211

Slawomir Wojcik , Wojciech Dzwolak


Preparation of Dielectric Embedded Silicon Nanocrystallites for Flash Memory Applications   P1213

H. Wong, O. Y. Wong and J. Liu


Electromechanical Properties of Polyether-Based Polyurethane   Composites Filled with Functionalized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

K. Wongtimnoi , B. Guiffard , A. Bogner ¡V Van de Moortele, L. Seveyrat and J.-Y. Cavaillé    P1215


Nanocomposite Films Exhibiting Self-Assembled Alternating Layers     P1217

Wan-Yu Wu


Meshless Methods for The Quasi-3d Analysis of Functionally Graded Elastic Cylinders     P1219

Chih-Ping Wu and Shih-Wei Yang


Processing Effect of Injection Molded Nanoparticle/Polymer Composites on Their Electrical Properties    P1221

Haihong Wu, Shaokang Ma, Aiyun Jiang, Baofeng Zhang


Durability Study of Bfrp Bars Immersed in Water and Alkaline Solution     P1223

Jingyu Wu, Guijun Xian and Hui Li


Synthesis, Characterization and in Vitro Bioactivity of Sol-Gel Derived Mesoporous Bioactive Glass    P1225

Yu-Ren Wu, Lay Gaik Teoh, Pei-Hsing Huang and Wei Haw Wu


A Novel Nano-Diamond Patterning Technique Using Selective Nucleation and Growth    P1227

Weican Xiao, Xi Zhou, Sean Yost, Ramjee Balasubramanian , and Sacharia Albin


Modeling The Stress-Strain Behavior of Triaxially Braided Composites   P1229

Xinran Xiao and Christopher Cater


The Influence of Incorporation of Pulp and Paper Mill Secondary Sludge in Urea-Formaldehyde Resin on Mechanical and Physical Properties of Particleboard Panels

Suying Xing, Bernard Riedl, Amed Koubaa and James Deng   P1231


Study on Algorithm of Adaptive Path Planning for Automated Placement on Mesh Surface   P1233

Xiong Wenlei, Wang Xianfeng and Xiao Jun


Monolayer Molecular Doping for Cost-Effective Photovoltaics    P1235

Fei Xiu, Miao Yu, Johnny C. Ho, Zhiyong Fan


On Different Projectile Nose Shapes in Soil_and_Foam Penetration   P1237

Xu Ce¡AWang Feng-hui¡AWang shao-ming¡ALiu tie-jun


Ultrasonic Characterization for Electronic Package¡¦S Micro-Structure    P1239

Chunguang Xu, Zhongzhu Liu, Xinyu Zhao, Bolong Men


Thermal Radiation Characteristics of Silicon Inverse Opal in Mid Infrared Range   P1241

Xu Jing, LI Yujie¡ALiu rongsheng and Xie Kai


Polymer/Layered Double Hydroxide Nanocomposites    P1243

Kongli Xu, Guangming Chen


An Effective Flaw Model on Analyzing Nanofiller Agglomeration in Nanocomposite Materials   P1245

L. Roy Xu and Arun Krishnan


In Vivo and in Vitro Toxicity of Ag-Nps-Containing-Hydrogel in Reproductive Organs and in Hela Cells    P1247

Liming Xu, Liang Chen, Xuefei Li, Zhe Dong, Gang Wu, Chunren Wang and Tingfei Xi


Flax Fibre Reinforced Poly Lactic Acid Composites by Solvent-Casting Method     P1249

Mohammed K. Yakubu, Rakesh Kumar and Rajesh D. Anandjiwala


Dominant Role of Grain Boundary Scattering on Carrier Transport of Highly Transparent Conductive Ga-Doped Zno Films

Tetsuya Yamamoto, Huaping Song, Hisao Makino and Naoki Yamamoto       P1251


Hot-Press Fast-Bonded Technology for Prepreg Wiinding    P1253

Yan Biao, Xiao Jun and Wen Liwei


Graphene Composites as The Cathode Catalyst for Oxygen Reduction in Fuel Cells      P1255

Xiaoyan Yan,  Xili Tong, Yingyong Wang, Guoqiang Jin, Xiangyun Guo


Design of Clamping Apparatuses and Fatigue Testing Procedures of A Vertical-Axis Composite Wind Power System     P1257

Feng-Min Lai, Chao-Chieh Yang, Jing-Wun Liou, Chen-Mao Yang and Chun-Hsiang Lan


Structural Behaviour of Composite Cladding Panels     P1259

Jian Yang and Yumin Sun


Optimal Design Oof Molded Bark Particleboard Used in Heated Flooring System by Using Finite Element Analysis     P1261

Ping Yang, Hidefumi Yamauchi and Hikaru Sasaki


Preparation of Short Carbon Fiber/Sic Multilayer Composites by Tape Casting     P1263

Wenshu Yang, Claudio Badini, Laura Fuso, Sara Biamino, Claudia Vegabolivar Bolivar, Paolo Fino


Facile Preparation and H2 Separation of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper Membranes With Tunable Pore Sizes

Xiaoshuang Yang, Lixiang Yuan, Andrew I. Minett, and Andrew T. Harris     P1265


Maximum Amplitude of Solutions on A Ball for A Generalized Lane¡VEmden Equation     P1267

Abeer Yasin,Ph.D


Magneto-Elastic Response of Rectangular Orthotropic Plates Due to Multi-Lane Moivng Loads    P1269

JD Yau   


Characterization of Carbon Fibres Reclaimed from Steam-Thermal Recycling Process     P1271

Shengyin YE, Arezki BOUNACEUR, Yannick SOUDAIS, Radu BARNA


Combustion Synthesis of (£D+£E)-Sialon Composites      P1273

C.L. Yeh , K.C. Sheng, and F.S. Wu


Oxygen Plasma Induced Ultralong Lifetime of Heat Sealing Effect of Pet Films      P1275

Miyoshi Yokura, Kenichi Uehara, Guo Xiang, Akinobu Okamoto, Yoshinobu Nakamura, Lakshmi Reddy and Tamio Endo


Nonlinear Thermo-Mechanical Responses Oof Smart Skin Sturctures    P1277

Kwang-Kyu Yoo and Ji-Hwan Kim


Effect of Modified-Montmorillonite and Poss on Electrical Properties of Solid Polymer Elecrolytes     P1279

Keun-Byoung Yoon and Dong-ho Lee


Engineering of A Novel Pluronic F127/Graphene Nanohybrid for Drug Delivery     P1281

Yu Jinhai,  and Dong Haiqing, Li Yongyong


Behaviour of Frp-Confined Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Columns Subjected to Combined Axial and Cyclic Lateral Loads  

T. Yu, Y.M. Hu and J.G. Teng      P1283


Experiments on Cfrp Strengthened Steel Beams with Different Laminate Ends  P1285

Yi Yu and Sing-Ping Chiew


The Research of Debonding Damage Identification   for Foam Core Sandwich Using Wavelet Packet Energy Method    P1287

Yin Yu, Hai Wang1 and Ai-ying Zhao


Study of Coaxial Connecting Methods of Frp Rebars with Winding Fiber Cloth Composites      P1289

G. Yuan, G. Dong, J. Ma,Luciano Feo, David Hui


Laser Cladding of Cu0.5nialcocrfesi High Entropy Alloy on Az91d Magnesium Substrates      P1291

T.M. Yue and K.J. Huang


Nanomechanical Properties of Polyurethane Nanocomposites Studied by Nanoindentation    P1293

K. Yusoh and M. Song


 Fabrication and Characterization of Cu2O/TiO2 Composite Films for Solar Cell Applications     P1295

Ayib Rosdi Zainun, Tomoya Sakamoto, Uzer Mohd Noor, Mohamad Rusop, Masaya Ichimura


The Use of Nanocomposites to Develop The Microstructure and Impermeability of High Performance Concrete    P1297

Saaid. I. Zaki, Khaled. S. Ragab and Alaa. M. Rashad


Quantum Chemical Modeling of Spectral Properties and Electron Transfer in Extended Systems     P1299

Stanislav Záliš, Hana Kvapilová, Irena Kratochvílová, Jakub Šebera, Antonín Vlček, Jr. and Rainer F. Winter


Versatile Pecvd Process for Preparation of Iron-Based Magnetic Nanoparticles     P1301

P. Zelina, O. Jašek, V. Kudrle, B. David, N. Pizúrová, D. Hemzal


Optimization of Train Seat Frame Made of Steel-Polyurethane Foam Composite    P1303

Michal Zemko, Miroslav Urbanek, Martina Donatova, Jan Dzugan and Libor Kraus


Degradation Studies of Omc Supported Pt Electrocatalyst for Pemfc Application in Acid Electrolyte    P1305

Juqin Zeng, Carlotta Francia, Stefania Specchia, Paolo Spinelli


Structural Analysis of Steam Surface Condenser

Jian-Guang Zhai, Jong-Rae Cho, Hua-Hou, Yan-Rong Wang, Jung-Il Song        P1307


Hygrothermal Effect on Bending Fatigue Performance of Carbon/Epoxy Laminates     P1309

Aying Zhang, Dihong Li, Dongxing Zhang, Haibao Lu, Haiying Xiao, Jin Jia


Semicrystalline Polyimide/Mwcnt Hybrid Nanocomposites: Structure, Dynamics, and Properties     P1311

Baode Zhang, V. A. Bershtein, T. E. Sukhanova, Wanchen  Zang, P. N. Yakushev, Yao Li, Chunhai Chen, L. M. Egorova, I. V. Gofman, G. N. Gubanova, A. Y. Volkov, M. E. Vylegzhanina


Vibrational Analysis of Carbon Nanotubes in Thermal Environments     P1313

Chen-Li Zhang, Hui-Shen Shen, Jie Yang


Prediction of Kink Band Formation in 3d Textile Glass Fiber Composites Using A Multi-Scale Modeling Strategy    P1315

Dianyun Zhang, Anthony M. Waas, Chian-Fong Yen, Seth Ghiorse


Calculating Investigation on Some Effective Properties of Interpenetrating Phase Composites    P1317

Hongtao Zhang¡AYu Zeng


Electrical Properties of Few-Layer Boron Nitride   P1319

H. X. Zhang and P. X. Feng


Nanoindentation Behavior of Naturally Layered Materials     P1321

Jianhong Zhang, Zhongxin Wei, and Guoping Zhang


Toughening Epoxy Thermosets and Their Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composites with Electrospun Nanofibres     P1323

Jin Zhang, Tong Lin and Xungai Wang


One-Step Synthesis of Al-Doped Zno Nanocrystalline Aggregates with Polydisperse and High Specific Surface Area    P1325

Jin Zhang , Wenxiu Que, Yuan Yuan, Peng Zhong, Yulong Liao


Design, Preparation, Performance, Industrialization and Application of Advanced Clay/Rubber Nanocomposites   P1327

Liqun Zhang, Youping Wu, Yiqing Wang, Yonglai Lu and Ming Tian


A Model for Nanomechanical Behaviours of Microcantilever-Based Single-Stranded Dna Chips Induced by Conformational Entropy

Neng-Hui Zhang, Zou-Qing Tan and Jin-Ying Shan     P1329


Research on Pultrusion of Polybenzoxazine Resin Matrix Z-Pins   P1331

Zhang Xiangyang, Li Yong and Xiao Jun


A Analysis of The Transverse Strength of Ti-Based Matrix Composite Reinforced by Sic Fiber     P1333

Zhao Bing, Hou HongLiang, Liao JinHua, JiangBo


Strengthen Mechanism of in Situ Tib/Tic Reinforced Ti1100 Composites and Finite Element Analysis    P1335

Fei Zhao, Xiaolu Gong, Di Zhang


Thermoplastic Elastomer Composites for Barrier Applications    P1337

Junling Zhao


Study on Dielectric Properties of Cnf/Pei Composites   P1339

Lijie Zhao, Gang Sui, Xiaoping Yang


Separation of Components in Rice Straw by Environmentally Friendly Processes   P1341

Mengmeng Zhao, Man Jiang, Zuowan Zhou


Influence of Surface Defects on Flexural Strength in Zrn-Alon Nanocomposites     P1343

X.J. Zhao, H.Q. Ru, D.L. Chen, N. Zhang, and B. Liang


Strategies for Improving Ductility of Bulk Nanostructured Materials     P1345

Yonghao Zhao


Nanomaterials for Tunable Passive Microwave Devices       P1347

Y. Zheng, A. Gaebler, M. Koeberle and R. Jakoby


Fabrication of Poly (Propylene Carbonate)/Gelatin Composite Via Layer-by-Layer Assembly for Cytocompatibility


Xia Zhong and Fariba Dehghani          P1349


Investigation of Interlaminar Resistance of Angled Laminate Beams    P1351

G. Zhou, P. Nash J. Callahan, J. Haworth, K. O¡¦Brien, B. Aspinal, P. Ripley and J. Rishton


Compatibilizing Effect of Epoxy on The Structure and Properties of Pet/Pa6 Blend Fibers     P1353

Jing Zhou, Byung Gil Min and Ju Yeon Kim


Nanocrysytals-Glass Composites for Photonic Devices    P1355

Shifeng Zhou, Yu Teng and Jianrong Qiu


Extrinsic-to-Intrinsic Transition and Sign Changes of Seebeck Coefficients for Pbte Nanocrystals   P1357

Wenwen Zhou, Wenjing Zhang, Jan Ma, Qingyu Yan


Rapid Initiation of Reactions in Al/CuO-Based Reactive Multilayer Films   P1359

Xiang Zhou, Ruiqi Shen


Controlled Synthesis of Sb Nanostructures and Their Conversion to CoBb3 Nanoparticle Chains for Li-Ion Battery Electrodes

Jixin Zhu, Qingyu Yan                                                      P1361


Electromagnetic Property of Polyaniline with Different Nanostructures Doped with D-csa     P1363

Shibu Zhu, Xiangnan Chen, Zuowan Zhou


Ultrastructural Analysis of Synthetic Hydroxyapatite with Preferred Orientation to C-Plane Using High-Resolution    P1365 Transmission Electron Microscopy  

Zhi Zhuang and Mamoru Aizawa


Alternative Support Materials and The Role of The Support Morphology for The Electrode Structure    P1367

S. Zils, P. Bleith, F. Ettingshausen, J. Suffner, A. Wolz, M. Miche, C. Roth


Advanced Dispersion Strategies and Property Design for Cnt/Rubber Nanocomposites    P1369

Heike Zimmermann, Robert H. Schuster


Luminescence Light Waveguide and Lasing Properties in Some Doped Ii- Visemiconductor Nanowire   P1371

Bingsuo ZOU, Guozhang Dai, Ruibin Liu


Tribological Properties of Quantum Dot/Pmma Nanocomposite Films     P1373

Min Zou, Alex Arguelles , and Y. Andrew Wang   


Experimental Study of The Instability of Longshore Currents on Different Plane Beaches    P1375

Z.L. Zou, C.P. Ren, D.H. Qiu


Properties of Compression Moulding Starch ¡VNanoclay Biocomposites    P1377

A. Zuraida and H. Anuar


Numerical Simulation of Subcooled Flow Boiling of Alumina Nanofluid  P1379

E. Abedini, A. Behzadmehr, H. Rajabnia, A. Karimipour


Dynamic Characterization of A Delaminated Ship Deck Plate   P1381

Ionel Chirica, Elena-Felicia Beznea, David Hui


Volume Changes in Slag in The Subsoil of Constructions and Their Influence on Load-Bearing Structures  P1383  

Radim Cajka, Petr Martinec


Pla-Silk Fiber Composites for Biomedical Applications  P1385

HY Cheung, A Collier, J Dean, B Stearn & TW Clyne


Buckling and Postbuckling Behaviour of A Delaminated Ship Deck Plate Subjected to Shear Loading    P1387

Ionel Chirica, Elena-Felicia Beznea, David Hui


Experimental Investigations of The Impact Behavior of A Warp Interlock Fabric      P1389

Cuong Ha-Minh, François Boussu, Jan Van Roey, Toufik Kanit, David Crépin, Abdellatif Imad


An Experimental Metodology and Apparatuses to Perform Impact Tests in Composite Laminate Plates   P1391

Eduardo Henrique de Castro Biase, Maurício Vicente Donadon


Confinement Effectiveness of Cfrp Grids of Concrete Columns P1393   

Lining Ding, Sami Rizkalla, Gang Wu, Zhishen Wu


Mechanical Properties of Hot Corrosion Tested Aps and Eb-Pvd Multilayer Thermal Barrier Coatings Using Nano Indentation

Ravinder M. Diwan, Patrick F. Mensah, Naresh Polasa and Douglas E. Wolfe    P1395


A Precise Numerical Method for Surface Waves in A Layered Space     P1397

Q. Gao, W.X. Zhong


Carbon Nanopaper Enabled Structural and Multifunctional Nanocomposites     P1399

Jihua Goua, Jinfeng Zhuge, Fei Liang, Ruey-Hung Chen, Chris Ibeh, David Hui


Differential Scanning Calorimetry Investigations on Potential Polymeric Thermoelectric Nanocomposites Based on  Polyethylene Oxide¡VTiO2

He Huang, Yun Zhai, Hailan Xu, Karen Lozano, David Hui, and Mircea Chipara      P1401

Fe3O4 / Thermo-Responsive Polymer Composite Nanofibers     P1403

Shih-Ru Huang, Wen-Yen Chiu and King-Fu Lin


Neural Network Modeling of Strength Enhancement of Cfrp Confined Concrete Cylinders   P1405

Mojtaba Fathi Mostafa Jalal


Dependence Analysis between Stress Crack Resistances and Long-Term Performance of Hdpe Geomembrane   P1407 

Han-Yong Jeon, Su Kyung Kim and Ju Hee Park


Preparation and Magnetization of Iron Nanowire Arrays with Different Configurations  P1409

C. Ke, C. H. Cheng, G..X. Yang, and Y. Zhao


Nano Fe3O4 Particles Addition Effects on YBa2Cu3O7-£G Superconducting Properties    P1411

Wei Kong, Siti Nurdalila, Ing Kong and R. Abd-Shukor


Diagrams for Quasi-Brittle Fracture of Bimaterial  P1413

V.M. Kornev, V.D. Kurguzov and N.S. Astapov


Preparation and Performance Montmorillonite /Polyacrylamide Composite Materials   P1415

Min Li, Meirong Chen¡AZhishen Wu


Optimization of Cellulose Fiber Isolation From Rice Straw and Its Application for Thermoplastic Composite Format  P1417

Siritorn Narkchamnan and Chularat Krongtaew


Crashworthiness of Vehicle Composite Sandwich Structures  P1419

P. C. Neves, A. A. Fernandes, A. J. M. Ferreira


Traction-Separation Laws on The Application of Cohesive-Zone Models to Delmination Behaviour of Composite Material

L.L. Peng, X.J. Gong, K.J.WONG, L. Guillaumat      P1421


2D Laminated and 3D Warp Interlock Fabric Under High Velocity Impact  P1423

Benjamin PROVOST, François BOUSSU, Daniel COUTELLIER


Effect of Coupling Agent on The Interfacial Properties of 3D Ramie/Polypropylene Composites   P1425

Yang Shen,Jianmeng Zhao, Nanting Zhou, Qian Zhang, Xiaomeng Fang, Yiping Qiu


Application of Dic Method in Strain Measurement of Frp Adhesive Joint  P1427   

Jiawei Shi, Hong Zhu, Zhishen Wu


Thermostimulated Synthesis of MoO3 and WxMo1-xO3 Nano- and Microscale Particles and Their Application for Deposition Of Ni-Oxide Composites

T.V. Sviridova, L.I. Stepanova, D.V. Sviridov       P1429



Preparation and Thermal Properties of Expanded Graphite/Organic Montmorillonite /Paraffin Composite Phase Change Materials

Jinmiao Tan, Min Li and Zhishen Wu   P1431    


Theoretical   Analysis   Aand   Numerical   Modeling   of Elastic Wave Propagation in Honeycomb-Type Periodic Structures     Biyu Tian, Bing Tie, Denis Aubry and Xianyue Su    P1433


Effect of Orientation of Axis Of Symmetry for Orthotropic Media Containing An Elliptical Inhomogeneity on Elastic Field

G.N. Wang, G.H. Nie, C.K. Chan   P1435


Scalable Solution Based Processes to Energy Materials      P1437

Gunnar Westin, Annika Pohl, Åsa Ekstrand and Kjell Jansson


Durability Study of Bfrp Bars Immersed in Water and Alkaline Solution  P1439

Jingyu Wu, Guijun Xian and Hui Li


Co Precipitation Synthesis of Manganese Ferrite Powder

Rabab Zahira, Ghiyas Anwar, Irfan Elahi, Kiran Mehmood and Arifa Jamil     P1441


Nonlocal Conditions for The Transition Damage to A Localized Failure in Granular and Fibre-Reinforced Composites under Quasistatic Triaxial Proportional Loading

Alexey V. Zaitsev and Yuriy V. Sokolkin   P1443


Fracture and Fatigue of Cnt-Reinforced Composites    P1445

Z. H. Zhang, N. Yu, M. M. Huang, and K. K. Hsu


Multiple Levels, Scales and Functions in Micro/Nano Structures of Dragonfly Wing Veins    P1447

ZHAO Hongxiao , YIN YaJun , ZHONG Zheng


A Few Interesting Size-Scale Problems of Low-Dimentional Ferroelectric Materials   P1449

Daining Fang, Yihui Zhang, Jiawang Hong, Wen Tang, Hao Zhou


Damage Assesment of Complex Mechanical Systems   P1451

Michael Zhuravkov, Sergei Sherbakov


Research Progress of Secondary Bending in Composite Joints       P1453

Fa Yuan, Yuan Guoqing, David Hui


Effect of Orientation of Axis of Symmetry For Orthotropic Media Containing An Elliptical Inhomogeneity on Elastic Field

G.N. Wang, G.H. Nie, C.K. Chan                P1455

The Experimental Study For Frp Flange Structural Characteristics           P1457

M. Wang, Z.M. Huang

Design and Implementation of Nano Controller based Actuation Techniques Incorporating Fabrication and Synthesis of Nanomaterials                                    P1459
Nishu Gupta

Properties Enhancement of PLA-natural Fibre Composites Using an Ethylene Copolymer     P1461
Maryam Talimi, and Ghaus Rizvi

Double-Walled Carbon Nanotube Structured Hydrogen Sensors              P1463
F. Rumiche, H.H. Wang and J.E. Indacochea

Effect of Electroless Metallization Parameters of Carbon Fibres on Ni-P Coatings       P1465
Rafał Kozera, Jerzy Bieliński, Anna Sałacińska, Joanna Olejniczak, Anna Boczkowska, Krzysztof J.Kurzydłowski

Fluorescence of Variously Terminated Nanodiamond Particles             P1467
Kratochvílová, A. Kovalenko, V. Řezáčová, L. Fekete, F. Fendrych, S. Záliš, V. Kočka, M. Ledvina, P. Cígler, J. Štursa, M. Nesládek










































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