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 Issue  Supplement  2008

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Current Issue

Supplement  2008

c6_ICCE-15 Detailed Short Papers 


Third harmonic Generation and luminescent properties from some rare earth doped ZnO thin layers       P1-2                  Pc1

      M. Addou. Alaoui Lamrani, A. Bouabdli, N. Fellahi, Z. Sofiani, B. Sahraoui, R.Dounia and M. Regragui


Development of superb thermoplastic natural rubber (tpnr) nanocomposites for gas barrier                     P3-4            Pc1

     S.H. Ahmad, N. A. Hassan, R. Rasid and N. Hassan 


Mechanical and rheological behavior of fly ash filled high density polyethylene                                        P5-6              Pc1

    I. Ahmad and P. A. Mahanwar


Emerging Nanopatterning Methods                                                                                                        P7-8          Pc1

Jouni Ahopelto


Stability and vibration analysis of thick composite plates                                                                        P9-10         Pc1

    G. Akhras and W. Li                      


The effects of molding conditions on nanoscale replications of thermoplastic elastomers                P11-15           Pc1

    Michael W. Alabran, Paul E. Koch and Joel M. Carr                 


Impact failure micromechanisms of 6061 aluminum reinforced with submicron al203 metal matrix

       composites                                                                                                                           P16-18          Pc1

   Khalid A. Al-Dheylan                                          


Degradation mechanism of mechanical and electrical durability of crosslinked low density polyethylene      P19-20      Pc1

    Umit Alkan1, Yeşim Lenger Özcanli and Vilayet A. Alekberov             


Structural behavior of normal and high strength concrete cylinders confined with gfrp sheets                   P21-22         Pc1

    Tarek H. Almusallam and Fahad S. Al-Mobaddel              


Effect of the schemes of fiber reinforced polymeric laminates on the out-of-plane behavior of

      unreinforced masonry walls                                                                                                 P23-24             Pc1

Saleh H. Alsayed                                                    


Composite of single-wall carbon nanotube and tin oxide for field emission devices                      P25-26           Pc1

     Myungchan An, Hyejin Song, Youngjin Kang, Nguyen Duc Hoa, Nguyen Van Quy, Yousuk Cho and Dojin Kim                                                 


Experimental study and modeling of stiffness and strength of natural fibers thermoplastic

    composites                                                                                                                 P27-28           Pc1

     I. Taha, A. El-sabbagh,L. Steuernagel and G. Ziegmann       


Thermo-chemical conversion of biomass ¡V haloclean® - intermediate pyrolysis                 P29-33           Pc1

     A. Hornung, A. Apfelbacher, F. Richter, J. Schöner, H. Leibold and H. Seifert   


Stress analysis of FRP composites bolted joints for civil engineering constructions           P34-35          Pc1

     Francesco Ascione and Luciano Feo                                 


Flavonoid biomolecules from jamaican citrus: characterization and   nanoparticularization for

    potential biomedical application                                                                                    P36-38          Pc1

    Curtis O. Green, Dennis H. Bailey, Lowell L. Dilworth, Andrew O. Wheatley David Hui and Helen N. Asemota           


Free vibration analysis of curved composite beam by mixed finite element formulation             P39-40          Pc1

     Bahar Ayhan and Fethi Kadioglu                     


Fabrication of arrayed glass micro-lenses by vacuum forming process                                 P41-42               Pc1   

   Kali Ayyala, H. H. Chien, K. J. Ma, S. F Wang and C. L. Chao                 


First order hierarchical structures  of moo3 belts on sillimanite fibers                                   P43-44        Pc1

   P. Badica1 and K. Endo                    


Effet of fiber properties on tensile failure behavior of continuous fibers reinforced aluminum composites     P45-46      Pc1

   Kyeong Ho Baik                            


Effect of annealing under hydostatic pressure on creation of nano-clusters in gamnas        P47-48          Pc1

    J. Bak-Misiuk, P. Romanowski,E. Lusakowska, J. Domagala, A. Misiuk,E. Dynowska,  J. Sadowski and W. Caliebe                                          


The theoretical consideration about the friction effects in the sonic flow                          P49-51           Pc1

     Carmen Bal, Nicolae Bal and David Hui                            


Design and synthesis of magneto-dielectric composites for radio frequency applications    P52-53      Pc1

     Martin C. Hawley, Susan A. Farhat1, Shanker Balasubramaniam, and Leo C. Kempel 


Effect of particle size of mica on properties of Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) composites            P54-56     Pc1

    V.A. Bambole and M Rahil Parvez                              


Nano ferroelectrics for photonic applications                                                              P57-58         Pc1

    A. K. Bandyopadhyay, P. C. Rayb and V. Gopalanc            


High thermal stable clay/pbt nanocomposites prepared via dual-modification              P59-60            Pc1

   Xujin Bao, Chaoying Wan and Feng Zhao                        



Effect of organosilane grafted nanoparticles on the nano scratch resistance of

   polyurethane clear coatings                                                                                      P61-62          Pc1

    Elisabeth Barna, Gregor Huennebeck, Wolfgang Meier and Thomas Graule       


Magnettoresistance and magnetocaloric effect in La0.7Sr0.3Mn0.8Ti0.2O3                   P63-64        Pc1

    L. V. Baua, N. V. Khiem and N. X. Phuc              


New coating for stents with nanostructured calcium phosphate                                   P65-66       Pc1

    U. Beck , R. Lange , U. Lembke and H. G. Neumann                      


High-energy microtomography at harwi-ii / desy specialized for materials science                 P67-68         Pc1

    Felix Beckmann, Julia Herzen, Tilman Donath, Thomas Dose, Thomas Lippmann, Lars Lottermoser, Rene V. Martins and Andreas Schreyer                  


Investigations of the implant ¡V tissue interactions                                                              P69-71        Pc1

    Romuald Bedzinski and Monika Stefańska                               


Probabilistic properties of effective moduli within the hashin-shtrikman bounds                     P72-73       Pc1

    Abraham I. Beltzer                                         


Cadmium as an environmental pollutant study of evolution of cadmium, its effects on

     beans (phaseolus vulgaris) and its interaction with zinc                                                 P74-75      Pc1

   Hocine.Benabid, Mohamed Fouzi, Ghorab and Abdelbaki Djebaili   


The fracture mechanism of al-al4c3 system by in-situ tensile test in sem                          P76-78            Pc1

   Michal Besterci, Oksana Velgosová and Jozef Ivan                     


Effect of microstructure on deformation behavior in equal channel angular pressing          P79-80        Pc1

   Nrmr Bhargava, SS Bhargava, R Bharat and Ch Rami Naidu              


Effect of organophillized filler on poly (vinylalcohol) materials properties                   P81-82           Pc1

   A. H. Bhat and A. K. Banthia                    


Formulation, processing and numerical modelling of polypropylene/clay nanocomposites          P83-84     Pc1  

   Debes Bhattacharrya Yu Donga and Peter Hunter                      


The tow-substituted -4,6-di (alkyl amino )-1,3,5-triazines Interaction with the Guanine                         P85-88   Pc1      

    Bitam .S, A. Ferhati and A. Djebaili                       


Initiating and critical stresses in cement based composite system influenced by

    physico-chemical agent                                                                                                    P89-90             Pc1

    Tomasz Z. Blaszczynski                                           


Mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes / polyvinyl alcohol composites produced by electrospinning      P91-92         Pc1

    D. Blond, W. Walshe, J. McCauley, F. Blighe, L. Carpenter, D. Almecija J.J. Boland J.N. Coleman and W.J. Blau                                              


Synthesis and characterization of environmentally responsive polymer hydrogels for

    environmental separations                                                                                                  P93-94       Pc1

    Veera M. Boddu, Nathaniel Naismith, Hiren Patel and Riley C. Flowers         


Contact surface element for the discrete method application to masonry modeling                  P95-96         Pc1

    Claude bohatler, Mare Vinches, Robert Perales and Max Nemoz-Gaillard             


Meso-macro approach for composite forming in aeronautics                             P97-99            Pc1

    Philippe Boisse, Nahiene Hamila, Fabrice Hélénon and Sylvain Chatel   


Sodium polybutadiene battery as the source of ecologic energy                       P100-101         Pc1

    Tomasz Borowski                                      


Moisture concentration effect on the reliability of a graphite/epoxy plates under

   variable climatic conditions                                                                                  P102-103           Pc1

    B. Boucham, A. Chateauneuf and E.A. Adda Bedia      


Mbe synthesis of nano-structured films of cuprate su-perconductors and related oxides            P104-105          Pc1

     I. Božović, G. Logvenov, A. Gozar, A. Bollinger, V. Butko, N. Božović and Z. Radović   


Carbon nanotubes reinforced niken coatings prepared by electroplating technique               P106-108           Pc1

    Bui Hung Thang, Nguyen Van Chuc, Phan Hong Khoi and Phan Ngoc Minh           


Biodegradable poly(£` -caprolactone)-layered silicate nanocomposites: 

   The effect of nanofiller modified by poly(ethylene oxide)                     P 109-110                Pc1

    Bui Thi Tuyet Van and Ha Thuc Huy              


Linear temperature sensor for geothermal applications                                P111-112           Pc1

    Horia Crrstea, David Hui and Romeo Negrea                       


Studies on retrogression and reaging of al-mg-zn (7075) alloy                         P113-115          Pc1

   C.N.Chandrappa, Dr.K.V. Sharma and Dr.M.K.Muralidhara          


Waste acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS)-mica composites                     P119-120             Pc1

   Vinay Kr. Chaudhary and P. A. Mahanwar                 


Feasibility study of using montmorillonite to improve the stability of l-ascorbic acid        P121-122          Pc1

  B.Y. Chen and Y.H. Leeand K.Y. Lin                       


Research of helicoidal layup of bivalva shell                                                      P123-125          Pc1

   B. Chen, X. Peng, J. Fan and S. Sun                            


Spectroscopy investigations of nanowires for solar energy utilizations                       P126-129         Pc1

   Bin Chen                                          


Numerical investigation of progressive damages and failure modes in advanced grid

  stiffened structures under thermal and compressive loads                                     P130-131            Pc1

   Ruixiang Bai, Cheng Yan, Bo Chen, Zecheng Li, Lin Ye and Haoran Chen  


Preparation and characterization of carbon nanorings                                   P132-133                  Pc1

    Chien-Chong Chen and Chia-Cia Lee                        


A neural classifier for structural control                                                     P134-135                      Pc1

    Chuen-Jyh Chen                                         


Analytical linear study of large deflection of layered piezo-electric sensing plate under initial tension               P136-137        Pc2

   Chun-Fu Chen and Bo-Cheng Huang


Synthesis, properties and applications of metal-7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane nanowires      P138-141             Pc2

 Guorong Chen, Kaibo Zheng, and Huahua Xu, Zhiyong Fan and Jia Grace Lu


The preparation and Study on Ultrahigh Molecular Weight

Polypropylene gel-spun fibers                                                                              P142-143                Pc2

    Jianjun Chen, Shujia Liu, Sixiao Hu,Xiaojuan Si,Yimin Wang and David Hui


A constitutive model of microcellular foams with low porosity considering the effect of internal

   pressure in microvoids                                                                                         P144-145               Pc2

   Jian-kang Chen, Jue Zhu and Min Yuan


Synthesis and properties of £]-FeOOHand £\-Fe2O3 nanorods                                  P146-147            Pc2

  Jin Chen, Yinshu Wang, Hongchao Yang, Jiao Shi¡ASanjin Lin and Dong Zheng


Chaotic vibration of an FGM plate                                                                              P148-149           Pc2

  Lihua Chen, Wei Zhang and Yuxin Hao


Development of a transparent PMMA composite reinforced with nanofibers                   P150-152             Pc2

  Chen lu-song, Huang zheng-ming, Dong guo-hua and He chuang-long


Titanate nanotube and related materials                                                                   P153-156                Pc2     

  Qing Chen and Lian-Mao Peng


CeO2-Ni interfacial reaction in high temperature CO-H2-H2O                                  P157-158               Pc2

  Weixing Chen and Haifeng Liu


3D textile architectures for advanced composites                                                        P159-160             Pc2

  Xiaogang Chen


Antiplane analysis of a fgm surface layer bonded to a fgm substrate contain

   internal cracks respectively                                                                                       P161-162         Pc2

   Yen-Ji Chen and Ching-Hwei Chue


Investigation of the behavior of rc beams externally strengthened in shear

   with [902] cfrp sheets                                                                                            P163-164              Pc2

   S.H. Cheong and H.K. Lee  


Undulating structure of a 3d wonen fabric for reinforcement of

flexible composite materials                                                                                     P165-166             Pc2

   Elena V. Chepelyuk, Valeriy V. Choogin, David Hui and Yuri M. Strzhemechny


Mechanical properties of a silkworm silk fibers / poly(lactic acid) biocomposite         P167-169          Pc2

   Hoi-Yan Cheung and Kin-Tak Lau


Synthesis of various functional nanostructures and nanomaterials using electron

    irradiation technique                                                                                         P170-171                  Pc2

   Sung Oh Cho and Eun Je Lee


A study on structural material behavior using 3d

virtual rc slab modeling                                                                                            P172-174                Pc2

  Young Sang Cho, Tae Song Shin, Jin Ho Cheon and Jun Seo Bae


Structural property assessment using stress wave based NDT and FEM                    P175-177               Pc2

   Young Sang Cho, S. U. Hong, S. B. Kim and J. S. Bae 


Preparation of silver-doped tin oxide and its application to carbon monoxide sensing            P178-180         Pc2

   Kan-Sen Chou and Meng-Syuan Li


On annealing-induced anisotropy in a ferromagnetic fe-based film: a magnetic property study        P181-182       Pc2          

   Jinn P. Chu


The effect of reinforcing particles on the sintered properties of pm al-cu composite       P183-185                Pc2

   Hyungsik Chung, Si-Hyung Park, Moontae Kim and Jae-Hwan Ahn


Electrical magnetotransport of Co/Ag(111) multilayers at low temperatures           P186-187            Pc2

    J.M. Colino, T. Endo A and J. L. Vicent B


Effect of Hyper-branched PPS on PPS Rheologic behavior                               P188-189              Pc2

   Xiaoling Cui, Jing Tian , Yong Wang , Yimin Wang and David Hui


 Solar energy absorbing and retaining zirconium carbide (ZrC) nanofibers via electrospinning       P190-191          Pc2

   Xue Mei Cui, Ki Hyuk Janga, Jae Yeol Lee, Hyun Sik Moonc and Won Ho Parka


Evolution of crystal growth in mesoporous titania particles                                                 P192-193                Pc2

    Shuxi Dai, Toshio Sakai, Hirobumi Shibata, Naokiyo Koshikawa, Hideki Sakai and Masahiko Abe


Study on the dynamical characteristics of AlGaAs/GaAs double-barrier structures         P194-195                Pc2

    Zhenhong Dai YuMing Sun and Weitian Wang


High performance composite membranes based on sulfonated polyarylenethioethersulfone and sulfonated

      polybenzimidazole for fuel cell applications                                                                              P196-197              Pc2

    Thuy D. Dang, Zongwu Bai, Shane B. Juhl and N. Venkatasubramanian


Sol-gel synthesis and magnetic properties of nd3+-doped Co2SiO4:Xy[X=Nd3+; 0.05 y 0.65 g]         P198-199                Pc2

   B. B. Das and N. V. K. Rao 


The effect of core to skin thickness ratio and cutout reinforcement on composite sandwich panels    P200-201             Pc2

   C. De Boos, S. Guo and L. Zhou


Electromagnetic design and fabrication of advanced carbon fiber composites filled with CNTs               P202-203              Pc2

    Igor Maria De Rosa, Claudio Caneva, Fabrizio Sarasini, Maria Sabrina Sarto and Alessio Tamburrano


Multilayered structures of large-area ybco/dybco films on sapphire with enhanced current-carrying ability        P204-205        Pc2

    Katherine Develos-Bagarinao, H. Yamasaki, K. Ohki and Y. Nakagawa


Immobilizing trypsin onto magnetic particles for using in magnetic separation applications                  P206-207                   Pc2

   Doan Thi Kim Dung, Tran Hoang Hai Le Hong Phuc


Syntheses of zinc-doped maghemite nanoparticles                                                                         P208-209                Pc2

   M. Drofenik, M. Kristl, D. Makovec, Z. Jagličić and D. Hanžel


Modifying mechanical, thermal, electrical and barrier properties of polymers and composites with nanoparticles       P210-213                Pc2

   Lawrence T. Drzal and Hiroyuki Fukushima


Optimization design of laminate composite materials                                                           P214-215                      Pc2

   Jiazheng DU, Yunkang Sui and Yue Yang


Ptc effect and thermal properties of cnt/hdpe composites prepared by melt-blending          P216-217             Pc2

  Jin-Hong Du, Song-Feng Pei, Xiujuan He, You Zeng, Jinbo Bai and Hui-Ming Cheng


Interfaces of intelligent hybrid composites for cable of cable-stayed bridge                             P218-220          Pc2

  Yanliang Du, Lin Shao, Jianzhi Li and Baochen Sun


Misfolded insulin molecules: self-assembling building blocks for nanofibrils, nanoscaffolds and molecular devices          P221-222      Pc2

    Wojciech Dzwolak


Substrate effects on the magnetic configuration of nanostructured nickel electrodeposits                 P223-224        Pc2

    J. Ebothé, L. Nzoghé-Mendome and M. Molinari 


Nano-structural characteristics of ingan/gan multiple quantum well light-emitting diodes grown by

    metalorganic chemical vapor deposition                                                                                 P225-226     Pc2   

    Zhe Chuan Feng, Hong-Lin Tsai,Jheng-Hong, Chen,Jer-Ren, Yang,Alan Gang Li and Ian T. Ferguson


Nanomposite tool steels                                                                                                      P227-228         Pc2    

     Figovsky Oleg


Electric conductivitty properties of cnf nanocomposites having pr 24 hht ld fiber surface treatment         P229-231     Pc2       

    Joana Finegan and Jason Hiller


PT-5%RH DPH ¡V AN ODS platinum material with excellent properties for high temperature applications         P232-233      Pc2

 Bernd Fischer, Stefan Vorberg and David F. Lupton


Measurement of concrete Fracture Properties using Induction Heat and Image Correlation Technique           P234-235       Pc2

    D. Fokwa and Y. Berthaud


Thermal degradation of nanocomposites upon exposure to high energy iron particles                       P236-237        Pc2

    TUMEIA FORD, Sofia Martinez-Vilarino, Brad Gersey, Jianren Zhou and Richard Wilkins


Reconstruction of 3D microstructure of cement based composites                                         P238-239           Pc2

    Kateřina Forstová and Jiří Němeček


Stitch bonded fabrics for composites made by using an extended warp knitting process            P240-241         Pc2  

   Gerd Franzke, Jan Hausding and Chokri Cherif


Electric transport through systems of nanomagnetic particles                                                     P242-243             Pc2

    A. Frydman


Nonlinear dynamic responses of laminated shallow spherical shells subjected to low velocity impact        P244-246       Pc2

   Fu Yiming and Mao Yiqi


Dielectric properties of novel ceramic composite with Nano-Sized Ni on tubular halloysite

    template under applied frequency                                                                                           P247-249           Pc2

    Yubin Fu , Qingyong, Zhou and Xuerong Zai


Radiation stability of Nano Oxide particles in a 9cr ods alloy                                                        P250-251                Pc2

  J. Gan, T. Allen, M. K. Miller, S. Ukai, S. Shutthanandan and S. Thevuthasan


Fabrication and characterization of carbon nanotube reinforced chitosan matrix nanocomposites               P252-253         Pc2

 Raymond Gan, Hein San, Kean Wang and Kin Liao


Preparation of Nano-TiO2 Powders at low temperature and heattreatment                              P254-256           Pc2

   Gao Jiacheng, Tan Xiaowei, Zou Jian and Wang Yong 


Au-Pd nanoparticles deposited on C and Al2O3 by plasma method                                       P257-258                Pc2   

  Arturo, Garcia-Borquez, Ma. del Rosario, Mendieta-Anzurez, Jesus I. and Guzman-Castañeda


Thermal parameters of A356/10 VOL. % SiCp cast composites with grain refinement and modification treatments      P259-260        Pc2

 J.A. Garcia-Hinojosa, E. Trejo E., M.A. Ramírez A. and M.K. Surappa


Numerical modeling of combined convection and radiative heat transfer through water spray curtain             P261-263      Pc2

    Ghezal Mohammed, Soudani Azzeddine and Abdelbaki Djebaili


Synthesis and construction of one dimensional nanostructures of yttrium

hydroxide [Y(OH)3] by polyol-mediated method                                                      P264-265           Pc2    

 Lam Thi Kieu Giang, Tran Kim Anh, David Hui and Le Quoc Minh


Mathematical model of semi-solid steel deformation                                                     P266-267             Pc2  

  Mirosław Głowacki 


Design a new ceramic composite on the base of Ti3SiC2                            P268-270                   Pc3

Gabriela Gorny, Marian Raczka and Ludosław Stobierski

Raman spectra of nanophases in fibers and composites                             P271-274                  Pc3

Gwénaël Gouadec

Structural evolution of cooper during by several plastic deformation      P275-276                   Pc3

Miroslav Greger and Radim Kocich


Thermal stress intensity factors for a crossing-interface crack in a functionally graded layered structure      P277-278      Pc3   

Li-Cheng Guo1, Naotake Noda and Masayuki Ishihara


One-Dimensional Nanomaterials¡GSynthesis, Characterization and Properties            P279-280          Pc3 

    Lin Guo1¡AFang Liang¡ALin He, Chiping Chen


Cutout shape and reinforcement for a composite aircraft spar web                     P281-282      Pc3  

S. Guo and X. Zhang


Physical mechanics of nanointelligent and ¡VBio-materials                               P283-284         Pc3   

Wanlin Guo


Low temperature sintering of high density swcnts/AL2O3 ceramics by nanotube/nanoparticle

      surface plasma modification                                                                                      P285-288       Pc3

      Yan Guo, Donglu Shi, Jie Lian, Hoonsung Cho, Yi Song, Jandro Abot, Lumin Wan and Rodney C. Ewing


Compositionally modulated Cu /Co (Cu) multilayers MFM & Hysteresis study           P289          Pc3            

D.K Gupta, A.C. Nayak, M. Sharma, A.B. sharma and R.K. Pandey


Investigation of the elastic behaviour of an adaptive composite shallow cylindrical shell on pasternak foundation        P290-293      Pc3      

   K. M. Gupta and Sandeep Kumar


Physics of oxide heterostructures with different functionalities                                 P294-295          Pc3

   H.-U. Habermeier, J. Chakhalian, Ch. Bernhard and B. Keimer


Polarization properties and phase transition of Sr0.5Bi2.25Na1.25Nb3O12 ceramic by

 High ¡VTemperature X-ray powder diffraction                                                 P296-298           Pc3       

Koichi HANAMURA, Atsushi Yokoi and Junji Sugishita


Nanostructured amphiphilic thermosensitive Star-Shaped metallopolymers      P299-301               Pc3  

Issifu I. Harruna and Guangchang Zhou


Effect of surfactants on the synthesis of uranium oxide nanoparticles                  P302-304           Pc3

    Shameem Hasan, Tushar K. Ghosh, Sudarshan K. Loyalka and Baolin Deng


Architectural and structural applications of fiber-reinforced plastic composites              P305-307          Pc3  

   Zouheir A. Hashem and Jason DeCaestecker


Microstructural analysis of anodized titania nanotubes array                            P308-309                  Pc3   

   T. Hashishin, K. Wada and J. Tamaki


Development of in-situ composites for lunar/martian missions                                 P310-311            Pc3

Ebony Hawkins, Michael Benard, Tumeia Ford, Randy Wilkins, Sofia Martinez Vilarino and Jianren Zhou


Comparative study of high energy neutron shielding of lunar in situ composites            P312-313              Pc3

EBONY HAWKINS, Brad Gersey, Richard Wilkins and Jianren Zhou


Design and synthesis of magneto-dielectric composites for radio frequency applications            P314-315           Pc3         

  Martin C. Hawley, Susan A. Farhat, Shanker Balasubramaniam and Leo C. Kempel


Two-dimensional xrd and saxs for nano-materials                                                            P316-317         Pc3

   Bob B. He and Kurt Erlacher 


Thermal conduction simulations in nanomaterials                                                            P318-319          Pc3

Pekka Heino


Liquid phase joining of porous metals to produce metal matrix composites                         P320-321         Pc3

P.W.Ho , Q.F. Li, J.Y.H. Fuh and P.C.Yu


Study gas selectivity and stability of co/hc sensors on basic of perovskite oxides ABO3           P322-324         Pc3

  Ho Truong Giang, Giang Hong Thai, Do Thi Anh Thu, Nguyen Sy Hieu, Nguyen Thi Anh Minh, Phan Hong Khoi and Nguyen Ngoc Toan


Formation and properties of Co75Si15B10 metal composites                                       P325-327             Pc3

   Y.T. Ho, C.C. Leung, S.W. Mok, Y.L. Yip and H.W. Kui


Valence flux under thermal motion in 3-D modelling for perovkite manganites                  P328-329         Pc3

   Hoang Nam Nhat, Fedor Valach, Phung Quoc Thanh and Nguyen Chau


Advancing nanoimprint by end point monitoring and uniform contact                             P330-303          Pc3

Hong Hochenga, Wei Hsuan Hsua and Chin Chung Nienb


The comparative study of concrete compressive strength using impact echo method and schmidt hammer         P334-335        Pc3

     Seong Uk Hong and Young Sang Cho


Novel siliconized epoxy and its application to epoxy modification                              P336-337               Pc3

    Hong Xiaobin, Xie Kai , Xiao Jiayu and Chen Yimin


Thermo-chemical conversion of biomass¡Vhaloclean®-intermediate pyrolysis                P338-342           Pc3

 A. Hornung, A. Apfelbacher, F. Richter, J. Schöner, H. Leibold and H. Seifert


Composite beams with novel plate bonding technology                                             P343-344               Pc3

      Khandaker M. A.


On the modification of surface properties of stainless steels                                                   P345-347            Pc3

   T. Hryniewicz and R. Rokicki


Antiplane crack problem for two bonded functionally graded piezoelectric/piezomagnetic materials          P348-349        Pc3     

Wei-Hung Hsu and Ching-Hwei Chue 


Structural analysis and design of magnetic rotor                                                  P350-352              Pc3

   Hurang Hu and Ayo Abatan


Experimental and modelling investigations on NiAl-composites reinforced by single crystalline Al2O3-fibers    P353-354          Pc3     

   Weiping Hu, H. Chen, Y. Zhong and G. Gottstein


Two-phase flow patterns in coaxially electrospinning nanofibers                       P355-356             Pc3    

Yingying Hu and Zhengming Huang


Influence of deposition condition on the structure and ionic conductivity of lipon thin films      P357-358           Pc3

   Zongqian Hu, Dezhan Li and Kai Xie


Structurral and photocatalytic properties of BST-TiO2 nanocomposites                                P359-360               Pc3

Haitao Huang , Guoge Zhang , Helen L.W. Chan and Limin Zhou


Key to reinforcing, toughening and increasing therma stability of fiber/polymer composites: nanointerphase issue    P361-364          Pc3

   Y.D.Huang, J.M.He and X.Z.Zhang


Impact shock and vibrations damping of nanocomposites                                                      P365-368         Pc3     

   D. Hui, M. Kireitseu, G. Tomlinson and S. Lurie


Influence of deposition condition on the structure and ionic conductivity of lipon thin films                 P369-370          Pc3

   Zongqian Hu, Dezhan Li and Kai Xie


Interaction of stone-wales defect and its effect on creep rupture of single-walled carbon nanotubes          P371-372           Pc3

   A. F. Huq, Z. R. Zhou, K. L. Goh and K. Liao


Synthesis of One-Dimensional SiC Nanorods using High - Energy Ball Milling                P373-374       Pc3

Huynh Thi Ha, Phan Viet Phong, Le Quang Huy and Dao Tran Cao


Application of monte-carlo simulation on recrystallization of fine-grained Ti                  P375-376          Pc3

S.K Hwang, Y.S. Seo and Y.B. Chun


Vapor-Liquid-Solid growth of Si and Ge nanowires for microelectronics                     P377-378            Pc3

 F. Iacopi, P.M.Vereecken, M.Schaekers, M.Caymax and H.Griffiths


Fatigue behavior of Nanostructured and conventional Titania (TiO2) thermal spray coatings      P379-380        Pc3

Ahmed Ibrahim, Yue Hung and Christopher Berndt


Effect of synthesis conditions on the preparation of barium titanate nanopowders via oxalate precursor method         P381-383      Pc3

    I. A. Ibrahim , M.M. Rashad, R.S. Mohammed, A.A.El-Midany, and A. T. Kandil


A mathematical pipeline model of the upper respiratory tract                               P384-385           Pc3

   Clara Ionescu, Silviu Macuta and Viorel Dugan


Artificial atom in carbon nanotube quantum dots and it¡¦s teraherz response                      P386-387           Pc3

   Koji Ishibashi, Yukio Kawano, Tomoko Fuse and Seiko Toyokawa


Lubricating properties of plant-viscous fluid in abelmoschus manihot                             P388-390            Pc3  

Hidenori ITO and Junji Sugishita


Preparation and application of microtube photocatalyst with photoactive inner surface and inert outer surface            P391-392           Pc3  

 Shinichi Iwanaga, Sei Suzuki, Kohei Mitsuhashi, Ryo Kawarabuki, Kenichi Sakai, Takahiro Ohkub, Hideki Sakai and Masahiko Abe


Composite aluminum alloy in conditions of heating and cooling and thermal shocks            P397-398         Pc3

    Antoni Jankowski and Marcin Slezak


Micromechanical response and effective elastic properties of shape memory alloy embedded composite materials     P399-400      Pc3  

   Chetan S. Jarali, S. Raja and Tadashige Ikeda

 Fabrication of multiwall carbon nanotubes nanocomposites doped with polyaniline                P401-402        Pc3

 T. Jeevananda, Siddaramaia, Nam Hoon Kim, Tae-Kyu Choi, Seok-Bong Heo and Joong-Hee LeeC

 Fatigue response of centrally notched hybrid cross-pPly composite laminates at elevated temperature          P403-405      Pc3  

 Ming-Hwa R., Jen, Yi-Chun Sung and Yen-Yen Chiu


 Study on the measur ement of fracture toughness of adhesively b onded composite/steel interface of bi-materials   P406-408      Pc4

   Gwang-hee Jeong, Won-seok Kim and Jung-Ju Lee


Shape memory of poly(ethyl methacrylate)/Na-MMT nanocomposites prepared by macroazoinitiator

     intercalated in Na-MMT                                                                                                    P409-410         Pc4

    Han Mo Jeong, Min Seok Kim and Jae Hoon Kim


Properties and rapid consolidation of ultra-fine wc-based hard materials with various binders

     by pulsed current activated sintering                                                                                P411-412        Pc4

   In-Kyoon Jeong, In-Yong Ko, Jung-Mann Doh and In-Jin Shon


The impact loading on woven hybrid composite laminates and optimization                            P413-414        Pc4

    Martin M Jin and Mel Richardson


Synthesis and characterization of zno nanorod by solid state reaction method        P415-416                 Pc4

    Rita John and Rajakumai.R


Extrusion and FEM Analysis of Zr-based bulk metallic glass composite                                 P417-418        Pc4

   Hyun-Joon Jun, Kwang Seok Lee and Young Won Chang


Mechanical properties and fracture mechanisms of epoxy-clay¡Vversamide 125 nanocomposites         P419-421        Pc4

   A. L. Juwono, S. Kencana, Sutarno and H. Subawi


Thermal buckling response of cylindrical panels with higher order shear deformation theory              P422-423          Pc4

   H. R. H. Kabir; S. Philipose; A. M. Al-Khaleefi and A. H. Khudada


Formation of si nanostructures by strong nano-and femtosecond laser pulses              P424-425         Pc4

   G.A.Kachurin, S.G. Cherkova, V.A. Volodin, D.V. Marin, M. Deutschmann and N. Baersch


A new spectral framework for higher-order homogenization theories                   P426-428       Pc4

Surya R. Kalidindi, Massimiliano Binci and David Fullwood


Thin film blends for excimer and exciplex organic light emitting diodes                 P429-430          Pc4

    Jan Kalinowski


In-situ synthesis of carbon onions-cu composite powders by chemical vapor deposition            P431-433       Pc4

    Jianli Kang, Jiajun Li, Naiqin Zhao, Xiwen Du, Chunsheng Shi


Field emission properties of single-wall carbon nanotubes deposited on ito substrates                    P434-435         Pc4

    Youngjin Kang, Okkyun Seo, Myeongchan An, Hyejin Song, Nguyen Duc Hoa, Nguyen Van Quy, Yousuk Cho and Dojin Kim


Analysis of carbon nano transmission lines at rf and microwave frequencies using collocation method            P436-438         Pc4

 S. Kanthamani 


Protection of fe plate by organic−inorganic materials via sol−gel process                               P439-440          Pc4

    Huey-Chuen I. Kao, Yu-Fong Yang, Yu- Juan Chen, Chi-Fong Wu, Wen-Chang Liaw and Hsin-Wu Tsai


Residual resistivity ratio (rrr) in mgb2 superconductors                                   P441-442                 Pc4

    Subhash C. Kashyap, Suchitra Rajput and Sujeet Chaudhary


Influence of annealing time on the low field magnetoresistance of La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 + 3%Al2O3             P443-444      Pc4      

   N. V. Khiem, P. T. Phong, L. V. Bau, L. V. Hong and N. X. Phuc


Electrical resistivity                                                                                   P445-447                Pc4

 Woong Ki, Minghua Wang, Kee-Do Woo and In-Yong Kimb


Prediction of compressive behavior of angle-ply laminated plates containing a centrally located cutout          P448-449     Pc4  

    B.R. Kim and H.K. Lee   


Oxidation resistance, electrical property and dilatometry of sts321 stainless steel for sofc interconnect candidate     P450-452        Pc4 

    In-Yong Kim, Minghua Wang, Kee-Do Woo, Woong Ki and Jae-Hwang Kim


Effects of yttria stabilized zirconia additives on sintering behaviors and mechanical properties of

      hydroxyapatite nano-bioceramics densified by hfihs                                                               P453-454         Pc4 

    Sug Won Kim, Khalil Abdelrazek Khalil, Jaebok Choi, Jung In Kyoon and In-Jin Shon


Fabrication and characterization of melt-electrospun PLGA fibers                   P455-456           Pc4

    Sung Jin Kim, Byung-Moo Min, Seong Jin Lee and Won Ho Park


Modelling of shock resistant and damping nanocomposites                                P457-460            Pc4

     M. Kireitseu, D. Hui and S. Lurie


Stitch bonded fabrics for composites made by using an extended warp knitting process       P461-463          Pc4         

   Roland Kleicke, Jan Hausding, Gerd Franzke and Chokri Cherif  


Erosion and abrasion wear resistance of two layer gma surfaced metallic and cermetallic deposits             P464-465        Pc4   

    Andrzej Klimpel, Gary Heath, Damian Janicki and Andrzej St. Klimpel


Effect of the interface on fracture toughness of particle reinforced composites              P466-467           Pc4          

    Zdeněk Knésl , Pavel Hutař and Luboš Náhlík


Mixed beam approach for structural behavior of initially twisted, thin-walled composite blades            P468-469         Pc4  

Il-ju Park, Sung Nam Jung and Jin Hwan Ko


Dispersion of carbon nanotube in aqueous solution by ultrasonication                                    P470-471          Pc4

   Shunya Kobayashi, Takahiro Ohkubo1, Shigenori Utsumi, Katsumi Kaneko, Kenichi Sakai, Hideki Sakai and Masahiko Abe


Nano-scale dna architecture and pathogenic dna sensor                     P472-473             Pc4

Chojiro Kojima


Optimal design of thickness of sandwich plate                                  P474-475               Pc4

    Kormaníková Eva 


Exciting increase in heat resistance of epoxide binder modified by nanoclay             P476-478           Pc4

 A.P. Korobko, I.S. Epifanovskiy, S.V. Krasheninnikov, S.V. Kashirin, I.V. Levakova and S.N. Chvalun


Biodegradable polymer nanocomposite:  II. polylactide-clay nanocomposite             P479-480            Pc4

Parakalan Krishnamachari, Jian Zhang, Jizhong Yan, Leonard Uitenham and Jianzhong Lou


Cytotoxicity of polyelectrolytes and their composites to different cell types               P481-482                Pc4

Silke Krol


Binding site heterogenity of nanopatterned molecularly imprinted polymer              P483-484            Pc4

   Reddithota J. krupadam, Muntazir S. Khan and Satish R. Wate


Modeling interface trapping effect in organic field-effect transistors                       P485-486            Pc4

    H.L. Kwok


A study on the shore protection block with natural affirnity structure                   P487-489           Pc4

Hyoungsan Kye, Jae-myung Han, Jong-seok Lee and Donghwan Cho


Synthesis and construction of one dimensional nanostructures of yttrium

      hydroxide [Y(OH)3] by polyol-mediated method                                             P490-491          Pc4

Lam Thi Kieu Giang, Tran Kim Anh, David Hui and Le Quoc Minh


Bactericidal effect of TiO2 nanocrystals doped with Fe3+                                        P492-494               Pc4   

   Carmen Lazau, Liviu Mocanu, Paulina Vlazan, Iasmina Miron, Corina Misca, David Hui and Ioan Grozescu


Synthesis and characterization of gadolinium oxide nanoparticles                                            P495-497        Pc4

Le Dac Tuyen, Tran Kim Anha, Lam Thi Kieu Gianga, Le Minh Anh Tu, David Hui and Le Quoc Minh


Dislocation pile-up in plane constrained shear                                                                       P498-499         Pc4

    Khanh Chau Le and Pramio Sembiring


Simultaneous high-frequency induction heated combustion synthesis and consolidation

     of nanostructured hfsi2-sic composite                                                                                          P500-501         Pc4  

    Byung-Soo Lee, Jung-Hwan Park, Hyun-Kuk Park, Jin-Kook Yoon, Jung-mann Doh and In-Jin Shon


The Adhesion evaluation of thin hard coatings on tool steel with nitride or non-nitride layer using the scratch test            P502-503        Pc4

    Chan-joo Lee, Jung-min Lee and Byung-min Kim


The properties of TiO2 as a therapeutic agent via the new photodynamic therapy         P504-505          Pc4

Chongmu Lee, Hojin Kima, Youngjoon Cho and Wan In Lee


Cyclic-oxidation of Ti3Al0.7Si0.3C2 between 900 and 1200oc in air                                        P506-507          Pc4  

D. B. Lee and Thuan Dinh Nguyen


Application of single lap-shear test for extracting adhesion strength of galvannealed coating                 P508-509           Pc4

   Jungmin Lee, Chanjoo Lee, Sangon Lee and Byungmin Kim


Wear and fracture of tungsten carbides wet drawing die according to the abrasive particle size               P510-511          Pc4 

   Sang-Kon Lee, Byung-Min Kim and Min-Ahn Kim


Effect of hydrophilic treatments and shape of recycled pet fiber in cement based composite materials             P512-513        Pc4

    Lee, Sang-Woo, Won, Jong-Pil , Park, Chan-Gi , Choi, Min-Jeong , and Kim and Wan-Young


In-situ tem dynamic observations of plastic relaxation mechanisms in thin and nano-crystallized

    Al and Al(Si)/SiO2 metallic films                                                                                                     P514-515             Pc4

 Marc Legros, Dan Gianola, Kevin Hemker, Frédéric Mompiou, Martiane Cabie and Daniel caillard


Mechanical properties of carbon nanotube polymer composites                 P516-517                Pc4

   Zhenkun Lei, Yilan Kangb, Qiu Li, Wei Qiub and Xuemin Panc


A novel approach to prepare extra fine cobalt nanoparticles                      P518-520            Pc4

   Li Hao and Liao Shijun


Mechanical behaviour of bonded steel concrete composite structures                  P521-522            Pc4

   Alex Li, Loubna Bouazaoui, Gilles Perrenot and Yves Delmas


A study on the mechanism responsible for enhanced resistance of Co alloys modified with yttrium

    to wear at elevated temperatures                                                                        P523-524            Pc4

D.Y. Li and Iulian Radu


Development of metal borohydrides as advanced hydrogen storage materials        P525-528            Pc4

    H.-W. Li, Y. Nakamori, K. Kikuchi, S. Orimoa, K. Miwab and S. Towatab


The study of modified polymer electrolyte membrane for li-ion battery        P529-531          Pc4

HU Yun, Li De zhan, XIE Kai and PAN Yi


Preparation and magnetization for self-formed MnFe2O4 ferrofluids          P532-533              Pc4

   Jian Li, Lang Bai,Qiang Li, Xianming Chen and Guofeng Yang


Molding process for low pressure sheet molding compounds                  P534-536            Pc4

LI Jian, Huang Zhi xiong and Yu Hao


Interfaces of intelligent hybrid composites for cable of cable-stayed bridge                   P537-539                                 Pc5

    Jian-zhi Li¡AYan-liang Du¡ALin Shao and Bao-chen Sun


A novel synthesis of high quality cdte quantum dots with good thermal stability in liquid paraffin               P540-541        Pc5

 Wan-wan Li, Bing Xing and Kang Sun


Development of high-speed simultaneous measurement of topography

and energy dissipation with phase modulation AFM                                        P542-544            Pc5

    Yan-Jun Li, Naritaka Kobayashi, Hikaro Nomura, Yoshitaka Naitoh, Masami Kageshima and Yasuhiro Sugawara


Mechanical and electrical properties of carbon nanotubes / epoxy resin

Nano-Prepreg laminates for nanocomposites                                                P545-546             Pc5

   Yi-Luen Li, Wei-Jen Chen, Kuo-Shu Wang, Chung-Lin Wu and Ming-Chuen Yip


Photonic crystal by pecvd/template techniques                                                P547-548            Pc5

Li Yu-jie, Xie Kai, Xu Jing, Liang Guo-jie, Zhang Liang-jing and Tu Sheng-yi


Three-dimensional atomic-scale structure determination of size-selected nanoclusters                P549-550         Pc5  

Ziyou Li


Blurred problem of gel-coating surface of scrimp-gfrp                                         P551-552         Pc5

    C.-I Liao (Ph.D.) and H.-J. Lin (Professor)


Synthesis, characterization and application of PbSe spherical and wire-like nanocrystals                      P553-554         Pc5   

    Efrat Lifshitz


Effect of Nanodiamond addition on the tribological properties of PTFE-based composite coating       P555-557       Pc5     

    Dong-Phill Lima, Jun-Sung Parka, Dae-Soon Lima, Seung-Gyun Ahnb and In-Woong Lyob


Development of permeable titanium alloy scaffold using three dimensional layer manufacturing technology          P558-559    Pc5    

K. K. Lim, P. Cheang, M. H. Liang and M. Chandrasekaran


Preparation and electrochemical luminescence of nano-sized ZnGa2O4                               P560-561        Pc5

Andrew S. Lin and Howard Lin


Influence of cuo additions on the microwave dielectric properties of 0.95MgTiO3-0.05CaTiO3

   ceramic systems                                                                                                         P562-563         Pc5     

Jing-Yuan Lin, Yih-Chien Chen, Shih-Min Tsao and Chang Shin Lin


Theory and FEM for the chemo-mechanical coupling behavior of polymer gel              P564-566           Pc5

    Lin Luan and Yang Qingsheng


Processing and characterisation of pe/pet microfibrillar composites                     P567-568               Pc5

   R.J.T. Lin, S.S. Mohd Sufian, M.Z. Abdullah and D. Bhattacharyya


Statistical model of the strength of bundles of fibres                                      P569-570                Pc5

   Linka Aleš, Tunák Maroš and Volf Petr


Theory and numerical method for chemo-mechanical coupling problem                 P571-572             Pc5

Liu Baosheng and Yang Qingsheng 


Micro Structure Fiber and Its Functional Devices                                                  P573-574             Pc5 

Bo Liu, Long Jin, GuiYun Kai, Qiang Fang and Zhi Wang


The Hydrothermal Growth and Morphology Control of ZnO Nano/micro-Structures         P575-577      Pc5 

   Liu Changyou, Jie Wanqi and Li Huanyong


A radial point interpolation method for analysis of composite laminates                  P578-579            Pc5

G. R. Liu , X. Zhao , K. Y. Dai, Z. H. Zhong , G. Y. Li and X. Han


The application of Nano-particles in unidirectional plate reinforced by UHMWPE-Fiber       P580-582         Pc5

    Shujia Liu, Jia Wang, Jianjun Chen ,Yimin Wang andDavid Hui


Study of Fe, Co, Ni as transition metal catalyst supported on hydroxyapatite for CVD synthesis of carbon nanotubes   P583-584        Pc5 

  Yuan Liu, Naiqin Zhao, Haipeng Li, Chunsheng Shi, Xiwen Du and Jiajun Li


Fracture properties of high strength lightweight aggregate concrete                                P585-586          Pc5       

    Tommy Y. Lo andH.Z. Cui


An experimental and numerical study for the effect of different constraints on the dynamic

characteristics of a cantilever plate                                                                                P587-588       Pc5   

    Matthew D. Lopez, Eltahry Elghandour and Faysal Kolkailah


Processing and microstructures of carbon nano-fibers growing on expanded graphite             P589-590         Pc5

    Hsin-Fang Lu, Wen-Shyong Kuo and Tse-Hao Ko


Fabrication of plla microbubbles applicable as ultrasound contrast agent by double emulsification           P591-592         Pc5

     Rong Lu, Hongjing Dou and Kang Sun


Mode III crack problem for two bonded functionally graded piezoelectric strip and half plane                P593-594                 Pc5

Yu-Hsien Lu and Ching-Hwei Chue


Using quasi-static method to simulate the impact behavior of constrained layered damped composite plates           P595-596          Pc5

G.M. Luo and Y.J. Lee


Laser cutting mechanism for thick boron carbide ceramic                                      P597-599          Pc5

 N.G. Ma , H.D.Ding , X.J.Wang , S.L.Fu and M.L.Hu


Rubber inclusions influence on the thermal behavior of an aerated clayey concrete : dry state and

   different saturation degrees                                                                                   P600-601             Pc5

Dr Nadira Madjoudj and Dr Nawal Madjoudj


Zinc-ion coated nanosilica filled polypropylene nanocomposites: effects of epoxy resin

   encapsulation and pp-g-ma                                                                                          P602-603           Pc5

 R.N.Mahaling, C.S.Reddy and C.K.Das


Novel thermoelectrics - the role of nanostructures                                  P604-606            Pc5

 S. D. Mahanti


Waste acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS)-Mica composites                    P607-608         Pc5

 P. A. Mahanwar and Vinay Kr. Chaudhary


A numerical prediction of the influence of concrete mix structure on its elastic Stiffness: Part 1                P609       Pc5

M Mahdi and I Marieb


Nonlinear dynamic responses of laminated shallow spherical shells with damage

    subjected to low velocity impact                                                                                          P610-613       Pc5

    Fu Yiming and Mao Yiqi 


SiO2 + polyester-resin composites: effects of gamma radiation on mechanical properties               P614-615         Pc5

G. Martínez-Barrera


Free volume studies of polymeric layered silicate nanocomposites subjected to thermal cycling          P616-617      Pc5

S. MARTINEZ-VILARIN, Y. M. Strzhemechny, C. A. Quarle, J. Zhou and D. Hui


Oxidization of 6H-SiC(000-1) and Carbon Nanotube Growth by surface decomposition              P618-619        Pc5 

    Takahiro Maruyama, Shigeya Naritsuka and Michiko Kusunoki

Study of the mechanical, thermal and electronic properties of nanoscale materials                 P620-621         Pc5

    K. Masuda-Jindo, Vu Van Hung and M. Menon


Polymer nanocomposites involving Si- OR Sn-OXO nanoclusters                                      P622-623                   Pc5

 Libor Matějka, Irena Kroutilová, Adam Strachota and Francois Ribot


The ac and dc percolative conductivity of poor conductor-poor insulator composites            P624-626            Pc5

David S. McLachlan, Cosmas Chiteme and Godfrey Sauti


Material-dependent speed and accuracy of atomic force microscopic imaging: implications

     for nanometrology of heterogenous surface confined systems                                   P627-630               Pc5

 Adam Mechler, Janos Kokavecz and Peter Heszler


Environmental degradation of epoxy filled with starch and fly ash                                P631-632             Pc5

U. Meekum and P. Thananowan


Preparation and characterization of polystyrene/graphite nanocomposite                           P633-635          Pc5

R. M. Mehra and N. K. Srivastava


Failure of gaz pipes, experimental study and three-dimensional numerical analysis                P636-637           Pc5

M.Hadj Meliani, H.Moustabchir, M.Benarous, A.belalia, A.Ghoul and Z.Azari


Ion beam assisted deposited ito thin films on acrylics (pmma) substrates                   P638-639             Pc5

    Li-Jian Meng, Erjun Liang, Jinsong Gao and V. Teixeira


X-Ray diffraction study of £D-Quartz-type AxB1-xPO4 (A=Al, Fe ; B=Ga) obtained by

   hydrothermal conditions                                                                                              P640-642            Pc5

 M. Miclau, I. Grozescu , R. Baies, P. Vlazan, R. Bucur and D. Hui


Synthesis of Hexagonal Structured Crystalline Titania Particles using Gemini Surfactant at room temperature             P643-645      Pc5 

    Hisashi Mihara, Toshio Sakai, Hirobumi Shibata, Kazuyuki Tsubone, Kenichi Sakai, Takahiro Ohkubo, Hideki Sakai and Masahiko Abe


The rda model of scaling and size effect of nanocomposites                 P646-647            Pc5 

   Dragan D. Milašinović


Simulation of industrial pet filaments breaking                                   P648-649             Pc5

   J. Militký, D. Křemenáková, J. Kocourková and M. Maršálková1


Nano-structured materials in plasmonics and photonics                                                   P650-653         Pc5

Hiroaki MISAWA, Saulius Juodkazis, Kosei Ueno and Vygantas Mizeikis


Development of nanostructure in nitrogen - implanted silicon processed at enhanced temperature - pressure             P654-656     Pc5

A.Misiuk, P.Formanek, I.V.Antonova, J.Bak-Misiuk, W.Jung and M.Prujszczyk


Alysis of high temperature deformation behavior and microstructure change in nano-grain composites

    for fabrication of mems parts                                                                                                   p657-658           Pc5

Naoki Miyano , Kazuo Isonishi and Kei Ameyama3


Simple converging thermal wave method in measuring thermal diffusivity of thin metal foils              P659-661           Pc5

M M Moksin, M S Husin, IV Grozescu and B Z Azmi


Elastic modulus of zno nanowires: a theoretical study                                                               P662-663          Pc5

 W. H. Moon, H. J. Kim and C. H. Choi       


Effect of iron content on the formation of £] ¡V al5fesi and porosity in al-si eutectic alloys                 P664-665            Pc5

M.A. Moustafa


Quantitative acoustic emission method as a tool for revealing, typifying, assessing and monitoring individual

and interacting flaws in reinforced composite materials                                                              P666-667               Pc5

G. Muravin, B. Muravin and L.Lezvinsky


 Preparation of ceramic composite powder via layerby-layer method                                        P668-671                   Pc6

Hiroyuki Mut, Kazuyuki Shimada, Yusuke Daiko, Kiyofumi Katagiri, Atsunori Matsuda and Mototsugu Sakai


Nano-sized surfaces generated by top-down technique                                                            P672-673                  Pc6

       Yoshiki Nakata1, Kunio Tsuchida1 and Noriaki Miyanaga


Controlling stochastic resonance in an electronic circuit with lévy perturbation                        P674-677           Pc6

Romeo Negrea , Horia Carstea and David Hui


Ferrite nanoparticles immobilized oligonucleotide and digested DNA of Crinum latifolium L.      P678-679            Pc6

      Nguyen Cong Phuong Nam, Nguyen Cong Hao, Nguyen Cuu Thi Huong Giang, Nguyen Toan Thang and Cassandra L. Smith


Ferrite nanoparticles immobilized oligonucleotide and digested DNA of Crinum latifolium L.      P680-681         Pc6

Nguyen Cong Phuong Nam, Nguyen Cong Hao, Nguyen Cuu Thi Huong Giang, Nguyen Toan Thang and Cassandra L. Smith


Tin oxide coated single-walled carbon nanotubes for gas sensor application                           P682-683          Pc6

Nguyen Duc Hoa, Nguyen Van Quy, Myungchan An, Hyejin Song, Youngjin Kang,Yousuk Cho, Dojin Kim


Microfabrication of silicon micro arrays (DNA chips) and its application in research for

    immobilization and hybridization of oligonucleotides                                                            P684-685         Pc6

Nguyen Hoang Phuong Uyen, Mai Thi Anh Dao, Tong Duy Hien and Dang Mau Chien


Magnetic properties of ultrafine particles Sr1-xLaxFe12O19 (x = 0 ¡Ò 0.2) prepared by sol-gel method      P686-688           Pc6

N. P. Duong, T. T. V. Nga, T. D. Hien and T. D. Hoang


Magnetic properties of MnFe2O4 nanoparticles synthesized by co-precipitation        P689-690       Pc6

Nguyen Phuc Duong, Nguyen Thi Lan and Than Duc Hien


Oxygen sensor on nano-crystalline perovskite oxide SrTi0.65Fe0.35O3                             P691-693          Pc6

Nguyen Sy Hieu, Do Thi Anh Thu, Ho Truong Giang, Giang Hong Thai

and Nguyen Ngoc Toan


Nanostructured mno2/c composites as electrodes for rechargeable electrochemical cells               P694-695       Pc6

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thoa, Pham Quoc Trung, Le My Loan Phung and Tran Van Man


Synthesis and purification of carbon nanotubes on iron meshes                                              P696-697         Pc6    

Nguyen Van Chuc, Nguyen Thanh Quy, Nguyen Duc Dung, Phan Ngoc Hong,Ngo Thi Thanh Tam, Le Dinh Quang, Dao Duc Khang,Phan Hong Khoi and Phan Ngoc Minh


A composite of sio2-single-wall carbon nanotubes for field emission devices                   P698-699             Pc6

Nguyen Van Quy, Nguyen Duc Hoa, Myungchan An, Yousuk Cho, Dojin Kim


Properties of low density polyethylene/multi-walled carbon nanotube composite fabricated by melt-blending    P700-701          Pc6

Nguyen Vu Giang and Hoang Thi Van An


Valence flux under thermal motion in 3-d modelling for perovkite manganites                      P702-705         Pc6    

H. N. Nha, H. D.Chinh, N. Q. Hoa, N. Chau and F. Valach


Microstructure and optical properties of nanostructured ceo2 thin films on sapphire          P706-707            Pc6

J. C. Nie, Z. Y. Hua and Q. Y. Tu


Energy absorption abilities of basic elements made from polymer composite and foams     P708-709               Pc6

Tadeusz NIEZGODA, Wiesław BARNAT, Maciej WOROPAY and gniew SMALKO


Shape Memory Alloy Embedded in Composite Structure for Actuation Purposes                      P710-711         Pc6

Simphiwe Nqabisa nd Oscar Philander


Visible-Light Induced Photocatalytic Activity of N,S Co-Doped TiO2                                    P712-713         Pc6

Yuji Ogino, Toshio Sakai, Hirobumi Shibata, Kenichi Sakai,Takahiro Ohkubo, Hideki Sakai and ahiko Abe


First-principles study on inclusion of polyyne molecules inside open-ended single-walled carbon nanotubes     P714-715        Pc6

Kaoru OHNO, Yohei Kudo, Tsuguo Morisato, and Soh Ishii


Material Properties of Metal Matrix Composite Composed of AC8A Matrix and Fe75Cr20Si5 Metal Fibers     P716-717         Pc6

Shingo OKAMOTO, Masanobu TAKI, Tatsumi HAGIHARA and Nobuyuki FUYAMA


Influence of nanoceramics on polytetrafluoroethylene roperties                                     P718-719           Pc6

A.A.Okhlopkova and S.A.Sleptsova


Static analysis of antisymmetric angle-ply composite shells using a higher order theory    P720-721            Pc6

Ahmet Sinan Oktem and Aykut Safa


Coatings for solar absorbers: an overview                                             P722-725              Pc6

Zorica Crnjak Orel


A general micromechanical method for the analysis of complex microstructure composites     P726-727        Pc6     

Carlos E. Orozco


Lifetime prediction of textile reinforced concrete (trc) by using fracture mechanics       P728-729              Pc6

Sebastian Ortlepp and Frank Jesse


Detailed adsorption properties of water molecule on the surface of in Vo4 photo-catalyst

  investigated by first principles theoretical approach                                                 P730-731              Pc6

M.Oshikiri¡AM.Boero, A.Matsushita and J.Ye


Spinel-alumina composites ¡V structural evolution by sem                              P732-733           Pc6

Soumen pal, A. K. Bandyopadhyay and P. G. Pal


Gradient morphology of blend fiber                                                               P734-735            Pc6

Zhijian Pan, Meifang Zhu, Chong Jiang, Zhi Xu, Hao Yu and Yanmo Chen


Clean Filament Winding: Proof-of-Concept                                                      P736-739             Pc6  

S D Pandita, N Shotton-Gale, S Smith, M Paget, J M Allen and G F Fernando


Clean Filament Winding: Fibre Spreading and Impregnation                                     P740-741            Pc6

S D Pandita, N Shotton-Gale, S Smith, M Paget, J Allen and G F Fernando


Extendeded weakest link distribution family and analysis of fiber strength dependence on length      P742-743         Pc6    

Yu. Paramonov


Steel fiber reforcements effect on bond between frp rebar and high strength concrete     P744-746          Pc6  

Park, Chan-Gi,Won, Jong-Pil.Lee, Si-Won1.Kim, Yoon-Jeong , Kim and Wan-Young


Properties and consolidation of nanocrystalline NbSi2- Si3N4 by pulsed current activated combustion     P747-749      Pc6    

Hyun-Kuk Park, Jung-Hwan Park, Jin-Kook Yoon, Jung-Mann Doh, In-Yong Ko, and In-Jin Shon


A Study on Control Surface Actuation Using Smart Actuator                                                     P750-751          Pc6   

 Park Ki Hoon, Park Joon Hyuk, Yoon Bum Soo and Yoon Kwang Jun


Effect of MgF2 and CaF2 Additive on the Mechanical Properties in Hydroxyapatite/Alumina Composites    P752-753          Pc6 

Sang-Yeup Park,Sung-Jin Kim and Hee-Gon Bang


Experimental study for concrete retrofit using spiral-type cfrp strips with spacing       P754-755            Pc6

 Tae Won Park, Ung Jin Na,Lan Chung  and Maria Q. Feng


Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) composites reinforced by Fly ash and Mica                    P756-757          Pc6

M Rahil Parvez and P.A.Mahanwar


Acoustic emission on thermal shock behavior of two-dimensional woven carbon fiber

   reinforced silicon carbide composites                                                                        P758-760            Pc6

 Peng Fang, LaifeiCheng,Litong Zhang, Hui Mei, Jun Zhang and Qing Zhang


Nanostructured magnetic microwires enabled multifunctional composites                            P761-762         Pc6

 Hua-Xin Peng and Manh-Huong Phan


Fabrication and Application of Carbon Nanotubes on Tungsten tips                 P763-764           Pc6

 Phan Ngoc Hong,Nguyen Minh Nam, Phan Hong Khoi,Phan Ngoc Minh


X-ray characterization of nanostructured materials                                          P765-766             Pc6 

Roman Pielaszek and Witold Lojkowski


Nano science and technology curriculum design                                                        P767-768              Pc6

 Saroja Prabhakaran


Modeling of the interactions of SnO2 with NO and NO2 in gas sensing applications       P769-770             Pc6    

 J. D. Prades, A. Cirera, L. Fernández, A. Cornet and J. R. Morante


Preparation and characterization of n-hydroxyapatite/polymer nanocomposite                    P771-774            Pc6  

 Nabakumar Pramanik and Panchanan Pramanik


Commercial applications utilizing halloysite, a naturally occurring nanomaterial              P775-776               Pc6

Ronald Price and Yuri Lvov


Influence of eigenparameters to stiffening of axisymmetric cylinders                           P777-778              Pc6

    Petr P. Procházka and Alexia Yiakoumi


Potentiodynamic polarization techniques of Za-27/Sic in neutral chloride mediums leading to corrosion control         P779-780           Pc6   

           Pruthviraj. R. D               


Advanced low-alloy creep resistance steels                                                                              P781-783              Pc6     

    Jaroslav Purmenský and Václav Foldyna


Synthesis of n-doped carbon nanotubes and y-junctions by catalytic chemical vapor deposition         P784-785         Pc6

   Dali Qian, R. Andrews, D. Jacques and T. Rantell


Electrochemical characterization of nanocrystalline LiFePO4 and LiMnX Fe1-XO4 thin films              P786-787         Pc6

Qi-Zong Qin and Jun Ma


Vinyl chloride- Vinyl acetate Copolymer nanocomposite                         P788-789        Pc6

H.Raghu and P. A. Mahanwar 


Strength of stiffened composite plates with opening                                 P790-791        Pc6

  Rahima Shabeen. S and Alagusundaramoorthy. P 


Prediction of delamination during the drilling of thick composite structures       P792-794       Pc6

   Pierre Rahme, Yann Landon, Pierre Lagarrigue Frédéric Lachaud, Robert Piquet

 Benoit Marguet and Cédric Le Roy


Studies on polymeric membranes                                                               P795-796           Pc6

   Mohan Doraiswamy Raju, K.Kirthika, M.Velan, D.Lawrence Arockiasamy and K.H.Shobana


Photo- and electro-luminescence studies of polyimide films                        P797-799            Pc6                        

   M. Ramrakhiani and Shruti Patel,



Optical holographic data storage using Nanoporous azobenzene films                             P800-801                   Pc7

D.v.g.l.n. Rao¡Achandra s yelleswarapu and Y. Andrew wang


Suspension and solution precursor plasma spraying of finel structured coatings                  P802-803         Pc7

Vincent Rat, Ramuntxo Etchart-Salas, Jean-Francois Coudert and Pierre Fauchais


Mechanical and electrical properties of epdm nanocomposites using silica nanoparticles             P804-805          Pc7

L. Rejon-Garcia and R. Saldivar-Guerrero


Effect of glycosidic biomaterials extracted fromyams (dioscoreaspp.) on the dissolution

    profile ofparacetamol from its compacts                                                                                P806-808         Pc7

Cliff K. Riley, Sarafadeen A. Adebayo,Andrew O. Wheatley, and Helen N. and Asemota


Mechanical behaviour of single wool fibressubjected to tensile loads at low and medium strainrates      P809-810        Pc7

D. Ruan, G. Lu, J. Cao and A. S. Blicblau 


The seamless bridging of scales in material modeling basedon adaptive error control                     P811-812        Pc7

Kenneth Runesson and Fredrik Larsson


Electrical/mechanical properties and morphologies ofpoly (vinylchloride)/layered silicate nanocomposites      P813-815       Pc7  

Azima Saad and Onsy Dimitry


Magnetically modified microbial cells: a new type of compositematerials                                          P816-817          Pc7

 Ivo Safarik and Mirka Safarikova


Thermal conductivity of manganin-lantan-strons submicron powder in the dependence temperature           P818-819       Pc7

M.M.Safarov, J.A.Zaripov, M.D.Bulatov, A.N.BulatovDavid Hui and Helen N. Asemota


 Evaluation of properties in friction weldednear nanostructured al 5083 alloys                             P821-822             Pc7

      Mumin Sahin, Kaan Ozel and H. Erol Akata


Direct sD  Direct synthesis of nanoporous titania bearing crystalline wall                              P823-826             Pc7

Hideki sakai, Hirobumi Shibata, Takahiro Ohkubo, Toshio Sakai and Masahiko Abe


Electrical conduction of laser synthesizedcarbon nanoparticles for polymer/nanocarboncomposites              P827-828        Pc7

      Ion Sandu, Adriana Dragomirescu, Lavinia Gavrila Florescu, Claudiu Fleaca, Radita Gardu and Alexandra Pica


Ion  Delopment of a semi-analytical model for the analysisof axisymmetric shells made

             of functionally gradedmaterials                                                                                       P829-830           Pc7

H.                Santos, Cristovão M. Mota Soares, C. A. Mota Soares and J. N. Reddy


 A comparative study by conductivity measurementof polarisation of hydratation mechanism of bentonites           P831-833       Pc7

A. Sassi, Z. Derriche,A. Djebaili and J.C Giuntini


 Application of solution dispersible nanocrystallinesilicon particles to various optical devices               P834-835           Pc7

Keisuke Sato, Masaki Hiruoka and Kenji Hirakuri


Influence of batio  Influence of batio3 dielectric layer in distributed-typeinorganic el pane                      P836-837             Pc7

Toshifumi Satoh


Challenges and opportunities in development of cotton-based nonwoven fabrics/composites

     for apparel: some new concepts                                                                             P838-839         Pc7

Sawhney, A.P.S., Parikh, D.V., Condon, B., Singh, K.V. and Pang, S.


 Rigorous solution of extended hubbard models onsmall clusters thermodynamics

    and magnetics of cluster arrays                                                                            P840-841            Pc7

Rolf Schumann


 Method of synthesis of metal-carbon composites for hydrogen storage                            P842-843            Pc7

Dmitry Schur, Anatoliy Dubovoy, Svetlana Zaginaichenko, Andrey Kotko, Vyacheslav Bogolepov, Alexander Savenko and Alexey Zolotarenko


 About the modelling of mechanical contact problems for composite layered materials

     using analytical linear elastic approaches                                                                   P844-845               Pc7

Norbert Schwarzer, Marcus Fuchs and Lars Geidel


 Rehabilitation of RC inverted-T girders using CFRP sheets                                              P846-847           Pc7

Mukesh Sekar and Khaled Galal


 Nanocomposites of inorganic nanotubes and gold                                                       P848-849            Pc7

Mohtashim H. Shamsi and Kurt E. Geckeler


 Effect of Particle size of Fly ash on Recycled Poly (ethyleneterephthalate)                          P850-851          Pc7

Amit Sharma P and P.A.Mahanwar


 Composites to realize acoustic metamaterials:can the effective mass density be negative?                    P852-853        Pc7

Ping Sheng, Jun Mei, Zhengyou Liu and Weijia Wen



 Experimental studies on load-carrying capacity ofnotched concrete beams                      P854-855               Pc7

Zihai Shi, Kazuhiro Yamakawa and Masaaki Nakano 


 Study of alumina ceramics on the dynamic damage and the penetration response              P856-858             Pc7

     Shi Zhiyong and Tang Wenhui



                       Mesomechanical  analysis of nanocell auxetic porous materials                                     P859-860             Pc7

                               Serge Shilko, Dmitry Chernous and David Hui


     Construction of polystyrene layer by raftpolymerization on hydrogen-terminated Si (111) surface           P861-862        Pc7 

Osamu Shimomura , Naohisa Maeda , Atsushi Ohtaka and Ryôki Nomura


Reliable       Reliable  method for doping sinlgle-impurityatoms into nanodevices                                  P863-864                 Pc7

                        Takahiro Shinada, Hideki Nakayama, Tomonori Kurosawa, Yanwei Zhu and Iwao Ohdomari


Preparation of centimeter-sized two-dimensional ordered nanoparticle array on substrate           P865-868           Pc7

Masahiro Shishido, Daisuke Kitagawa and Masaki Tanno


Properties and consolidation of nanostructuredce0.8gd0.2o2-ä by pulsed current activated sintering          P869-871       Pc7

In-Jin Shon, Dong-Ki Kim, In Kyoon Jeong and In-Yong Ko


Model of energy dissipation limit coated fiber pull-out with non-ideal interface                          P872-873        Pc7

A.G.Shpenev and K.A.Khvostunkov


Dielectric behaviour of styrene-butadienestyrene/polyaniline composites                                P874-875          Pc7 

N.M.Renukappa, Siddaramaiah, Joong-Hee Lee, T.Jeevananda, Seok-Bong Heo and Nam Hoon Kim


Inverse eigenvalue problems in structural vibration and control of composite structures           P876-877          Pc7

Kumar Vikram Singh


Buckling performance of frp and hybrid frp-steel frames                                                           P878-880       Pc7

Mojtaba B. Sirjani and Zia Razzaq


Epitaxial growth of ii-vi materials on nano patterned Si                                                                 P881-883        Pc7

Sivalingam Sivananthan, R. Bommena, C. Fulk, Y. Chang, R. Sporken and C.H. Grein


Band-gap modification induced in HgTe by dimensionalconstraint in carbon nanotubes and effect

 of nanotubediameter on microstructure                                                                                            P884-886            Pc7

 Jeremy Sloan, Robin Carter, Alexis Vlandas, Rüdiger R. Meyer, Zheng Liu, Kazu Suenaga, Philip J. D. Lindan, Grace Lin, John Harding, John L. Hutchison and Angus I. Kirkland


Computational analysis of mechanical behavior ofnanostructural zirconia ceramics and composites               P887-888         Pc7

I.Y. Smolin


A    Adsorptive Composite Barriers for Packaging Applications               P889-893               Pc7      

Stanislav E. Solovyov, Thomas H. Powers and Pau E. Koch


Experimental observation of liquid nanojet                                           P894-895                  Pc7         

Fengqi Song, Longbing He, Min Han, Jianguo Wan and Guanghou Wang


Electrical properties of single-wall carbonnanotubes films purified for transparentelectrodes           P896-897        Pc7

Hyejin Song, Youngjin Kang, Nguyen Duc Hoa, Nguyen Van Quy, Myungchan An, Yousuk Cho and Dojin Kim


Reduction of mismatch of carbon nanotubes with polymermatrix and development of high strength

        polymernanocomposites                                                                                           P898-899         Pc7

Mo Song, Jie Jin and Dongyu Cai


Influence of prestressing losses in steel-concretecomposite precast and prestressed

    trusses,subjected to long-term service loads                                                                P900-901               Pc7



Nanoimprinted polymer photonic crystals withenhanced emission via surface plasmons       P902-903            Pc7

C. M. Sotomayor Torres, V. Reboud, N. Kehagias, M. Zelsmann, C. Schuster, M. Fink, F. Reuther and G. Gruetzner


Hepatic and nephrotic changes induced by bitter yam biomaterials in transgenic mice model of hypercholesterolemia     P904-907        Pc7

Dewayne Stennett, Helen Asemota, Frederick Oladeinde, Andrew Wheatley, Lowell Dilworth, Oswald Simon, Christine Hohmann, Yvonne Bronner and  Joseph Bryant


Studies about mechanical and thermal behaviour for he compozite-fibers covered withmetallizing by electrolysis         P908-909        Pc7 

Mihaela Suciu, David Hui, Mihai Tripa, Liviu Suciu, Lucia Ghioltean and Mircea Bejan


Nano-fiber optical and moems gyroscope                                                                  P910-911         Pc7

Bohua Sun and Bo Zhang


A dynamics approach for atomic force microscopycharacterization of polymeric nanofibers              P912-913           Pc7

Liang SUN, Jun WANG and Ray P.S. HAN


Study on the interlaminar shear property of modified frp with different mwcnts                 P914-915             Pc7

     Sun Lili, Zhao Yan, Duan Yuexin and Zhang Zuoguang


In situ    In situ synthesis of tic-ti3sic2 composites by reactive intering                     P916-917              Pc7

ZhengMing Sun and Hitoshi Hashimoto


 Influence of processing technique on nanoclay dispersion and the tensile

       properties of thermoplastic natural rubber nanocomposites                     P918-919            Pc7

S.N. Surip, H. Anuar, S.H. Ahmad and R. Rasid


Devel       opment of the vibration-proof fixing part for ground coil                      P920-921            Pc7

Masao Suzuki, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Masayuki Aiba and Hitoshi Matsue


Experimental data on workability of particulate-reinforced Al-MMC                    P922-923         Pc7

Mohamed A. Taha, Nahed A. El-Mahallawy and Ahmed M. El-Sabbagh 


E        Effect of mn doping on optical properties of znsnanophosphor                                P924-925        Pc7

R.Tamrakar, M.Ramrakhiani and B.P.Chandra


Covalent functionalization of short single-walled carbon nanotubes and theircomposite films         P926-927         Pc7

Soon Huat Tan, Sung Chul Hong, Jeung Choon Goak and Naesung Lee


Impact damage detection, localization and severityprediction in composite laminates          P928-929           Pc7

G. P. Tandon, J. H. Kang and R. Y. Kim


Experimental study of rc beams shear strengthened withbonded or unbonded frp wraps               P930-931              Pc7      

J.G. Teng, G.M. Chen, O.A. Rosenboom, J.F. Chen and L. Lam


Silicon-Carbon Nanocomposites: Theoretical and Experimental Investigations                      P932-935                       Pc8

Y. J. Wang, C. Zhang and R.Q. Zhang


Properties of Cr coatings by electroplating with carbon nanotubes additive material                    P936-937         Pc8

Than Xuan Tinh , Nguyen Ngoc Khoai, Phan Hong Khoi and Phan Ngoc Minh


Nanoscale Effects on Oxygen Ionic Conductivity in Single- and Multi- Layer Thin Film Electrolytes            P938-941      Pc8

S. Thevuthasan, L.V. Saraf, Z.Q. Yu, O.A. Marina, C.M. Wang, M.H. Engelhard, V. Shutthanandan, P. Nachimuthu and S. Kuchibhatla


Preparation, characterization and application of poly(ethylene terephthalate)/silica nanocomposites           P942-945     Pc8

Xingyou Tian and Ping Cui


Consolidation of Silica Sand-cement Frogbrick Composites                                 P946-947              Pc8

Benjamin C. Tobias 


Effective behavior of soils with creep and other heritage phenomena                      P948-949           Pc8

Michal Toman Petr P. Procházka


Nanoscale Manipulation and CharacterizationUsingSPM-Based Instruments            P950-953            Pc8

Masahiko TOMITORI, Yoshihiko OOKUBO, Masayasu TANIand Toyoko ARAI


Fabrication of wafer-scale platinum nanowires and its application in glucose detection            P954-955     Pc8   

 Tong Duy Hien, Tran Nhan Ai, Le Dang Khoa, Le Thanh Tuyen and Dang Mau Chien


On the anisotropic thermal expansion of short-fiber and particulate reinforced composites          P956-957       Pc8

Wei Tong and Hang Yao


Asymptotic analysis of coagulation-fragmentation                                           P958-959      Pc8

Francisco Torrens and Gloria Castellano


Radiation shielding strategies with martian regolith composite materials              P960-961          Pc8 

EBONY L. TOWNS, Premkumar B. Saganti, and Jianren Zhou


Contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging based on iron oxide nanoparticles

    synthesized by wet-chemical methods                                                        P962-963        Pc8  

  Tran Hoang Hai, Le Hong Phuc, Doan Thi Kim Dung, Nguyen Thi Le Huyen, Bui Duc Long, Le Khanh Vinh and Nguyen Thi Thanh Kieu


Preparation, structure and luminescent spectra of ZnO nanomaterials                       P964-966        Pc8

Le Quoc Minha, Dinh Xuan Loc, Nguyen Vu, David Hui ,Do Hung Manh, Nguyen Thi Thanh Ngan, Tamio Endoc and Tran Kim Anh


Preparation, optical properties and application of nanomaterials doped with rare earth ions          P967-970      Pc8  

Tran Kim Anh, Nguyen Vu, Wieslaw Strek , David Hui and Le Quoc Minh


Nano-carbon tubes effect on the mechanical properties of plastic material                        P972-973          Pc8   

  Gwo-Chung Tsai,Li-Yuan Lin and Ying-Long Lu


A study of micro molding for optical benches with three different levels of micro features           P974-975         Pc8

Shi-Chang Tseng, Yi - Cheng Chen, Cheng - Ping Chiu and Wen-Chiang Hsiao


Controlled electric behavior of vertical aligned carbon nanotubes reinforced composite fabricated

     through immersion process                                                                                         P976-977     Pc8

 Shih-Hao Tseng and Nyan-Hwa Tai


Optical waveguide chemical sensors for nano interfaces and nano materials                               P978-981       Pc8

Kin-ichi TSUNODA, Hiroki Hotta, Masayuki Uehara, Soto Asanuma, Tomonari Umemura and Yasuhiko Sugii


Synthesis of three-dimensional ordered porous metallic nickel by electrodeposition                      P982-984          Pc8  

  Tu Sheng-yi, Xu Jing¡ALiang Guo-jie and Li Yu-jie  


Thz radiation-induced exciton cooling and intraband dynamics in strain-induced quantum dots                  P985-986      Pc8

Jukka Tulkki and Fredrik Boxberg


Methods for recognition of woven structure defects                                                             P987-988          Pc8

Tunák Maroš and Linka Aleš


Nano-Dispensing System Using Ink-Jet Chip for Chemical and Biochemical Analysis                   P989-992       Pc8

Katsumi uchiyama


Development of chilled aluminum alloy-silica glass particulate composites and its property evaluation                  P993-995      Pc8  

Umashankar and Joel Hemanth


Creation of ionic-plasma coverings for protection andrestoration of details for gas-turbine engines                   P996-997    Pc8

Prof. Dr.hab.sc.eng. Aleksandrs Urbahs, eng. Konstantins  Savkovs, student Vladislavs Nesterovskis and student Margarita Urbaha


Newtonian dynamics of multibody systems. a mathematical and physical semidefinite model in observable        

   complex variables.                                                                                            P998-999                Pc8

 J. L. Urrutia-Galicia


Structure and properties of epoxy nano-composites        P1000-1002              Pc8

    Ushakov A.E.



Study of electronic parameters of mesoporous silicon under adsorption of viruses of plants        P1003-1004     Pc8

 Yuriy Vashpanov, Jung-Young Son and David Hui


Detection of volatile organic compound using polydimethylsiloxane-gold nanocomposite                   P1005-1006      Pc8

Ramya Vedaiyan, Jag Sankar and Jianzhong Lou


Materially nonlinear stress analysis of corrugated -core sandwich plate                                        P1007-1008      Pc8

E.Ventsel, L.Ventsel and Shenmin Yi


Super-and ultrahard nanocomposites: origin of the hardness en-hancement and their industrial applications          P1009-1012      Pc8

Stan Veprek, R. F. Zhang and M. G. J. Veprek-Heijman


Effect of surfactants on the synthesis of uranium Oxide nanoparticles            P1013-1015           Pc8

    Shameem Hasan, Tushar K. Ghosh, Sudarshan K. Loyalka, and Baolin Deng


On the development of precipitation-hardened pt-base alloys                        P1016-1017             Pc8

S. Vorberg , T. Murakumo, D. Ping, Y. Yamabe-Mitarai, H. Harada, M. Wenderoth, R. Völkl U. Glatzel and B. Fischer


Elastic properties of woven composites                                                     P1018-1019         Pc8

 Pavla Vozková


Nano - analytical model of bond strength in dental adhesive biomaterials              P1020-1023      Pc8



Mechanical characterization of polydimethylsiloxane-silica nanocomposite            P1024-1025       Pc8

Keith Waldron, Devas Pai, Jag Sankar and Jianzhong Lou


Low temperature growth mechanism and photoluminescence SNO2                  P1026-1027           Pc8  

NANOWIRES B. Wang, T. Endo Y. H. Yang and G. W. Yang



Vibration of initially stressed micro and nano-beams                                          P1028-1029           Pc8

 C. M. Wang, Y. Y. Zhang and S. Kitipornchai


All-thin-film electrochromic system composed of MoO3-LiBSO-NiOx  multilayer structure          P1030-1031      Pc8

 Cong Wang, Haigang Yang, Xungang Diao, Huaiyi Wang and Tianmin Wang


Chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol)/hydroxyapatite nanofiber by electrospinning                                     P1032-1034      Pc8

Jiajun WANG , Yangbo BAO and Qiaoling HU


Modified Wagner model for the Active-to-passive Transition in the Oxidation of Si3N4            P1035-1036       Pc8

  Junjie Wang, Litong Zhang, Qingfeng Zeng, Laifei Cheng and Yongdong Xu


Low-velocity impact analysis of mixed woven composites using self-adapting delamination  element method             P1037-1039    Pc8

 Lipeng Wang, Ying Yan and Dafang Wu


Postbuckling behavior and delamination growth for advanced grid stiffened plate considering progressive failure      P1040-1042      Pc8  

 Man Wang , Ruixiang Bai, Zecheng Li, Cheng Yan and Haoran Chen


Modeling and shape control of composite beams with embedded piezoelectric actuators            P1043-1044           Pc8 

     Simon S. Wang and Joao F. Gaspar


Dynamic behaviour of interacting embedded actuators inpiezoelectric material systems       P1045-1046         Pc8 

X. D. Wang, G. L. Huang and L. Han


Dynamic and dielectric properties of maleated polypropylene nanocomposites       P1047-1048         Pc8  

 Yeh Wang, Syh-W. Huang and Jiang-Y. Kuo  


Oxidation behavior of polymer derived SiC ceramics                                         P1049-1050          Pc8 

 Yiguang Wang, Houbu Li, Litong Zhang and Laifei Cheng


The study on effective thermal conductivity of carbon foam based on fractal theory                     P1051-1053       Pc8    

 Yong Wang, Qingqing An, Lingling Cao ,Hong Chen and Yimin Wang


Growth and properties of Zno, Cdo and CdxZn1-xO nanoparticles                  P1054-1055            Pc8

 Yinshu Wang


Self-Aggregated Nanoparticles of Cholesterol-modified O-carboxymethyl Chitosan and their

       Complexation with Bovine Serum Albumin                                                   P1056-1057         Pc8

 Yinsong Wang , Qiqing Zhang and Lingrong Liu


Preparation, microstructure and properties of plasma sprayed nanostructured Al2O3-TiO2 coating           P1058-1062       Pc8

     Y. Wang


Lattice engineering of perovskite-type oxide thin films and nanostructures                              P1063- 1064               Pc8            

    Y. Wang, X. Y. Zhou and H.L.W.Chan


 Investigation of the interfacial effects in sputtered multi-layered Cu film                               P1065-1066             Pc9

Yun-Che Wang, Chang-Hsin Yeh, C. U. You, Yia-Ling Chou and Jinn P. Chu


Properties of epoxy/nanodiamond composites at low diamond content                                    P1067-1068           Pc9

  Zhicai Wang and Hulin Li


Brillouin studies of acoustic phonon confinement in nanostructures                                       P1069-1070            Pc9

Z. K. Wang, Y. Li, H. S. Lim, S. C. Ng and M. H. Kuok


Molecular self-assembly on surfaces                                                                                          P1071-1072        Pc9

 Andrew T. S. Wee, Wei Chen, Lan Chen, Hong Liang Zhang and Han Huang


Foundations of the informatic, molecular nanotechnologies                                        P1073-1074          Pc9

 Stefan Wegrzyn and Lech Znamirowski


Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Composites                 P1075-1076            Pc9

Subramanian Venkatachalam and Hongwei Zhu 


Preparation of oxidation protective sic coatings for C/Sic composites by pulse chemical vapor deposition      P1077-1078         Pc9   

Haiming Wen, Shaoming Dong, Qing Zhou, Yusheng Ding, Xiangyu Zhang and Ping He


Solution derived metal nano-inclusion materials; characterisation and applications                         P1079-1080     Pc9       

G. Westin, A. Poh, K. Jansson, T. Boström, E. Wäckelgård, M. Ottosson and Å. Ekstrand


Long-term aging performance of gfrp dowel bar after alkaline exposure                                   P1081-1082       Pc9     

Jong-Pil Won, Chang-Il Jang, Sang-Woo Lee, Yoon-Jung Kim and Wan-Young Kim


Silicon oxide-embedded silicon nanocrystallites prepared by thermal annealing of silicon-rich silicon oxide     P1083-1084        Pc9    

   Hei Wong and C. K. Wong


Dependence of Phase Behavior on Tacticity In Binary Blends of Isotactic, Syndiotactic and Atactic

     Polypropylenes                                                                                          P1085-1086            Pc9                         

E. M. Woo, Kai-Yun Cheng and Yu-Fan Chen 


Subsive Al2O3 particle reinforced Al-Si matrix composite fabricated by the displacement reaction using

planetary milled Al-SiO2 composite powder                                                                                       P1087-1088       Pc9      

K. D. Woo, H. B. Lee, I. Y. Kim, W. Ki and G.S.Choi


Oxidation resistance, electrical property and dilatometry of STS321 stainless steel for sofc

    interconnect candidate                                                                                                             P1089-1090            Pc9

    Kee-Do Woob, Minghua Wanga, In-Yong Kimb, Woong Ki and Jae-Hwang Kimb


Improvement of the mechanical properties of polydimethysiloxane (pdms) by carbon nanotubes (CNTs)      P1091-1092       Pc9      

   Chung-Lin Wu, Hsueh-Chu Lin, Hsuan-Te Tu, Wei-Jen Chen and Ming-Chuen Yip


Structure and properties of layered double hydroxide (LDH) /polypropylene nanocomposites                P1093-1094           Pc9 

     Dongyang Wu, Sheng Li, Weidong Yang, Anne Ammala and Tri Nguyen


Mechanical properties of expanded graphite composites                                         P1095-1096            Pc9

Tsung-Lin Wu, Hsin-Fang Lu and Wen-Shyong Kuo


An innovative method to determine biaxial normal-shear interface bonding strength

    between E-Glass and epoxy polymer                                                                 P1097-1098             Pc9

Zihui Xia and Ke Xu


Forced harmonic response spectrum of functionally graded dental implants           P1099-1100               Pc9

    Y. Xiang, J. Yang and H.J. Xiang


Fast Hydrogen Sensors Based on Nanoscale Palladium                                             P1101-1102               Pc9

   Tao Xu and Zhili Xiao


Study of ZnO nanowires coating for alcohol sensor application                                     P1103-1105              Pc9

Yan Wen, Yu Lingmin, Ma Xuehong, Lin He and Fan Xin-hui


Electromechanical bending of a graded piezoelectric actuator with shear deformation       P1106-1109         Pc9     

Jie Yang , Hongjun Xiang and Y. Xiang


Micromechanics of heterogeneous intelligent materials                                                    P1110-1111            Pc9  

    Yang Qingsheng, Wang Haiming, Liu Jia and Xia Yaqin


Synthesis of cysteamine-stabilized cdte quantum dots by the hydrothermal method            P1112-1113          Pc9  

Wei-hai Yang, Wan-wan Li , Hongjing Dou and Kang Sun


Investigation of cell attachment on the scaffolds manufactured by electrospun PCL-hyaluronan blends      P1114-1115          Pc9   

Y Yang, L Nikkola, H Ylikauppila and N Ashammakhi


Application of Continuum Structural Topological Optimization Method in Biomaterials                  P1116-1118           Pc9

Hongling Ye, Yunkang Sui, Shanpo Li and Zhaomiao Liu    


Composite electrospun nanofibers containing imprinted nanoparticles for molecular recognition          P1119-1120          Pc9 

   Lei Ye, Keiichi Yoshimatsu, Johanna Lindberg and Ioannis Chronakis


Texture Measurements of Cu/Nb Composite by Neutron diffraction                                       P1121-1122           Pc9  

Wen-Hai Ye and H.-G. Brokmeie


Green machining and bonding technique for the fabrication of lattice ceramic structures                 P1123-1124          Pc9   

    L. Yin, H-X Peng, L.Yang and B. Su


Formation and properties of Fe81C14Si5 metal matrix composites                                      P1125-1126             Pc9

Y. L. Yip, C. C. Leung, C. M. Fuk, S. W. Mok and H. W. Kui


Influence of V Substitution for Nb on Polarization Properties of Mixed Bismuth

     Layer-Structured Bi7Ti4.375Nb0.25W0.375O21 Ceramics                                         P1127-1129             Pc9

Atsushi YOKOI and Junji Sugishita


Micro- and meso-scale repeated unit cell models for filament wound composite tubes      P1130-1131              Pc9

Qiaoling Yong, Chuwei Zhou and Zihui Xia


Wide-gap oxide semiconductor alloys calculated by density functional theory             P1132-1133            Pc9

Akira Yoshida, Akihiro Wakahara and Hee-Joon Kim


Analysis of magnetic field effects in silicon material growth                                               P1134-1135             Pc9

Huiping YU, Yunkang SUI, Lianchun LONG and Guoping AN


Modeling of normal separation between two layers by the finite element method                       P1136-1137             Pc9

J. Yu and M.L. Liu


Fracture toughness and fatigue behavior of mwcnt-reinforced epoxy-matrix composites             P1138-1139            Pc9

Zheng-Han Zhang, Shih-Ying He and N. Yu


Experiments on polymeric nanofibers - a quantitative assessment of their mechanical properties         P1140-1141         Pc9  

Bo YUAN, Jun WANG, Ray P.S. HAN and C.T. LIM


The theory of phase transformations in carbon materials                                                        P1142-1143             Pc9

Svetlana Zaginaichenko, Zinaida Matysina, Vadim Molodkin and Dmitry Schur


Simulation of the Phase Crystallinity-Blend Composition Relationship for Isotropic

   Compatible HDPE/PP Blends                                                                                          P1144-1145           Pc9

M. Awwad, A.H. Konsowa, M. M. Abd El-Latif and R.R. Zahran


A Study on the Application of Nanometric ZnO2 in NBR                                                        P1146-1147          Pc9   

Zhang Aibo, Zheng Yaping, Yang Yuwei and Li Ming


Preparation and characterization of nano titanium dioxide based photocatalysis material           P1148-1149             Pc9

Fuhua Zhang, Rongguo Wang and Xiaodong He


Enhancement of laser induced thermoelectric voltages in (YBCO/LPMO)n multilayer thin films         P1150-1151        Pc9     

H. Zhang, L.L. Xie, X.K. Zhu, S.L. Tan, H.-U. Habermeier and P.X. Zhang


Biodegradable polymer nanocomposite: I. Synthesis of poly(l-(+)-lactic acid)                           P1152-1153            Pc9

Jian Zhang, Jizhong Yan, Parakalan Krishnamachari and Jianzhong Lou


Melting and Premelting of Carbon Nanotubes                                                                              P1154-1155          Pc9   

Kaiwang Zhang and Jianxin Zhong


Investigation of the Anisotropic Transport Properties of CMR materials around Tc by Laser

  Induced Thermoelectric Voltage Effect                                                                                                P1156-1157      Pc9       

P.X. Zhang, X.H. Li, S. Soltan, G.Y. Zhang and H.-U. Habermeier


Synthesis of quantum dots tagged porous polystyrene microspheres capped with carboxyl groups          P1158-1159          Pc9 

Pengfei Zhang, Hongjing Dou¡AKang Sun, Wanwan Li and Bin Xing


Transverse thermal diffusivity of 3D C/SIC composites with difference interphase thickness                    P1160-1161              Pc9

Qing Zhang, Laifei Cheng, Jun Zhang, Litong Zhang and Yongdong Xu


Identification of acoustic emission signals using multi-resolution correlation filtering                                  P1162-1163           Pc9

Tonghua Zhang, Huiping Zhang, Xingmin zhuang, Biling Yang and Xiong Yan  


Improved shell theory with crack-face closure                                                                 P1164-1165             Pc9

       Jun Zhao, Rong Liu and Xijia Wu


Studies on TiO2-Epoxy Nano-composites                                                                      P1166-1167             Pc9

   Yaping Zheng and Zhang Aibo


Structure and Thermal Stability of Nanoparticle-Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites                  P1168-1170           Pc9  

Jianxin Zhong


Modeling of stresses and strains in bonded concrete overlays subject to differential volume changes           P1171-1172          Pc9   

Jian Zhou , Guang Ye, Erik Schlangen and Klaas van Breugel


New fabrication of carbon nanotubes / styrene-butadiene rubber composites                     P1173-1174             Pc9

Zhou Xiang-wen, Zhu Yue-feng and Liang Ji


Sonochemical preparation of functional nanoparticles and their applications                    P1175-1176           Pc9  

 Jun-Jie Zhu, Jun Geng and Jian-Jun Miao


Design and preparation of laminated carbon nanotube/fused silica absorbing material with

    continuous carbon fiber as back reflection substance                                                            P1177-1178         Pc9   

Yong Zhu, Changshu Xiang, Yubai Pan and Jingkun Guo


Polymer composites modified with electric field induced aligned carbon nanotubes                P1179-1180          Pc9   

Yue-Feng Zhu, Chan Zhang, Xi-Zhi Yang, Li-Jun Ji, Chen Ma and Ji Liang


Highly dispersed palladium nanoparticles on functional mwnt surfaces for methanol oxidation in alkaline solutions    P1181-1182    Pc9

Zan-Zan Zhu, Zhe Wang, Kin-Tak Lau and Hu-lin li


Catalyst-containing carbon nanocomposites for fuel cells                                                P1183-1184             Pc9

Alexander Zolotarenko, Anatoliy Zolotarenko, Alexey Zolotarenko, Svetlana Zaginaichenko, Dmitry Schur, Vadim Adeev and Andrey Kotko


New research directions of aluminum-induced crystallization of amorphous silicon          P1185-1186           Pc9

Min Zou


Magnetic field responsive polymer gels and elastomers                                                         P1187-1189            Pc9

Miklós Zrínyi


Nanocrystalline nonagglomerated Lu2O3:Eu phosphor for X-Ray intensifying screens                P1190-1191          Pc9   

    Eugeniusz Zych and Leszek Kępiński


Morphology development of nanoclay clusters during molding                                           P1192-1193           Pc9

Levent Aktas, Sudha Dharmavaram, Youssef K. Hamidi and M. Cengiz Altan


Development of IN-SITU composites for lunar/martian missions                                      P1194-1195            Pc9

Ebony Hawkins, Michael Benard, Tumeia Ford, Randy Wilkins, Sofia Martinez Vilarino and Jianren Zhou





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